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web 1.0 pimpin'


I will not be the least bit miffed if someone want so make a better-looking one. Seriously.

Web 1.0 Summit, San Francisco. I didn't end up taking any pictures because it was too hot and crowded to keep my jacket and bag with me. So I had nowhere to keep my camera (what, give up a drinking hand to carry it?)

What's a Web 1.0 meeting without a lousy photo stitch. :)

Old-school. tags? Bah.. too simple. Need <spacer>, and <marquee>!

with position=absolute, width and height, and bgcolor, foo!


Code by Jude Matsalla.


Thanks to Lantzilla for the laptop idea!

Hot new Web 1.0 goodness!


"dHTML!!" Code by Jude Matsalla.


Thanks to Lantzilla for the laptop idea!

Lantzilla brought an old Powerbook out for kicks with Netscape 3.2 for people to "sign", so we ended up with some amusing entries - including the obligatory goatse link, of course.

Local entrepreneuers celebrate Mayor Newsom's Proclamation.

I don't know/remember the names of the dudes, only the ladies cuz that's how I roll. Courtney and Nicole and some studs. The guy on the far right bathed in cash last night.

Making a contribution to the HTML guestbook.

One of the things I wrote: "Lantzilla is a nerd! ;)"


Thanks to Min Jung for the obligatory kiss.

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Unfortunately we didn't know too many other people here, so the subject matter here was somewhat limited. My bad.

Signing the Web 1.0 guestbook.


Thanks to Lantzilla for the laptop idea!

A nerd all the way. We were discussing the tag at this point, if I recall correctly.

Nate K writing something in Lance's guestbook.

Nate K writes some code (we hope it's standards-compliant, Nate) for Lance's guestbook.

Aynne Valencia fresh off presentation high.

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