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After spending almost an hour outside in the wind yesterday with a medicine dropper trying to capture a refraction, I came out with very little to show for it. So this morning I did more research (well, googling..) and came across this idea. It's not perfect, but I'm fairly happy with the outcome.

In the Winter the waters of Cheoah Lake recedes so drastically I spy a small dry sliver of land in the near distance I never saw before. Day 11/365 Project 2013

Last sunset of 2012...just amazing


3/52 Shallow depth of field

This little one in the garden today. Wind was terrible and I had just enough time to snap it before fluttering off.

Shot on iPhone 5.

Today we flew to Hobart, so I had a backup shot at the airport just in case. Most of the day was spent catching up with family, ahead of a family wedding. But I snuck in a run in the afternoon. I love that feeling of going to an unfamiliar city and exploring it on a run. On my run I went along the Derwent River, watching sailing boats do their thing. Very cool. This is the Tasman Bridge, which I remember hearing of as a kid. Back in 1975, a tanker hit some of the pylons causing part of the bridge to collapse. Four cars drove over the collapsed bridge into the river - 12 people died. Anyway, that was a long time ago. Today, it's an impressive looking structure. I thought about running over it - but then decided to stay on the flat of the river bed. Yep, it was a .... bridge too far.

done for the 52 weeks project

theme of this week is "dark"




Not really. It's in my backyard. It's also the title of a song by The Watchmen.

8/365 monochrome

My neighborhood

I got my baby nephew this Sophie the Giraffe teething toy for Christmas. Here she is chilling out in the jungle (well, his baby gym), with various other creatures nearby. A bit of a cheat for this week's theme.


For the 'Nature' theme in the 52 Weeks 2015 Edition group.


Sophie the Giraffe on Wikipedia


Week 1's picture

I admit it, I just wanted to play with my daughters minions

On the lookout. Not a good day to be a field mouse or a squirrel if you live near the Rockcliffe Parkway.

It is a really crappy day weather wise. It's been raining and with all this snow around it makes for a really messy day so, I decided I would try a high key selfie.


9/365 365: The 2013 Edition Week 2 Theme: Monochrome


2/52 52 Weeks Self Portrait Project

52 weeks :the 2016 edition

Theme: dark

"And so, being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy" Edgar Allen Poe


It was raining heavily today...Tried night photography in the rain but didnot get any good shots. Took this shot from my car...


processed in GIMP 2.8.0

For week 2 of 2013, the theme is "water-drop refraction", something I've always wanted to try.


After a few trials with manual focusing and no tripod, my little LX5 helped me creating this macro tulip-bouquet!



Explore 07/01/2013 #77


I have just returned from a few weeks in beautiful Hawaii, so I have had to try fit my theme shots around my holiday.


We spent one night at the Paradise Cove Luau and I think this Samoan Fire Dance works well for theme. These old traditional dances which tell stories from the past are kept alive for future generations by these talented dancers.


This guy was really amazing and we had a wonderful time watching his performance.

Week 2/52, 2017


This week’s theme for my 52 project is “Something Old/Something New.” This is the chapel in St. Michael’s Hospital. I love the beautiful lines and space and enjoy visiting while I’m in the hospital. The chapel dates to the late 1930s so it’s the “something old” for the theme. I don’t like the light fixtures as they look like they’re from a more recent era, so they’re the “something new” in this photo.

"wherever there is light, one can photograph" ~ alfred stieglitz


taken: 2013.01.09

This picture cost me $3.


This is Planet. I always feel weird going into little, locally-owned shops without buying anything, but I'm also really poor, so in exchange for taking up space and the employee's attention, I got a couple pins and a teeny tiny rubber chicken. Because who wouldn't want to own a teeny tiny rubber chicken?

The weekly theme in the 52-week project is "dark."


Week 3 Theme: Minimalism

I'm not a fashionable person, but when I saw the week 2 theme of fashion - for some reason I had a train of thought that started with spy --> james bond --> gun --> bullet --> trench coat --> view to a kill --> Duran Duran.....weird right. Hope it works..


week 2 theme - water drop refraction - 52 week project.


Set this up on my glass worktable. Took many shots, but this, I think, was the best one. Fun learning experience & something new to look for when I am out shooting in the wilds of Pennsylvania. LOL


This will also be my entry for TMSH #2 - Learning, since I had to learn a new technique to do this shot.

Like so many across Australia, it was hot at our place too. Stinking, sticky hot. 95% humidity hot.


Which is unusual at out place where we get great sea breezes. So good we don't have air con.


To help get through the day, fans were pretty important.


So I'm posting a pic of one of the fans which helped give relief from the heat.


And thankfully the sea breezes kicked in and made it nice and cool again.


Last day of monochrome theme! Ready for next week's theme!

100 x (around the house photos) 4/100


A little late for the week two toy-theme, but I thought I'd squeeze it out anyway.

My little Brownie camera that my dad bought for me at an antique show.


(I'm not sure if this counts as monochrome, because of the red Kodak circle, but I put it in this week's theme anyway. :)

At Eastwood MetroPark. Four of the five preceding shots in my photo stream show "bigger pictures" of the scene.

Had a few ideas in mind for this theme but decided on this one as there seemed to be a bit of a cross over between the week 1 and 2 themes with my other ideas.


These are my trusty old Dr Martens cherry red boots who have served me for well over a dozen years. Carving new footsteps whenever I wear them and they have been to many a Madness gig with me as I stomp and skank around to that nutty sound.


Decided on a fairly harsh edit to represent the abuse I have given these boots over the years.


Week 2 done and looking forward to week 3.


Have a great week folks.

Today I wanted it to be all about the hair... and to do that I took away everything else.


When I was younger my hair was a gorgeous dark brown - straight but for a slight wave in the middle. It was so simple to take care off, shiny but not oily never fluffy, always voluminous and perfect when allowed to drip dry. Then puberty hit - I got a terrible hair cut one day and poof! It was a mess! Bad hair days everyday, uncontrollable, fluffy and awkward - hairdressers were baffles by it, they had no idea what to do.


What I didn't know at the time and what I was finally taught by a friendly nurturing hairdresser is that the type of hair we have changes about every 8 years or so... and mine, aided with a few raging hormones had decided to curl. I was unsure at first - I just want my old hair back! I don't want things to change! I've had enough change already!!! :-( But she was so calm and gentle with me that day. Washing my hair she treated it with the care of a delicate flower that might bruise at the smallest touch. She spoke to me the whole times in those soothing tones we use when approaching wild injured animals. She wouldn't let me look at my hair until it was finally cut, dried and styled. And then she smiled and brought in my mother and both told me how beautiful and lucky I was to have such stunning hair.


I still wasn't sure about it. But I liked that it wasn't fluffy! and I like how they made me feel. On that day she and my mother would help me take my first few baby steps towards accepting and ultimately loving this crazy new body of mine - we all have to start somewhere right?


I have been blessed throughout my life with many such empowering memories. Times where people have valued and cared for me when I am at my most fragile, who empower and believe in me even when I don't understand why anyone ever would.


Its crazy right? Having that much invested in your hair? I'm not saying I couldn't live without it, just that for the moment its one kind of physical reminder of all that good stuff.


I think it's beautiful now and while yes I admit to straightening it at times to ease its manageability and portray a "sophisticated" look... I really just love my curly hair; it makes me feel wild, free, sensual and just, well connected to myself, to my 'being' if you know what I mean?


On another note... I am completely torn over todays photo... to be monochrome or to be colour - that is the question. I love the mood the monochrome version creates but then I am also VERY attached to the golden colour of the highlights in my hair in the colour version (check it out here:

I was trying for a particular look on this and got most of it. Really wanted a strong rim light.


Strobist: LP160 @ 1/2 @ 105mm on chair behind subject about 3' way. LP160 @ 1/32 @ 105mm, hand held, sideways above head just skimming across the flowers. Probably 3' away too.

Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens/Exposure: 18-270 mm f/3.5-6.3@30 mm / ISO 100 / ¹⁄₁₃ sec at f/4.5 / Manual / Handheld

The theme this week was water drop refraction - the drop was at the end of a babies' medicine syringe.


To see my set up go to my blog at

Had a walk this morning. These trees and their reflection were to beautiful to ignore for today's picture. Very Dutch I guess these ditches with trees.


Week 2 theme Monochrome


Panasonic Lumix G3 Lensbaby Composer Plastic Optic f4 Wide Angle Lens

Processed with LR3. Texture added in post processing.

I came out of work today to get on the bus and the top of 801 Grand, one of the taller buildings in Des Moines, disappeared into low clouds. Grabbed this shot of it.

Camera: Apple iPhone 4S

Lens/Exposure: @4.28 mm / ISO 80 / ¹⁄₂₀ sec at f/2.4 / Normal / Handheld


ODC: Begins with P (Petroleum)


A Drop of crude oil (petroleum) commemorating first flow from an oil field

The thing with fashion is that no-one really knows all the rules. It's seems that to become expert in anything, you need to spend a lot of time connected with the subject. So to become a true Fashionista there was only one thing for it. Join the Fashion Police! So while I'm out patrolling to keep my neighborhood fashionable, I hope this image manages to arrest your attention and that you'll enjoy it.

What to wear? What to wear?


This fashion stuff is hard...

So many different looks - so many ways to be perceived!


I mean really... what's a girl to do?


my last self portrait for this week (tough theme). not a great photo day for me - i couldn't quite get the shot i was looking for. worst of all - i found out that my eyes are lopsided (i'll get over it)

Trying to finish The Hobbit while waiting at the library before picking up my daughter from Lacrosse workout. Day 10/365 Project 2013

Mj song - Human Nature.


Was a task getting the tripod set up but I finally did it. Took this photo with the Rebel though because the S95 wasn't staying on the tripod :/ So I decided to use the tripod & do: human nature. The backyard counts as nature soo there you have it. It's windy today but it's nice outside! <3

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