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A very famous Marine fighter unit in WWII, these Marines now fly ground attack profiles as part of a MAGTF.


© 2013 Paul Carter

All Rights Reserved

Please ask before you use my photos

WE 05 departing for the ranges, but with an air to air role.


:copyright:2014 Paul Carter

All Rights Reserved

That photo attribution means you need to ask me for my permission first, before you download this photo to use it for whatever reason you're thinking of.

John Allsop introducing Dean Jackson to the stage

Energy drink with attitude ... or, so the bottle says (it then goes on to say: "Not recommended for children; and pregnant or lactating women; and individuals sensitive to caffeine.").


All I know is that I'm still awake ... still working ... shaking slightly ... wishing I had an extra set of hands ... and, I will be so happy when I finish this project! ;-)


Prompted by Maxine's photo of her desk, which is looking eerily similar at the moment.

I think that's John Allsop

Deoxyribonucleac Acid, of course.

Eric Meyer holds a Smackdown of his own... on Doug Bowman

L-R: Eric Meyer, Tantek Celik, ?? (tell me in comments please)

Here's Glutbook, my 12" iBook mac laptop sporting some new cult-of-mac jamming adhesives!


* Technorati sticker, obtained at WE05 Sydney (thanks Tantek!)


* "OBEY with caution - Blind Acceptance can be hazardous", bought years ago in an Obey sticker pack I only just remembered I had


* Rad Rad Robotank from Strong Bad Email #139: Portrait, custom printed for NZD$15 at a sign printer here in Wellington called Asign. Supplied a EPS and it was printed and laser cut ready for sticking on in less than half a day! Awesome!


I know some mac-zealots (namely Kodiak) are gonna hate me for doing it. But that was part of the fun :D

Relax, take time out. Think how you would design or develop a site or an app today if you had the knowledge of what tomorrow would bring.

Bondi Beach - we just finished surfing/body-boarding and we needed food... Speedo's Cafe next door was an obvious choice

Detail for connection of addition.

Posto letto d'emergenza e panoramico su camera nostra, sopra l'armadio

"Tantek really didn't want to answer that question," announced John Allsopp after everyone filed back into the Guthrie Theatre after a neighbouring construction crew sent a cloud of dust into the air... and a UTS fire sensor.

I used this very peculiar building-form as my waypoint for locating my temporary home on Pitt Street.

After months of drought, the rain decided to come, just in time for Web Essentials.

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