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Taken at Happy Cog's NYC headquarters.


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Check out our work culture for delivering high quality and reliable software and mobile app development work.

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We Rhobos IT Solutions probably won't be a specialist on your business, yet we do inquire about so we comprehend your goals and the audience you're attempting to reach with your site. We consolidate your business knowledge with our design expertise to succeed.

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Respecting a women doesn't need a day, a true man does it everyday, every second. Happy Women's Day from Rhobos IT Solutions

taken in the Pixel Kicks office in Manchester

An introduction to web design. This 3 mins animated video explains in detail, including the basics about web design and demonstrates our winning 7 phrases web design process.


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When we look in year 2017 - the first question on every #web #designer’s mind has to be: what #web #design’s #trends will define 2017?So, I decided to ask #DeepImmersionMedia own designers & what trends they think will dominate the world of #Web #designing in 2017. Read More...


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To make sure your web app ideas are successful, you must first, Determine Success | Strict Planning Might Fails | Define Your Target Audience | Concentrate on what You Do | Experience the User Experience | Good Design Rewards You | Remember the Dynamism-


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From the blog post: Work accessibility into your content strategy


Whether it's buying what you sell, making a donation, or simply getting in touch, creating content that is accessible to people with disabilities will allow more people the opportunity to interact, enjoy, and be stimulated by your web presence. And the most effective way of making audio and visual content accessible to the widest audience - including those with disabilities? It’s through the provision of text-based alternatives. Why? Because electronic text can be rendered in whatever tactile form best meets the needs of a user.


So what are the options open to us? What could we be doing? What should we be doing?

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As a little side project at work I've been redesigning/programming the house websites for the school and they're finally done and live.

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Madhava and I ran an interactive workshop at BarCamp Brighton:

"How to Save the World and Succeed in Business"


This is the perennial question for our own startup web development company, Dharmafly, and instead of telling anything, we wanted to get the answers from the crowd...


We split people into groups and got everyone mind-mapping. Each group had a sheet with 'How to Save the World' written in the centre and another sheet with 'How to Succeed in Business'. On each sheet, with limited time, people wrote down related concepts and then connected them together...


There often seems to be a conflict between running a thriving business and working in an ethical way. Much of our society is cut-throat and ruthlessly capitalistic. But we found that many practices complement both needs and there is a common desire for collaboration, integrity and taking an ethical approach.


The future looks bright...

GymZone is a user-friendly and modern Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme that is beautifully designed for Personal Trainers, Fitness clubs, Gyms and Yoga centers.

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The job market can be hard to crack in either case, no matter your age or experience. Start by social networking and searching online for job openings.

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We provide Dedicated Development Teams and Web-Development service.

I have strong knowledge on .Net specially ASP.NET VB.NET and C#, also deep experience across the Microsoft Application Platform.


As humans we're united by our restlessness, that eternal struggle to reach the horizon just to experience or deliver something new. We can't help but strive to explore ideas, to build, shape and re-shape things to achieve increased efficiency and beauty. It's precisely how we've managed to dominate this planet of ours.


So how, in this modern world of furious digital content production and management, can we encourage and harness this inherent drive to create and analyse? How about we bring a sense of order and perpetual motion to proceedings?


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Premium WordPress themes are professional design and code, which include advanced features, functionality and additional services. Premium WordPress themes cost money.

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Blog post: Get a grip of your web content


Take the first steps toward a long-term web content strategy.


Conduct an audit of the content assets to reveal some of the clearest patterns, relationships, and gaps.


Take samples of the existing content and test with live audience representatives to measure its impact and effectiveness.


Then, interview the key content handlers to learn more about how content is created and managed.


Through a combination of auditing, testing, and interviewing you'll have a much better grasp of your web content and with it the confidence to decide the path you'll need to take to ensure it matches your expectations and those of your audience.

265 surveyed content strategists were asked to indicate their abilities, knowledge, and skills by choosing from a pre-determined list.

Because the standard Yahoo! cards just look terrible, I persuaded our friendly neighbourhood designer to knock me up a design to put on a moo card. Much nicer.

The well-trodden paths towards content strategy.

Building a website for your business? First, find relevant keywords but AVOID keyword stuffing!


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GymZone is a user-friendly and modern Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme that is beautifully designed for Personal Trainers, Fitness clubs, Gyms and Yoga centers.

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Web Development

Explanation 1

Web development refers to building, creating, and an maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.

While the terms “web developer” and “web designer” are often used ...

There are many applications of content strategy but these immediately struck me as the most common and intertwined. We'll see how this develops.

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