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representation of site semantics, at web2dna. I like how pretty the results are. Seems like a sparkline version of this could be made.


Found via luxuryluke via somefool.

The web2dna screenshot of my LinkTipps-Blog

web2dna of

Adam pointed me in the direction of Thomas Baekdal's Web2DNA. I ran it against and it produced this, which is a pretty cool thing.

This is supposed to be a graphic representation of a human DNA developed from an old homepage of mine. It was created at


According to the website, the "brightness of the lines is determined by the importance of the tags in terms of structure." I created my website using home-made html about 10 years ago, so it's is filled with "messy old-style" code, and not as varied or as bright as one of the newer, dynamic websites.


After all, I'm 54. I shouldn't be surprised my webdna looks sort of laid-back. :)


Thanks, Carla! This is definitely strange....also fun.



Image created by a tool that scans your website and creates DNA code similar to human DNA for your site.

Another passing fancy - similar to the Photostream Map I posted earlier. I don't do this much and certainly don't want to turn my photostream into something other than the love for photography, but sometimes these experimental maps just catch my eye. I went with red for the autumn themes I have been posting recently.


If you would like to try it out, the site is

Cleartrip's front-end code rendered as DNA--the brighter the image, the better the code is. Check it out at:


web2dna, takes my website and turns the different tags and the structure of the site and makes it into an image like this.

I copied Blyberg!



A neat link i found on the web, it will convert a website into a DNA profile.


The above is my website


Here is a link to the DNA site that created this.

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