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These falls are the out-flow from Loch na Gainmhich and can be accessed by a rough path beside the Unapool Burn from the A894.

Wailing Widow Falls, which flows out of Loch na Gainmhich, beneath Glas Bheinn in Assynt.

I love this massive glass wall with water falling along the face at the entrance of the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria).


It captures so much interest, that people can't walk past it.


I was on the inside and no, this isn't a photoshop job.

Manhattan , New York, USA


This photograph was taken way back in 2011. During that year Yosemite had record snow pack and recorded highest waterfalls in many years. I was lucky to be there at that time. I didn't have any ND filter so I just waited for the right time to engage the slow shutter speed. What I didn't realize that the photo I captured had an eerie effect of the presence of a wailing witch overlooking the fall. Luckily I captured in Raw format but not with full frame CMOS.


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Possibly my favourite waterfall, it has everything: height (about 100 feet), a proper drop, and is at the head of a dramatic and colourful rock gorge.

Near Kylesku, Sutherland. One of my other postings of this fall is in black and white.


Another shot of this fantastic waterfall. Much closer in than the last one, trying to capture the dark atmosphere of the gorge it falls into.

So this a real gem of a location in my opinion. It's simply one of the best waterfalls I've seen. As I find with most waterfalls the camera reduces impression of height . I bracketed this one and focus stacked some of the images to get some sharpness in the foreground. Despite falling on my backside which resulted in a great bruise it was well worth it to capture this one!

..Near Unapool, Assynt, Sutherland-Shire.

Another image from this fantabulous falls, 2010 this time

@Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

August 2017

A high iso shot of last nights activity of the northern lights.

Aparently this year will have the highest levels of activity in 50 years. So grab your gear if you can and find some nice places to bunker down.

Great place to get an idea of what to expect.

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Everyone's a little crazy when you get inside their head... it's only a matter of degree.

Another name “Western Wall”

what is left of King Herod's Temple. Here people go to pray, men and women seperately. Some write down their innermost

on paper and put it in cracks in the ancient temple wall. | Northampton, PA




This was another shoot for Media Five who have really been hooking me up with some great people lately. This band, Wailing Waters, actually went to the same high school as me. Their singer, Tyler Grady, ended up making it to the top 25 in last seasons American Idol and the band has since enjoyed some real success. We shot here at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton and one of the members of the shoot joked how funny it would be if we could get some police cars to drive by to get some streaks in the background. Like clockwork, a full fledged parade of firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars turns the corner and we ended up getting front row seats with no previous knowledge of it. No one even skipped a beat, we just kept shooting as these trucks passed behind us like nothing was going on. It was probably one of the weirdest things to happen during a shoot, but as you can see, yielded some amazing results.



AB800 w/ softbox above camera


Triggered with Cybersyncs


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Tove & the Strat

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

This little girl saw me and began to cry. I have another photo but she has no bottom and I don't want to have her here exposed. So as I passed by the second time she took a look at me and began to wail. I guess with India history of white folks. It going to happen. ( It's not the usual reaction I get but I guess not everyone is going to love me).

Nice 15m falls from Loch na Gainmhich near Unapool in Sutherland.

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