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"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." by {Nelly Rodriguez}
From {Nelly Rodriguez}

summer fun by Ali Brohi
From Ali Brohi

Angel of the Waters Bethesda Fountain by Alindbt
From Alindbt

The Persistence of Thirst at the Drinking Fountain at the Brooklyn Museum by Stephen Sandoval
From Stephen Sandoval

"Portable Fountains" by Tim Thyzel by navema
From navema

city hall park by O.Viera
From O.Viera

frequency modulation by ho_hokus
From ho_hokus

Thirsty Dog by dwightsghost
From dwightsghost

Bryant Park by elushika
From elushika

Brooklyn Police on car strike duty  (LOC) by The Library of Congress
From The Library of Congress

day 87 by shell belle
From shell belle

Brooklyn Bronze.... by "alley cat photography'
From "alley cat photography'

Urban Watering Hole by shutterbugMike
From shutterbugMike

ahhh! by Charley Lhasa
From Charley Lhasa

peace fountain by drivebysh00ter
From drivebysh00ter

backlit by Ali Brohi
From Ali Brohi

SDIM1036 by discardedbacon
From discardedbacon

Central Park Water Fountain by Joan Garvin
From Joan Garvin

Resting by the Fountain by saki-waki
From saki-waki

Spring is Here~ by minwoo
From minwoo

L1013718  the kiddie fountain squirts higher water by Susan NYC
From Susan NYC

Bulldog by misskarenlee
From misskarenlee

lomo fisheye by shooting brooklyn
From shooting brooklyn

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