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After not being sick for about 20 years my wife fixed that by giving me half cooked bacon. I am better now though.

Thomastown Station


Main infantry soldier





The first soldier (with smg) has the

Mk.34/3' sub machine gun which is the standard smg for Poland(thompson with Ppsh magazine)

Hope you like

C&C are welcome!

Acrylic paint, Paint pen, and Color pencil on Three 8" x10" boxed canvas

painted 6/13/2011 ... Now for sale $300.00

BNSF SD70MAC 9647, wearing an experimental merger paint scheme that thankfully did not catch on, leads a Powder River coal train at CP 167 on the CSX Erie West Sub in Wickliffe, Ohio, in April 2008. The 9647 was repainted to match the trailing engine in 2013. This was the only time I ever saw this locomotive in this paint.

Yay, an upload! :D


I got my MRU order today and I'm so-so with it. I'll most likely trade/sell my dot44 guy so offer?

I know the German has the wrong pouches...

Inspired by Lincoln.

Also, I'm having trouble with my E8 tank and need a BL order so, yup. :P

Also working on an M3 halftrack in 1/45th scale!



From left to right:

Soviet Flag carrier - Winter 1944

Soviet Sub Machine Gunner - Winter 1943

Romanian Infantry - Winter 1943

German Luftwaffe Officer - Winter 1941

Bokeh vomit.

The vignette is actually my hand cupped around my lens.

Have a great Sunday everyone <333


The texture is from Ishkamina

No ideas, No change.

vomir tribute


msg me inworld if you want the hood. I have terrible modeling skills



Toro. Rare skybox @ shiny shabby

INCA 2013.

Two days ago. Nice view with black BG on here

To ORGH, MAYO, BARNES and DANS (the General)

Fast one cause Ive got my back injured...




EDS 2013.


Japanese Pilot, Russian Officer, Belgian Soldier, WW1 German


I've got a couple tanks in the works, the ACG-1 & 43M Zrínyi. We'll see how they turn out over the next week or so.


Anyway I hope y'all like these figs, I got a couple of these new items at BrickFiesta along with some ranger torsos and other pieces.



A bit of fun with food colouring, vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid :)

So good it will make you want to barf

EXPLORED!!! Thank you everyone!


Camera - Canon T2i

ISO - 100

Exposure - 30"

Aperture - f/8.0


Belgium, 2017 © Jordan Libioulle

just a figbarf


not too sure what i think of it, would have been better if i sketched it out first.

see ow she still try to look good.

i like this concept.:D

it one of my fav works thus far,

After the Third Eye Blind concert, we noticed this girl huddled against a wall, sitting in aa puddle of her own vomit.


Yes, it was vomit. We could definitely tell that.

Not a fig off with Bushido Bricks >_>


Max better live up to his word and kill me now...


Anyways, I love making Wild West figures and I've actually been hoarding parts for a little while now, and it looks like I can finally start making some more decent figures! I hope you enjoy these guys.


We have a Train robber (BW dynamite sticks are actually some of my favorite 3rd party accessories.)

Sheriff guy :P

Cavalry Bugler

And your generic Saloon-goer


Bushido's Pic:


God bless!


A set of the most disgusting jelly bean flavors from Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. From left to right: earthworm, bogies, and vomit. Happy Macro Monday!

My half of a joiner with Kem. Purple and green... very groundbreaking.


some progress shots:

Uh-uh, it's an owl nest.

With uh-uh.


When you're a bird in redrock country, you adapt and build your nest in the best place you can.

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