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Whatever I feel like I wanna do...gosh!

FGR theme of the day is bring out the inspired photos.

I decided I needed a good laugh and got out the old Napoleon Dynamite costume. I put on the wig and glasses and almost peed myself laughing. I looked ridiculous but resembled Napoleon quite well. If you've seen the movie you will get this photo, if you haven't seen it I suggest watching it. It's pretty bad but the more you watch it the funnier it is.


"...But my lips hurt real bad"

This was one of the many things given to me by friends at the San Antonio office… so that I could take a piece of San Antonio with me. I have ducks, pictures, and yes… Napoleon Dynamite. Talking Napoleon Dynamite at that.


I have many fond memories of this random Napoleon voice breaking the silence over my cube wall. I have many fond memories of the girl who left it for the team to enjoy before she left. I smile and think of the many memories I have… those can never be taken away, even by “frickin idiots…”


On the one hand, Pedro is really trying. On the other hand, the other guy has a cool eye-patch! Hmmm...


[A day in Jerusalem on my sister's birthday]

haha i love her outfit :)

always the stylish one

For my latest project at college, called "Film Stills," we had to recreate a film still from a film that people will recognise. I chose one of my favourite films, Napoleon Dynamite, and got my friend Alex to model as he has the right hair and build ;)

Final edit turned out really good, compared to how much I had to edit it, and the lighting wasn't perfect and spot on as the film still but its still good work as my tutor says :)


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I cracked up when I saw my dad in this t-shirt. I begged him to let me take a photo.


Here's a photo from last winter: me and my dad watching Napolean Dynamite.


Here's a favorite photo of me and my dad in the 70's.

just do it.



you're jealous of my awesome shirt.

Except for the part where the 'o' is falling off.



for kate. <3

Wheat past art on a utility box, "Vote For Pedro"!

Vote for Pedro!


I am!

A slice of Americana. Pedro, from South of the Border in Dillon South Carolina has beckoned travelers to his conglomeration of whatever it is for years.

We had the guy over for tea, which was not a good idea, he got smashed and changed into my 'Vote for Pedro' shirt and made my wife photograph him. Note to self: Keep Vader out of my clothes closet!

shirley will give you many long lives; maureen brings luck in lottery; kim brings better long distance service.

Thank goodness McFarlane got a Napoleon Dynamite license - most of the rest of the N.D. merchandising tidal wave was pretty mediocre, but I can't resist these toys!


As usual, the likeness is terrific, and the sculpting/paint work are wonderful too. Happily, they've included a base with each character, though I never bothered to add the cardboard backdrops (they were too hard to fit into the base slots, so I gave up). I love the dymo-label-maker-high-school-notebook aesthetic to the base design, and it's always great to have movie phrases in a sound chip!


You can still vote for Pedro on eBay for $5.99 + shipping, and there's plenty of other places if you drop 'dynamite pedro figure' into Froogle.

....whoever he is?


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