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Earlier in the evening from the previous upload...this rock and the rising tide looked to me to be locked in a beautiful dance, which in a way, playing with exposures, I shared.

This is a deceptive pond of open water...although it looks still, it really isn't, so it remains unfrozen. This just off the forestry trunk road wast of Sundre, Alberta.




I realise that I have hardly posted any images of Gullfoss from our last trip. Partly because the conditions while we were there were awful and so everything turned out grey. As was usual though, the spray was being flung high in the air which made very long exposures difficult. In the gloomy twilight at about 10pm though, it certainly was a surreal feeling to be there photographing this light.


Video of Iceland trip here:

( I have a lot more footage and might make another lol)

at Oban Village; Argyll and Bute council area of Scotland.

Getting down on the wet and slippery rocks of Pemaquid, Maine :))


(HTWMAMFF) Happy This Wave Made A Momentary Fence Friday ;)

Canon 40D

Canon 10-22 @ 13 mm


S: 2 sec

ISO - 100

Nature , This image was taken below water falls but still the water falls along the rocks in below it

A frozen and chilly Brother Water with snow covered Hartsop Dodd and Caudale Moor leading on to the Kirkstone Pass.


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From the couple of times we went to Point Cartwright, this has been my favourite shot.

I had a good day of shooting recently on the coast of Fife near Elie. Well, good up to a point.


I particularly like shooting Lady’s Tower as a subject but there is also the lighthouse and quite a lot of nice beaches and rock formations. This is obviously a photograph of some of those rocks and the wash of what was quite a strong swell.


If you follow my stream you may have read about the tsunami that soaked me and my kit that day and this shot was about half an hour after that washout. I’d rung myself out, my kit was wiped down and continued to work perfectly but I can’t say the operator was still in the best of conditions. Saying that, you can’t just give up because of a bit of water. You need to show some perseverance in this game if you going to get that winning shot.


The complete waterfall (called Sjávarfoss, in Hvalfjörður - Iceland) is very beautiful by itself, and it even has a U shape, which you actually realize only when you get close to it.


This stone however, kept calling my attention. It was standing there by itself in perpetual shower - so I thought of devoting a closer frame just to it. All that water around it acts as a reflector on the green moss, and the wet rock. It was shot late at dusk.


Exif: ISO 100 ; f/5.6 ; 6 sec ; @55mm

This is the Red Deer River west of Sundre, Alberta, near Cartier Creek. Tonight, I'm heading downstream to the city of Red Deer to visit my daughter and stop in on my folks. I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!


A lot of rain can sometime be a "pain", but it creates some lovely waterfalls.

It's been a gorgeous morning in Dublin with bright sunshine so I went back to the Bushy Park woodland to photograph one of the small waterfalls. I used a neutral density filter to get a nice long exposure - 30 seconds at f22, ISO 50.

Water cascading and falling in Ricketts Glen State Park.

Waiting for the Boat

Just was in Copenhagen for one day , on the cruise . You have to pack a lot in and plan well .

we used the water buses / boats on most ports of call .


Tender moment at Derwent Water pier on a lovely sunny day. Cumbria

This is one of my first photos with my new Nikon D800.


Taken in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Vizcaya) with the famous rock formation known as the Cathedral of the Sea in the background.


Hitech ND 3 stops + Hitech reverse GND 2 stops.

Spring is Near!


It is almost spring, the sky is blue again with bright sun and the mornings are full of brisk air.

The streams are flowing full, alas the forest still retains a bit of grey, but lush green is not too far away!

Blossoms are around the corner too! I can tell all this is true as my allergies are back in a big way!


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Wave Breaking and Water Flowing at Point Loma California

There was a constant sound of water flowing and birds singing. It was tranquility.

Lake Mulwala at dawn from the Mulwala (NSW) side. GPS is approximate

Fizzy water and oil mixed together.


Small Cascade with fall foliage along the roaring fork motor trail in the GSMNP.

beautiful blue waterfall / Iceland


Nikon D810 with 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR

Lucroit Filter System


Lower Proxy Falls glowing with late afternoon rays.

Beautiful beautiful water color

Here very near the end of it's 22 mile (35Km) journey from The Pentland Hills. Edinburgh's river, known as The Water of Leith arrives in a now quiet basin.

Copyright : Antonio Aliaga Ibarra :copyright:

Shot at Sagelva Open Air Museum, Bjorli, Norway documenting traditional, local use of hydropower.

Water is my eye

Most faithful mirror

Fearless on my breath

Teardrop on the fire of a confession

Fearless on my breath

The lower flow here makes the scene all that more pretty and accessible too ;))


Too much flow and it would be very dangerous in this location. Need to remember to not risk your life for a capture!

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