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Hi there! This is from last summer.In this weekend,I am going to shoot some winter shots.Warm weather,here in Helsinki,Finland,has gone and cold winter weather is here...Enjoy :)


Another amazing spider web. I think I actually like these better without the spider!

Explore Oct 10 2008 # 49

Hope you guys are not getting tired of drop shots. Love the single web strand in this one


My thanks to all of you who stop, look and comment. I will be sure to check out your photostream


View Large On Black ....I think it's pretty nice :)




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when i rule the world, i will pass a law requiring all spiders to build their webs in colourful environments


Okay, so... today I'm in a state of high anxiety. Why? Because. GULP. Yesterday I sent (for the first time ever) a batch of my stories to a learned person, requesting his honest feedback.


Said learned person was my English instructor in college in the 80s. I haven't seen him since that fateful day when I sold my books, vacated my apartment and tossed away plans to pursue a degree in favour of working in radio.


He was the last person to formally teach me anything in any way related to writing. He also encouraged me greatly, way back when. He thought I had potential.


So imagine how scary it is for me to show him my work... more than two decades later. I haven't had any additional schooling or instruction or even advice in the intervening years... and I've never allowed anyone to read my personal writing... except here on Flickr. That's what gave me the courage to send a few stories to my old prof. And now I'm all anxiety.


Meantime, I have hack work to do, so I'll try to forget about personal writing for now.


I just wanted to thank my Flickr friends for giving me the confidence to take one more step forward with my (always anxiety producing) scribbling.



HBW ... whew(!) ... quite a week for me and the drops here in Flickr-land :-)


Lushpup Images

Eh, light experiment gone horribly wrong. But, I'm way behind on my 52 weeks so there ya go. I'll revist this idea soon. ; )

Happy Slider Sunday.... great excuse to slide on this web shot... colour my world, September!


Focus stack of a quite spectacularly coloured Tiger Beetle, cicindela chinensis flammifera, which originally hails from South Korea. I havn't found many details about this particular beetle other than in common with other tiger beetles, it has a ferocious set of mandibles used for crushing and cutting prey. They remind me of scimitars with some assassin daggers added for good luck.


Tiger beetles are found in virtually all parts of the world, and are also some of the fastest runners on the planet for their size: so fast that some species actually go blind when they're running. Some of them run at the slightly staggering human "size for size equivalent" of 350 mph!


This is the first stack I've done for a loooong, long time, having been busy doing a "how to do this" website for many months. This is a larger beetle so I used a reversed el-nikkor 50 f/2.8 on flat bellows so about 1:1. I used 3 flashes from the side set to rear curtain sync to prevent ghosting, with a 4s exposure ambient light background through a smallHD field monitor, and a polystyrene cup used as diffuser. In all 94 photos with 110µm slices.


If you like this sort of stuff then a quick plug for my website too at - I have put down everything I know there. I was also lucky enough to make nomination for a webby with that site (big deal in web terms), so if you do pop along to have a look at it your vote would be gratefully appreciated! Both my site and the Flickr weekly were nominees.


In terms of the stack itself, not as much detail as I might have expected at 1:1 and the diffusion didn't cover the subject forward enough, hence the black edges on the eyes. Decon90 worked perfectly to restore eyes that were streaked with dehydration at first, and this is a Zerene Stacker dMap with mushy bits and pieces touched in with a pMax. I'm sure I'll come back to this one as I try and get back up to speed again after a long absence, which is really what this one was about.


art created from my photos


Post-processing: I used two photos for this. One was a sunset which I enhanced by upping the color saturation ---and used as a background. I wanted something that would be a good contrast to the foreground.


I copied the branches from a photo called "Broken Fence 2" which is in my photostream. I liked that part of the sky (gray from the B&W image) still clung to the branches to make them look kind of cob-webby. I repeated it to create a symmetrical web-like design and placed that over my sunset.

March 26


Just a little sun, a raggy scarf and shadow trick...


Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Thanks so much for stopping by!

HBW everyone!

Processed with coffeeshop actions, one of my new favorites. #1 Macro Girl turned me on to them. Think this was is double-shot color...

You never notice it's windy until you look through a macro lens. I'm sure there is a song in that!


Anyway, I'm sharing my frustration. I never have spider webs, and now there is one outside my laundry, so I sprayed it with mist, the sun was out, it looked amazing but I couldn't get the shot. I have other shots where the web design is prettier but no colour, why didn't I see the broken parts of the web? Grrrrr!


I hope you see this for the pretty webby, rainbow-y shot that it could have been!! I'm not that concerned about uploading stuff that lacks skill as long as it's pretty!!

Yay! its finally October, indeed a wonderful month. I found this spider webby spooky fence yesterday evening on a walk with my kids... wish there was a tad more color but, what can you do, its spooky. Happy October!

My son found a very cobwebby corner where a spider had been hard at work. The late evening sun was coming in at just the right angle to make it visible. I am lying on the ground looking up, with the wall behind me. The web is anchored to the wall and a table on the right. I eventually found the spider, who was an impressively large daddy long legs.

I stumbled upon this place that sells jelly while I was looking for a place to eat (well whats new huh) at the curve.

I was thinking...This should be a good alternative to the usual birthday cakes...

Try...the webby------) Qjelly

On missions with sj9966 and Webby


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Gas meter for the Apex Park Scout Hall, festooned with cobwebs.

A stand of agapanthus that is passed their flowering and now in the webby stage. Found in the grounds of Government House, situated within the Royal Botanic Gardens.

this is actually a web that formed over the stem of a green pepper.....kinda gross. Grabbed camera and extension tubes immediatley.

Another busy week. Quite a good week all in all - at work and at home it's been quite webby in that we've been looking at ways we can use new technology at work and I've got my site (in it's early stages) up and running at home!!


If you have a chance have a look at and let me know what you think - it's still a work in progress!!


So Sunday afternoon was lovely weather and to get myself out from behind a computer screen Joe and I went on a dinosaur hunt. this is me watching my little boy finding "pretend baby dinosaurs". We had a wonderful time.


Hope you are all well.

Bet that's worse than sleep dirt. In the Kitchen of an abandoned farmhouse. White LED flashlight in total darkness.

A lovely little jewel wasp with its amazing metallic structures, shot using the iconic JML 21mm, finally getting my money's worth with that lens. There's a nice story here too. This lovely little fella (gal?) was sent to me by Sam Droege of USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab. It survived being completely dried out on its journey across the Atlantic, and then it's been in my freezer for 2 1/2 years. But I restored it using Decon90 which has worked nicely, although the ocelli are a bit dented.


Again, a stack to get back into the swing of things (amazing how being slow and getting back into it feels like wading through treacle, eek!!!) - 251 stacked images with 10um slices using 3 flashes, the corner of a muller corner yoghurt pot used as diffusion, must be around 6:1 or so. I set the diffusion further back this time which has made the eyes nicer than the last one. This is a Zerene Stacker dmap with a bit of pmax retouching around the hairs. Anyhow, quite a pretty shot - I did shoot another 690 image stack of this guy at 5um but I think it might be a little while before I get onto that. Not enough hours in the day :) So this is dedicated to Sam - what a star you are!!!


On another more mundane note, many many thanks to the folk who took a second out of their day to vote for my extreme macro site at the Webbys!! Hugely appreciated, thank you so much.


ID - Hedychrum confusum du Buysson - from this excellent jewel wasp ID guide. This Jewel wasp is the most common one in the Eastern United States.


28/4/2014 - Flickr Explore # 1, well there's a nice surprise! Thank you!

I love spider webs and this day the sun was shining just right to hilight the web. I found this one in the corner of our covered porch.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and a good week. We're heading out again and this time I'll have limited (if any) internet so I be offline for a while.

Explore #321...! Thanks Artie..for the Explore Link!


Happy Halloween to all...and Happy Nifty Fifty Friday and I guess this also qualifies for Freaky Friday! Really to see this one better, it is advisable to view large on black...




I am here at home...awaiting the UPS! least til Jon gets home from work at 10a.m. then I will go to work..don't want to miss the UPS guy this time...I am waiting for delivery of my new Canon 5D (not the Mark III) but the 5D that's been out awhile...the one that is 12.8 megs..


Am coming around for trick or treating now!



I have no clue what this is, but it spouts yellow flowers. Sedum or Stonecrop.


Thanks MarieHelen & Orchid Dude!!!!


Thanks EVERYONE...E X P L O R E #205 5/8/09 (#25 milestone)

Please view Large on black for the webby detail!

November 24, 2006. Taken during an early morning walk in our backyard.


The web's very small, like 2 inches in diameter... and I guess the spider's hiding from me, not wanting to be in the photo. :)


November 24, 2006. Chosen as TWTME's Icon Of The Day.


December 30, 2006. Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most favorited.

Images of broken light which

dance before me like a million eyes

That call me on and on Across the Universe


... still not finished!

Chiddy Bang Concert pictures taken by Mikaela Steinwedell for Technology and Design

Misty water.(LOOK LARGE)

Long exposure. iso 100.D800.28-300mm.

Thanks to Webby for putting me on to this stunning spot.

Copyright steve waterhouse .© .

The weak sunlight was trying to burn through the mist...everywhere covered in cobwebs

slider sunday-- a halloween ornament put thru some simple effects on iphoto.

maybe my winter's project is to learn how to use PSE???

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