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Textures and reflection effect from Smart Photo Editor.


Light Box


a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.


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Textures from


Check my other Poppies & Weeds


-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as my personal favorite.

not much snow on the ground so I photographed *dead* weeds instead.


A bunch of weeds contributing to a nice arrangement. :-)

Tribute to the weed:

You are just a weed

I did not sow your seed

And yet, here you are

Flourishing wide and far

I bend down to pluck out a tiny nuisance

Only to see your hidden beauty and 'flor essence'.

Lake weeds, trees, water lilies and reflections.This image is basically as seen I almost started to add this or that but left it as it was when taken, When on the water I am in my element , nothing makes me happier than being on the water

amazing what you find close to home in the hills. this was next to million dollar homes....

"Weed with Pastel" - An unknown weed or grass with a pastel inspiration.

All of my patio's flowers were dead already in September,but the tough weeds survived and still are now.

Weeds along my driveway help me out on cloudless sunset evenings.

Have a lovely Sunday ya'll :)

Picked these from my yard tonight..they are weeds...:):)


a link to my photos

A weed and nearby tree stand out against the sunrise fog.

A lowish crop of weeds beside a carpark, seen against the background of a cream coloured corrugated iron fence.

I love nature in all its forms,,,, weeds that are alive or dying are beautiful to me,,,,

thank you so much for your visits

1 second shutter and move the camera up after about 1/2 second.

Middle Urals, Russia, morning




Canon 5D Mark II Kit, ISO 100, f13, 1/20sec, 50mm

Even weeds can be beautiful with interesting light...


I'm posting this again without the quote bc i notice the photo secondary to the words.

Today I was searching for flowers.I saw this tiny flower( weeds) in the grass. With my macro I made this picture. At home I noticed that weeds is beautiful too, although that's my opinion.I like it.


My excuse for not mowing the lawn :)

Unidentified weed from my veggie patch...

This is the weed grown in my neighbor's front yard. He loves planting trees & flowers, except he doesn't maintain his gardens well, you can see lots of weeds around.


This intense green weed really attracted me to this rock shelf. Apparently it is very seasonal and you only get it at spring.


Took this shot at around 5:45am, sun wasn't up yet. Exposure times were around the 2 min mark (this is a composite of two exposures (not HDR).


Ostrava, Czech Republic

September 2013


One of the walls from my "after work" explorations of the city.


Thanks for favs and comments!


Cảm ơn đời mỗi sớm mai thức dậy...

I got tired of working on the computer, so I worked outside all day until almost dinner time.

weed and chomp and haul.


I usually have no problem with the SX-70 and PX600 film, but I took 4 shots and all 4 were bad,

so I fiddled with PS. I adjusted levels and converted to b&w and made 2 barely visible. the third was a complete wash, and the fourth, all you could see was my elbow, and you couldn't see it very good.


days like that.


Illinois bundle-flower

Found this growing on a patch of dry dirt under a highway pillar. Beauty can be found in ugly places. I saw people wondering what I was seeing but I just loved the lines and the contrast.


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