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© some[wh]air - Selfportrait


Sometimes I just want vomit all my dark thoughts to forget them...

But I just keep them inside of me. Not to hurt anyone else than me..

A bit of fun with food colouring, vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid :)

Bokeh vomit.

The vignette is actually my hand cupped around my lens.

Have a great Sunday everyone <333


The texture is from Ishkamina

INCA the candyman aka CAIN aka SEZ.

cops make vomit!





Saludos a todos!!!!! TASER,YELOW and MAYO in special

Shouts out to everybody!!!!


...another day, another church.

Something fun I'm working on..

A friend learning a life lesson:


Kayla: I think you just got your answer.

Clawd: :(

INCA 2013.

Two days ago. Nice view with black BG on here

To ORGH, MAYO, BARNES and DANS (the General)

Fast one cause Ive got my back injured...




EDS 2013.

I went to do another photo for the ghost of a portrait series...didn't quite work. Thus I give you color vomit.


junk photo of 06.22.12

My half of a joiner with Kem. Purple and green... very groundbreaking.


some progress shots:


kind of happy with this still need to push it tho


not too sure what i think of it, would have been better if i sketched it out first.

see ow she still try to look good.

i like this concept.:D

it one of my fav works thus far,

After the Third Eye Blind concert, we noticed this girl huddled against a wall, sitting in aa puddle of her own vomit.


Yes, it was vomit. We could definitely tell that.

One of the nicest, sturdiest specimens I have come across. The woods were full of this today. Aptly named Dog Vomit Slime Mould.


View on Black

Wicked days painting and a quick pint shouts to soka epok and kai 3 top chaps ..... The mission continues

Gequiltet ist er schon mal, jetzt nur noch das Binding :)

Street Spotted!

Live drawing event at The Spotted Dog, Digbeth that I organised with Lisk on the 10th September,

Featured artists: Wah, Mew, Lisk, Vomit, Obit, Rise1, Tommy Human and 6TWO4.

S£r also came all the way from Dublin to be there so we sorted him out with a little board.

The next one is planned for April/May 2012!

EXPLORED!!! Thank you everyone!


Camera - Canon T2i

ISO - 100

Exposure - 30"

Aperture - f/8.0


iPhone fun at the San Mateo County fair. Fastest way to spend money per hour.

Ok so the title is kinda discriptive, but that is what we call these rides in our house. It's the one where they strap two people in a bucket, on a large pole and hurl them round and round, stop often times mid-stream, and reverse.

We enjoy watching the victims as the depart from the ride, and thier looks of either sheer delight or terror.

Vomitz DAC NSF

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