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Brooklyn, New York


Can also be seen On Black

Brooklyn, New York


Can also be seen On Black

pra n enferrujar , more one :) , mais um pedido do forúm , fiz pro outro designer do forum q faz parceria cmg numa loja , é noiz õ/

dopo un lungo diluvio carico di tuoni e fulmini, al poetto di cagliari spunta qualche breve raggio di sole per dare colore ad una grigia giornata di sabato...

Back to myself


“It feels great to know that whatever you need to achieve your dreams are in you. Whatever the spider needs to make a cobweb is not in the housefly. Look to yourself; you have what it takes to weave your success!”

― Israelmore Ayivor


acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm


Das radikal Böse ist das, was nicht hätte passieren dürfen, und das, woran man auch nicht schweigend vorübergehen darf.(Hannah Arendt)

Die Spur des Bösen ist eine breite Lache. Sie ist Konsens, mörderischer Konsens!

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil


... l’homme le plus banal, dont la médiocrité intellectuelle et morale se suffit de l’occasion pour exceller au service de l’état (Hannah Arendt, Das radikal Böse)


Hebzucht, haat, machtswellust, wreedheid en de ongebreidelde neiging om anderen pijn te doen: dit zat jaren verstopt onder een dun laagje beschaving. Daar pruttelde het ongestoord terwijl wij de andere kant op keken.

Door de groeiende welvaart, en door duurzame vrede en veiligheid, werd onze blik op het "radicale kwaad" als deel van onszelf een beetje troebel. We bekeken onszelf te positief, alsof we de menselijke perfectie naderden(Peter Strasser, Graz, in De Standaard, 30-31 juli 2016)


Film: Das radikal Böse by Stefan Ruzowitzky(Completion expected: 2013)

How could normal people become unimaginable criminals? How quickly people are prepared to give up all traces of humanity for conformity and uniformity? The film attempts to question the political, sociological and psychological factors “ordinary men“ make merciless mass murderers. It is following to the places of horror and shows in reconstructed psychological experiments how important our people conformity and uniformity are and how alarmingly fast we are prepared to give up all humanity.


Jan Theuninck is a European painter


MH370 contrails

acrylic on canvas, 2014, 70 x 100 cm


MH370 flew to the North, West and South before crashing into the spy satellite registrated this phenomenal performance of a Boeing 777


Deux ans après la disparition mystérieuse du Boeing777 de la Malaysia Airlines et de ses 239 passagers, Florence de Changy livre une enquête qui dénonce l'absurdité du scénario officiel et la désinformation liée à l'enquête

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Jan Theuninck is a Belgian painter

(acrylic on canvas, 2010, 70 x 100 cm)





badly shell shocked

can't find my dugout

damned generals

where's my pillbox

shells rain

craters remain

insanity or death

what's the difference


:copyright: by Jan Theuninck


Jan Theuninck is a Belgian artist Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

Oltre il limite.....

they went too far !

ze zijn te ver gegaan !

(acrylic on canvas - 2001, 70 x 100 cm)


The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits (Albert Einstein)


Someone tried to destroy it in 2001 (there is a slight dent in the black colour on the left side)


Exhibited at Het Perron, Ypres, Belgium - Alpha & Omega exhibition 06.10 - 12.11.17



Over de grens


aanlokkelijk is

het grensgebied

er blijven hangen

in de grijze zone

het spel gadeslaan

van heen en weer

zien hoe ijdelheid

en macht

hen opjaagt

tot ver

over de grens...


:copyright: by Jan Theuninck


Beyond the limit


tempting is

the border area

hanging around

in the gray zone

watching the game

of back and forth

seeing how vanity

and power

push them


beyond the limit


:copyright: by Jan Theuninck


It's just a glimpse of the abuse of power which is hidden by law...


Oltre il limite


allettante è

la zona di frontiera


nella zona grigia

guardando la partita

di avanti e indietro

vedendo come vanità

e potere



oltre il limite


:copyright: by Jan Theuninck


Portfolio de Marcus Vinicius™

acrylic on canvas, 2014, 70 x 100 cm


La piovra è una metafora con cui è indicata la mafia


Abituiamoci a sentire la bellezza del fresco profumo della libertà e della giustizia che si oppone al puzzo del compromesso morale (Paolo Borsellino)

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Jan Theuninck is a Belgian painter

nunca imaginei blendar ela , mais ficou daora , pelo menos espero na opinião de vcs , eu ri dessa blend HSAASHASH

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