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Bielefeld - La Strada (2017)


LR Preset:


(1) Classic K14 25er - Basic V3

(2) Film like WB 1

(3) less muted colors

(4) Magnum

(5) -


Hey, hey! Computer is back up and working (two weeks without). And, luckily, and thanks to the brilliance and knowledge of 18-year-old Alex Vizzone, the youngest fishing instructor on my staff, I didn’t lose anything. I have multiple off-board drives so my work was still available, so they were safe too, but I just couldn’t get do them. ~ View On Black


Imagine living in a world where you’ve always had cell phones, computers, digital everything? These kids know this stuff like I know drinking a glass of water. Thank you Alex.


It is amazing how much things like running water, electricity, cell phones are so damn essential to our quality of life. It is scary when any of them goes down, but hey, there’s no going back unless everyone went back at the same time.


As for the image: I had one of these. A VW Beetle, that is. It was my third car. Cost me $800 in 1970 money. Same outlandish, buttercup-yellow color too. The fun ones usually were some psychedelic color or colors - or maybe the color just made them seem more fun. And, as we drove around in our little bugs, we would, as Sly Stone said, “Dance to the Music.”


Looking back, I'm surprised I could see out the window for all of the smoke trapped in the interior ("hey man, don't open the window. You'll let all that good sh*t out!"). Never did hit anything though. I tell you what – these little buggers could hang some corners at un-Godly speeds. They didn’t fish tail as much as all four wheels sort of skipped across the pavement in unison. Quite Indy 500-ish, and exciting; and of course, foolish and irresponsible.


It had a great heater too; if you were in the front seat. If you were in the back seat, it felt like a little old man with emphysema breathing on your ankles. Periodically, we'd do the "let's all exchange seats" dance just to share the wealth ("the warmth").


Chicago, Illinois, southside, some old junkyard near 66th & Dorchester Avenue.


Speaking of Dance to the Music: I will be the first to say that everything about my country, “The United States” isn’t wonderful, and there have been serious issues and a trail of blood since the Mayflower hit these shores.


But, our music contribution to this planet earth in the 20th Century… goodness, y’all.


Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes featuring Teddy Pendergrass - "The Love I Lost" - the epitome of the mighty TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) - – I've had many cars, and each one that I had to give up (for whatever reasons) was a "love I lost."


TTV texture courtesy: milesdscott -


Saw this cool #VWCamper while walking through #Denbigh today. Took this shot with my iPhone. Only wish I had my camera with me. This van couldn't possibly have any more character #Volkswagen

Indoor practise, working out my lens.

Vw van in Paris excited to spot one

VW Golf cab TSI 160, DSG7

VW - Der Ewige ☺☺☺

VW Beetle Ranch in Conway, Texas, just a short distance down the road from Amarillo.

Took this at the recent 'Dubfreeze' show at Stafford - just love the rust!

For some reason someone has cable tied a VW badge on to this abandoned Daihatsu 4X4.


The car was on a really steep hill so instead of positioning my tripod so the horison would be straight, I leveled up with the car making the frame straight and the horison wonky, works alright I think. Kept the lighting really simple.




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Even in this state you can appreciate the iconic shape of a VW van. Some design forms just have staying power to the last gasp.

Found this little treasure on the corner of my street. Bet someone's well pissed off....



VW Beetle from 1958 dropped as much as it can be to be driven daily.

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Here is the progress on a custom print I am working on of a Volkswagen Thing.

Last of my Brighton pics, at least for now. Couldn't resist another yellow VW...


Lomo LCA + Kodak Elitechrome + xpro

VW Käfer, Oldtimer am Eiswoog

Taken on a local walk and given a liquid paint treatment.

VW Bus T3 parked in Bonn, Germany.

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