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Hi there! This is from last summer.In this weekend,I am going to shoot some winter shots.Warm weather,here in Helsinki,Finland,has gone and cold winter weather is here...Enjoy :)


Another amazing spider web. I think I actually like these better without the spider!

Explore Oct 10 2008 # 49

View Large On Black ....I think it's pretty nice :)




* * * Please no awards and group invitations with banners and badges. * * *

Hope you guys are not getting tired of drop shots. Love the single web strand in this one


My thanks to all of you who stop, look and comment. I will be sure to check out your photostream


when i rule the world, i will pass a law requiring all spiders to build their webs in colourful environments


Okay, so... today I'm in a state of high anxiety. Why? Because. GULP. Yesterday I sent (for the first time ever) a batch of my stories to a learned person, requesting his honest feedback.


Said learned person was my English instructor in college in the 80s. I haven't seen him since that fateful day when I sold my books, vacated my apartment and tossed away plans to pursue a degree in favour of working in radio.


He was the last person to formally teach me anything in any way related to writing. He also encouraged me greatly, way back when. He thought I had potential.


So imagine how scary it is for me to show him my work... more than two decades later. I haven't had any additional schooling or instruction or even advice in the intervening years... and I've never allowed anyone to read my personal writing... except here on Flickr. That's what gave me the courage to send a few stories to my old prof. And now I'm all anxiety.


Meantime, I have hack work to do, so I'll try to forget about personal writing for now.


I just wanted to thank my Flickr friends for giving me the confidence to take one more step forward with my (always anxiety producing) scribbling.



HBW ... whew(!) ... quite a week for me and the drops here in Flickr-land :-)


Lushpup Images

Happy Slider Sunday.... great excuse to slide on this web shot... colour my world, September!


My son found a very cobwebby corner where a spider had been hard at work. The late evening sun was coming in at just the right angle to make it visible. I am lying on the ground looking up, with the wall behind me. The web is anchored to the wall and a table on the right. I eventually found the spider, who was an impressively large daddy long legs.

Gas meter for the Apex Park Scout Hall, festooned with cobwebs.

this is actually a web that formed over the stem of a green pepper.....kinda gross. Grabbed camera and extension tubes immediatley.

I love spider webs and this day the sun was shining just right to hilight the web. I found this one in the corner of our covered porch.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and a good week. We're heading out again and this time I'll have limited (if any) internet so I be offline for a while.

A stand of agapanthus that is passed their flowering and now in the webby stage. Found in the grounds of Government House, situated within the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The weak sunlight was trying to burn through the mist...everywhere covered in cobwebs

slider sunday-- a halloween ornament put thru some simple effects on iphoto.

maybe my winter's project is to learn how to use PSE???

taken & edited with my iPhone.

Toronto Photo Walk October 29, 2011 Beltline

come into my parlour.......

Our photo shoot and feature story on the Webby's Speed Shop Model-A Ford truck is in this issue of Cruzin magazine - on sale now. As per one of our recent blog posts, the shoot actually made the front cover, our first for Cruzin.


The original, steel truck has been part of Webby's collection for years and has just undergone a full rebuild at his Carrington, NSW workshop. Powered by a twin-throttle HSV V8, it's built for the road and has seen plenty of kilometres over the years, hauling parts and attending shows all over the East Coast of Australia. Be sure to pick up a copy of Cruzin issue 170 on newsstands now!


Strobist: three bare speedlites on full power with two on the side of the car and one on the rear. CPL filter, too. RC603C triggers.


I told my friend I needed inspiration. We took our cameras on a lovely photo-road-trip-double-date. I found some of my lost mojo along the way.


Someone gave a blurry me a webby. Silly fools. I also saw the creator of tumblr present the guy who invented the gif. Pretty great. Turns out I been pronouncing it correctly alll along. :P Oh and backstage with Jerry Seinfeld was fun!

Amazing Webbys function location

Long and interesting weblike pattern, made of silky smooth material, the blue color looks metallic when shined under lighting. appropriate for all types of events.


Contact: or simply comment on the flickr box for transaction.

Can meet up at MRT, cash on collection.

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