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One of my friends got married today. ^_^ While she and her husband were about to leave the church, we let out some butterflies. ^_^ Two of the butterflies stayed on her gown. :) These photos show one of them. ^_^


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Explored. Dec 9, 2011. #139. Thank you. :)

Leica M9 + Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 v2 @f1


I had my back to the door when it opened and the girls head popped out to call a family member. I quickly spun round and said 'smile' and got this shot :) See more images using the Noctilux 50mm f1 lens for a wedding day on my BLOG at

I love the way this art photo came out !

a country wedding at the weekend

*Working Towards a Better World


This painting was done for my youngest daughter and child and her husband for their wedding. The two circles in the middle represent the marriage vows, the joining together with the wedding rings. The warm colours represent the help that all friends and family gave for their beautiful reception which was held here at our home. We had singers and dancers perform at the reception so it was filled with art of every kind. The beginning of married life an exciting time indeed!

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Strobist Info.


YN568 + umbrella on the left at 1/16

YN568 at the rear at 1/128 power.

I will not post any of the wedding itself. but maybe one more of the fun before ;)


texture Darkwood:

Wedding celebration of my daughter in Germany.



PS No, I'm not a wedding photographer and no, I have no idea who they are :-)) I wish them all the best.

A friend's wedding.

I was invited to help rig and shoot a display for my good friend Matt Talbot. The display was for his brothers wedding. Happy memories for Mark and Ruth Talbot.

Eve Pinoteau & Chris Costello Wedding - Gallese, Italy - Sept 2008. Copyright: Allen Venables Photography: -

I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for beautiful Jasmine and her husband. I did the wedding shot for them from 5am till 9pm. This shot was a candid shot of her niece mimicing Jasmine. I guess it's every little girl's dream of a white wedding :)


I'm still trying to catch up as I've got so much photos to edit. I'm so sorry for my abscene on flickr, I'll try to visit your stream soon. Take care everyone and thanks for visiting my stream :)


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The day you feel you're the most beautiful woman in the world.

Testifies the classic wedding solemn and experiences the moment of exchanging rings, of lifetime promise.

Yes. your wedding day ♥

From a wedding this past weekend.

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