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I hate to bug people but I have some shots in the Great Escapes photo contest. There’s some amazing work in there, but if I could bug you to take a few moments and vote for either my Death Valley shot, or my Furrows shot (or both) I’d be greatly appreciative. The link is here, and voting runs for the next few weeks.

If I win first…I’m taking suggestions for a crazy way to show my appreciation.


Thanks in advance for everyone who votes….Really, I know it’s a pain in the rear to register, and vote, and I really do appreciate it….and remember the Death Valley shot is from the crock pot adventure …so the crock pot, the coyotes, and Buttermilks burnt leg hairs thank you as well.


I am in a National TV contest with this photo and I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me. I have to reach 250 votes to make it to the next level of voting. Thanks in advance for your vote. I really appreciate it.




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Please, Vote For Me :)

Hey You All Can Post Your Photographs There Too :)

Entry Are Open .......

E-X-P-L-O-R-E-D !!

Come on, you love Europe really! Bogliasco - Liguria, by Cecil King. (from British Watercolour Painting of Today, 1921)

Soạn BC 012 gửi 8375 vote for my friend ;)

Cái bản ở trên hình ý. hehehe

HHT icon tương lai. ;) ♥

Nhớ mess giùm mình nhé, tks mng :P

aimee just announced her finalists for this month's greeblepix contest and my shot above was one of the chosen. please click on over HERE and check out all the beautiful January finalists and cast a vote for your favorite.


thank you, XO kristin

The Fuzz says thank you so much for voting for him in the photo contest

orange and blue =D




all right's reserved 3andoo

viewer's sharkoo plz =D

How can I adequately describe to you, loyal followers of Demi's quest, how the words of the sunglasses-wearing Statue of Liberty heartened our leggy friend? He tells her she WILL find what she is looking for. She just needs to read the signs.

So now we are off and running....and Demi herself snapped this one! (It's a bit dark and should be cropped but it's the only one she took. Thought it was a good one to post tonight with the polls opening soon!)

Tynehead Park, Surrey BC (pretty cool large + on black)

Hi friends! I really need your vote, here:


The Assignment entries will be judged both by you - the user - and a panel lead by award-winning photographer Vicki Couchman.


Vicki Couchman has worked as a photographer for such renowned publications as The Sunday Times Culture and Style magazines, The Independent magazine, The Observer magazine, Rolling Stone, and Loaded.


After several years learning her trade as a staff photographer on newspapers, Vicki forged a successful career as an independent photographer.


Vicki will be looking at several key factors when judging entries:


* An original eye

* Thoughtful composition

* An element of storytelling

* Clean, sharp exposure and a strong, simple image

* Originality

* An emotional connection

* A captured moment revealing something special


These are my two possible entries for the Eurobricks Micro Sci-Fi Contest, Invasion! and Utopia. I had planned to build a third entry, but ran out of time.


Only one entry per person is allowed, so I need your guy's help to choose which one to enter.

Vote in the comments!

I ask all my Flickr friends to vote for this photo on Facebook.

Click here: My favourite place in The Hague Just click on the orange button.

Thank you!!

Voigtlander Bessa R, Industar 61, Fuji Superia Xtra 400

Ladies distributing leaflets of a candidate.


Explore Oct. 12, 2008. Thank you for viewing, your comments and your faves

vote for me for the Club Med Bali Photography Contest!!

you may win a Club Med Phuket stay by voting ;)








Essa foto eu tirei num inesquecível sobrevôo que fiz no Parque Nacional! Foi um presente de uma querida paciente minha. Perdi o fôlego!!!

Aproveito pra dizer, que se você ainda não votou, ajude o Brasil a ter uma das novas 7 maravilhas naturais do mundo, votando nas Cataratas do Iguaçu. Abraço a todos. Bom sábado!

This was a gift from a sweet pacient of mine. She gave me a flight over the Iguassu National Park. This was an outstanding, wonderful, magic, fantastic and unforgettable flight!!! I saw, how nature is rich and beautiful, from above. If you want to vote for Iguassu Falls as a New 7 Natural Wonders of the world, that's the site. Thank you dear friends and have a nice weekend!

My American friends or I'll bite ya on the butt : )

I know who I'm going to support tomorrow. Too bad I don't know what he's running for.


Please vote for my picture #2283 at the IMS Photo Contest


You can vote your 10 favorite pictures - maybe i get your vote? Thanks ;-)

in this year's barn yard yearbook





So this is it! The final two! Who gets your vote? #TeamBrittany or #TeamDidii?


Vote in the comments!







Brittany: 17

Didii: 15


if you're tagged, I'd appreciate it if you voted thank you!

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Gulls watching the sunset on Lake Erie. The cold wind didn't seem to bother them.


Explore #331 Thanks so much everyone!!

Back to the sights off of Route 66. Be sure to get out and vote this year! We need better County Clerks!

Wall plastered with election material, ahead of the Philippine local and National Election on the 9th May. Bacolod City, Philippines.

Vamos la....

Let's go ....

On the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum, Yes supporters rallied in George Square to listen to speakers and live music. But it was at the other side of the square, in front of Glasgow’s City Chambers, where the real interest of the evening lay for me: a group of our Catalan brothers and sisters arranged rows of coloured candles to show the Catalan and Scottish flags side by side. When the arrangement was fully lit, the gathered crowd cheered and began to chant “Sí! sí! sí! Yes! Yes! Yes!” A piper stepped into the middle of the square and began to play. It was without doubt one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I was tearful, and it was so powerful an experience that I left shortly afterwards, unable to take any more.


What a privilege. What a special time to be alive in this country.


Glasgow, 2014.


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Pinapangako ko uunlad ang basang pilipinas,pag aaralin ko ang hindi kayang makapag aral,mag papatayo ako ng mga hospital,eskwelahan,pagagawa ko ang mga sirang tulay,kalsada,bibigyan ko ng trabaho ang lahat ng mahihirap at higit sa lahat hindi ako mangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan.

Taken from Montrose the other day. The sun was setting to the west and you can see that on the fading ligth on the grass. Later that evening, I witnessed a spectacular blue hour with that same cloud cover above the skyline


Get out and vote today !

De nieuwe macro-lens van mijn moeder (Sigma 105MM 2.8) gekoppeld aan een rood potlood maakt eigenlijk nog best een actuele nieuwsfoto... *kuch*


Trouwens, die rode band is afkomstig van zo'n WK-bandje van de Plus. In dit geval, geen verrassing, Zwitserland ;-)

hey guys! 2 things

1. go out and vote. today is election day and make the right choice. i'll tell you mine #4moreyears. regardless of who you vote for, at least go out and vote. make your vote count. this election is extremely significant and will go down in the history books for sure.

2. i got into a major car accident. i'm selling prints and cameras and everything i own because of how bad the damages are. pick up a print at here or donate to paypal at i'll mail you cards and whatever i can. i'm okay at least.

thank you.


please vote for skipper in la modelo!she will do her best to be on top

This week's results are in! Zeana and Jett are in the bottom 2! This week one will leave but who, will depend on you!


Vote to save!





This week you guy's voted as the public and scored each girls photo! Giving;

-Zeana (On the left): 6.4

-Jett (On the right): 7.0


This is a vote to save your favorite! After this weeks elimination there will only be two girl in the vote to save and only one will leave.


Votes will close tomorrow at midnight!

There will soon then be a new cast photo/update along with this weeks public scoring and details on the next challenge!

voting closed, Yasmin is out, 'cause she received only one vote

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