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.. or an exercise with the gradation curve and HSL sliders in C1 .. enjoy & happy early Sliders Sunday :)

.. marvellous art found at the Wilhelm Hack Museum in LU .. lightroomed to my taste .. HSS :)

Spiders web. Happy Halloween. Thanks for visiting.......

Self isolating. One from the archives. Salthouse. Norfolk. To see a wider range of images. Please click on the links below.

Have you spotted the web?

I updated my online portfolio with Thom's help. The main thing I did was create a new navigation on the home page utilizing track and railroad cars that I created in Illustrator. Thom used java script to clean up the code and make updating much easier. You can check out the site at I'd love to get some feedback, even if it's constructive criticism.

Been busy creating my own website and it's live, finally. Work in progress. Feel free to take a look! Feedback welcome.

After much prodding from friends, I have finally created my own website. It was a really fun project and, if you go and take a look, I hope you enjoy it.


I wanted to keep it very simple with a lot of white space and a focus on the images. Feedback, especially constructive criticism, is very welcome!



I was also very excited to see that yesterday an essay I wrote for Nathan Wirth's Slices of Silence: Conversations about Photography blog was published. If you'd like to read about how I feel about the places I photograph, take a look at my essay entitled Thoughts about Photographing Place


working on photos for a new website using new AI for the design of it. quite interesting! will share more later!


© "Copyright" || ® "All rights reserved" || 2009 ~ 2017.

Warning !!! Don't use my photos on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.... Thanks !!!!


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I started my own website some time ago on You Tube and on Google and which enables me with a far greater degree of freedom of expression for than Face Book or most other social net working websites will. The location of the main page is written here in the lower left hand corner of this photo.

Found this spider in a field, the stalks of grass provide an unusual striped bokeh.

Finally had some time to finish up my website! Here it is! :)


Be sure to like the facebook link at the bottom! Also, lots of new work coming!

Visit our new website at

If you have any good ideas for it, let me know!

Acadia National Park, Maine, ICM, ME, Flypaper Texture

Mulloy is proud to present our newest official website. Within a chic, elegant and classy spirit, the website is mainly focused to display the items in a better and more accessible layout, making the relation between the Fashion House and the customer easier.


Access here.

rose, frenchkiss texture, Sarah Gardner textures, selective focus


I finally got my act together and finished making a website. This has been a long time coming so I hope you enjoy!

I've finally joined the 21st century, with my new website devoted to all my favourite landscape photography shots from the last 8 years. There are also a few shots on there that have never been seen on social media before, so take a look!


If anyone notices anything out of order etc, please let me know.


I've also attached links to my other social media platforms below, if you want to follow me there too.


Facebook Photography Page | Instagram | Twitter | Website

It finaly happened :) I got my new site up and running! Hope, you like it. Even if it is

a) only german

b) mostly about articels and publications and

c) not too much about photography


Comments and hints (browser versions and bugs ;)) appreciated!


Have a great evening! Take care!

After months of tinkering and prodding and coding and sweating and it is!




PS-The art on the front page changes upon each refresh and each visit. As do the images at the bottom in the main site.


PPS-To see a listing of all the folks who designed the art pieces, please visit this set:

My website's finally starting to have a proper shape, decided to use Patricia's picture as starting image, because of its simple yet elegant layout.

Please leave me some feedbacks :)


Model: Patricia

Photo: Claudio Canneti.

All Rights Reserved.

Those of you who are on FB might have seen it already. For all others, my new portfolio website is here.

AIA: A new Post-Apoc, Urban, Survival Role-Play sim in Secondlife. Check out our website!


Departing from Runway 09 at Bengaluru International Airport

Surfer’s Bay VIP Launch New Website And Forum


Want to know what’s happening at Surfer’s Bay VIP? Visit our NEW website to see our latest news and events and how to get involved.


The website also hosts a forum, so you can signup and stay in touch with SL friends outside of SL, ask questions or post photos. Join the forum using your SL email!


You will also find profiles of our DJ’s, information about renting a home at Surfer’s Eden and much more. Visit












On the public display during Farnborough International Airshow 2018.

After all these years and actually becoming a professional photographer a year ago I've decided it's time for a website. It's far from done but here is a little preview.

I have been working on a tutorial site for some of the participants of a virtual conference session, those amongst them who are new to online 3D worlds:

The idea is to do it mostly with screenshots, onto which I have added numerical legends and arrows to show how things flow on the menus. So, hopefully it should only take a few hours to run through the basics of the interface, and also like a quick reference guide for when they are actually online.


Although the examples and locations used are all at NGrid, where the event will be held, I am hoping that novices at other grids can also get usage out of this.


47/365 I am actually pretty happy with todays photo's. Although I was supposed to be shooting with oliver. He did have a completely acceptable reason for not coming.


It took me an hour to braid this wig back. its really long and it took so many hair grips.


my photos on cyworld website in South Korea.


read about cyworld on wiki -

it seems that almost evrybody in Korea has got an account there


I have learned a lot about media during these last few days


thanks to Christine for the info

Finally my new website is online!! Please take a look!!

This is the oddest library website I've ever seen. Do you think it works?

I took this photo of a Spider Web in John Chestnut Park in the East Lake Area of Unincorporated Pinellas County, Florida. John Chestnut Park lies between the East Side of Lake Tarpon and East Lake Road.


I took this photos sometime in the early 2000's with my Minolta Maxxim 5000 35mm SLR Film Camera with Slide Film. I scanned the slides to create the Electronic Image presented here on the flickr™ Photo Website.

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