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Hello Friends !!


Long since my last update here on Flickr.


I´m glad to anounce I got a new website !


Check it out.

Cheers !!!


More weather from the Cairngorms




There are some moments in everyone's life when you need to "slow down" - to take your time, think about the things you are doing and even try to "make a step forward" - even a little, tiny one.


Photography has a very important part in my life - it means so much to me, and since it has such a special meaning sometimes I need to "rethink" about it, I need to be sure not to chose the "easiest" way - to keep on with curiosity, passion, experimentation - and fun! - getting inspiration not only from what I have done and form my own "dreams", but more than this from the beautiful and inspiring photographers I have met here and around, finding new ways to express myself.


Working on my new website has been to me the opportunity to go back through my work, to think about it, to feel the need and the possibility for new steps ahead, being grateful to the flickr community that has taken my hand and has supported me in such a generous way in my creative path.


So many words, tonight - and ... well, if you have a couple of minutes and will visit my website - may be even leaving a comment on my blog - ... you'll be welcome!


Thank you very much for being here.

An I really, really mean it :-)



Après quelques semaines d'absence de Flickr, j'ai le très grand plaisir de confier à cette photo l'annonce de l'ouverture de mon tout nouveau site.


Bienvenue et bonne visite !




After a few weeks far from Flickr, I am very pleased to announce, through this photo, the opening of my very new own website.


Be welcome and enjoy your visit !




:copyright: annedhuart


Hi flickr friends! Please check out my personal website!

My Tumblr link should work now.


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All rights of my work are reserved to © Hugh Staunton and may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

Mulitple exposure with w/b adjustment.

The now-dwindling poppies on the South Downs


Please visit my blog for all the details.

I created this for the HA challenge this week and here is the link to my inspiration from Jennifer McGuire

I also have a close up of the flower on my photo stream.

The flowers center was inspired by Tracey!! Thanks TRace

No hill walking for me today, had to make do with a local walk :(



+ New Design

+ News (release, events, ...)

+ Gallery with some of the best photographers of Second Life

+ Music (composed by Syane & Systi)

and all the links for follow us ;)



"Hedwig Gorski" paintings drawings "mixed media paintings" illustrations "Nova Scotia" Halifax "Nova Scotia College of Art and Design"

I've made a website. Take a look if you like





I updated my online portfolio with Thom's help. The main thing I did was create a new navigation on the home page utilizing track and railroad cars that I created in Illustrator. Thom used java script to clean up the code and make updating much easier. You can check out the site at I'd love to get some feedback, even if it's constructive criticism.

Hello Folks,

these days are really busy cause i'm about to leave to New York. I'm making new business cards, postcards, choosing suitcases and stuff like that. I definitely need to cut my hair and stop drinking tea all day. I've also just updated my website. Please come and have a look:


Ciao Ciao!

Please visit my newly launched website and revert back with your Valuable feedback.


Although photography was in my heart since years , it went to my soul only recently about 4 or 5 months back and I bought my first DSLR. I hardly new anything about the DSLR camera and started doing all permutations and combinations .

Pictures few that made me happy and few that took the hell out of me. Well most of the time initially aperture, shutter speed and focal length always put me baffled at the end of the day and I passed sleepless nights.

I started understanding the basics and accepting the settings which puzzled me. Putting those pictures on Flickr was the first step forward to my photography. All the VALUABLE comments and Favorites to my Flickr pictures kept on encouraging me. Also being a frequent traveler(another hobby of mine) I started clicking shot in all the countries I started traveling.

Once during my travel to Tokyo, I read at a bus stop. “ Only the bus stops here and not the time, Keep Moving with your AIMS”

This couplet and support from my FlickR friends and others kept me MOVING…

Next thought was to make my own website. A very different and unique website. This all was just because of my hobby. All ideas and presentations leading to the website design went without notice and eye on it. Brainstorming sessions and options continuously floated. I felt a bit fussy and cranky as per my developer. A final word by him either a concept selection in the next 24 hours or he is out of the mess.

What idea clicked in the next 12 hours started taking shape towards the dream project. Worked day in day out. Used to getup at any time of the night jot ideas, put mails , search net and what not..

Finally what has shaped up is my privilage to share with you. Again today like your continuous support would appreciate your Suggestions and feedbacks. Please spare few moments to be on my website.

Have a great week ahead. Cheers!!


VIEW MY WEBSITE and do let me know your feedback in the comments below.

They told me that my new Web site would be as fast as "B T Infinity"...........sad to say its not !

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