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Ed Kowalczyk & Neneh Cherry - Walk Into This Room


This is wonderful the words to this song is so hard hitting,it's so great to hear a song come alive like this. The voices together are powerful, they fit so well. Simply Beautiful with the goose bumps - Eddie Higgins, "Falando de Amour"


Image above: Another one of life's marvelous bridges to cross (and they are marvelous, even when scary). There's a sensuously curving path on the other side that meanders through beautiful and cloistered woods. It is a soft, gentle, misty autumn day. I'll pause before crossing to contemplate the possible new chapters I will find as I wander, to day-dream and imagine how I might share this path with others I meet on journeys of their own.


The overall dark color of this should not alarm. The deep, dark woods are as joyful and comforting to me, as is a sunlit, balmy day in a fresh flowering Glen in spring.


Thank you my dear, dear friends and fellow travelers: Debbe, Karen and Nick.


Challenge #16 - Accomplishments of 2011" submitted by Nick, “ZedZap” and answered as "What I have learned in 2011" by Karen, “Vintage Findings.”


Karen: “I have learned that I cannot become what I want to be by remaining what I am, even if I don't know what I want to be yet.”


That is one of the best set of words I have read this year – by far. For me, all of the possibilities of the Universe and for each life within it (including my own), are contained in that line.


Note: to me the word "accomplishments" can be good and bad, positive and negative, or neutral. Mainly, they simply are a remembrance (however accurate or not) of some of what you have done the past year of your life.


Bob - Accomplishments:

• I managed to throw myself off an emotional cliff this year – I didn’t think it was possible for a guy like me, as I was “way too old - "ahem," too together - and way too in control” for that. Guess not. I got dashed into tiny, bloodied bits on the jagged rocks of emotional darkness at the bottom. And, man, hurt.

• I could have laid there. I could have meandered off aimlessly at the bottom of the ravine. But, I chose to claw, and cry, and breathe, to curse and meditated, and seek to climb my way back up the mountain – humbled and bruised, but deeply savoring that I was, and am, still alive.



• A leap of faith and flinging one's self off a cliff can feel somewhat alike. But, both must - on ocassion - be done. Ultimately I found out I am not "that strong, invulnerable and powerful," and I cannot do "it" (live this life) alone. This year, I did not. I found I have wonderful friends, and a support system, that will help if I would let go of my pride and extend an open and beckoning, little baby hand.



• I managed to lose my sense of purpose for my life and my sense of direction. It just fucking disappeared, dude! Poof! Gone. I kinda' knew why, but its course seemed inexorable.The Dark Side of the Force was calling, beckoning me, seeking to embrace me in its shadows.

• “To the Darkside, I did not turn.” (Yoda voice, please). I begged, cried, questioned, sat in the dark, meditated, fought and fought the darkness within me, (like Luke Skywalker with Yoda, on the Planet Dagobah) and tried opened myself to the universe and its light.



• The light is there. Here. All around. Not in theory, but for real. It is always there. I must allow myself to see it, open myself to feel it. Let myself be absorbed into it. I realized I am not alone. Spirits and Souls, living and past, always walk with us. Listen to them, heed them, allow yourself fall into their safe and glowing light and you will feel the weight slowly releasing from your spirit.



• I found purpose for my life: to live the rest of my life as an artist/writer/photographer

• And a second: to continue to bring joy and smiles and light to as many children, teens, adults, seniors and those with all types of special needs as I can through offering them the chance to catch a fish and (re)connect with wind, water, life, peace.

• And a third: to share with others the bounty and gifts I find in my life, as much as I humanly can, for I cannot take any of this with me.



• I learned to receive with gratitude, to live with gratitude, to live and love with passion, to forgive truly and sincerely, to give myself a break sometimes, for crying out loud, and to share, share, share, as all I need in whatever comes next will be waiting - wherever, whenever.



• I cried more this year than ever while questioning myself. I talked to my ancestors, and to my inner child (he’s funny, creative, inquisitive and wise to be such a little snot). I let myself feel emotions – all of them - and realized, it is okay to be human, to be vulnerable, to deeply feel that each of us is a part of the Wonder of Life of this Universe and we are connected



• I learned a little bit more: the meaning and the value of the words I first heard at age 19: “The Way to Do is to Be, and the Way to Be is to Do,” “Seek to be like Water.” The latter came easily; don't know why, 'jus did. The former? Hell, it only took 42 years for it to begin to soak in. (I may get this “living life” shit down yet.) :-)

• That one can go toe to toe with the old “Existential Crises” and walk away bruised, battered, but whole, growing and evolving. :-)))


This was not an easy year, but I wouldn't trade it for any other.






Textures By




The Mississippi River


“And all the voices, all the goals, all the yearnings, all the sorrows, all the pleasures, all the good and evil, all of them together... All of them together was the [river]..., the music of life.” ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


Textures ~ Voices in the Sky and Pastel Whipped by Distressed Jewell

Let's do one of the most beautiful hikes in the entire Northwest, you say? Nah, I'll put that off a bit longer. Every week for more than two months, Vinny and I have musingly discussed hiking up to Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm since neither of us had ever been. And somehow every weekend we ended up making other plans. I have some weird habit of putting off the places I want to see most. Maybe it's the fear of having nothing left to discover once I finally get to my most sought after locations. Or maybe it's just my trained ability to procrastinate. Yeah, it's probably that.


The autumn reds were coming along nicely at this spot, according to online trip reports. Finally, at the end of September, we just got in the car and drove north. Our friend, Zhou, was kind enough to pick up a permit at the Marblemount ranger station for us and we planned to meet him at the nearest back country camp sometime before sunset.


At the trail head, we quickly got our things together expecting to only stay for a single night since prior obligations would prevent us from staying two. We packed light on food since we wouldn't be staying long and also because we were trying to get in shape for our upcoming Enchantments trip. Beach bodies by October was the goal! Losing a few pounds via starvation and excessive hiking sounded like a brilliant plan at the time.


We awoke at 4:30 the following morning at the Pelton Basin Backcountry Camp and began began making our way up Sahale Arm in the dark. Enough calories were burned for us to desperately dig in to the few snacks we carried. This was breakfast. I went for a Clif Bar and some almonds. Vinny was with just a Clif Bar. Since the sunrise was mediocre, we decided that instead of immediately heading for home, we'd wait around for sunset to give the place another shot and hike to the car in the dark afterwards.


Recalling that we had already eaten half our food in the damp, rainy, and dark camp the previous night, we realized we'd be running low on food. We would each have to wait until after our late-morning nap to indulge in the last pack of ramen.


To help stave off the hunger, we got in our tents and would spend the rest of the day napping. Isn't that how bears go an entire winter without food?


Waking up in a haze to a park ranger's voice demanding to see a permit, while the sun beamed down from directly overhead, I didn't know where I was or how long I had been out. Vinny and Zhou handled the situation before I could even get my bearings and crawl out of the tent. It was a little after two in the afternoon, and we would need to eat the rest of our hot food before starting the hike back up Sahale Arm so we could have the energy to catch sunset. The ramen, of course, tasted incredible given our level of hunger. Vinny was now questioning why he didn't just bring the little pack of cashews with him that he had left in the car. A serious craving for them was beginning to develop.


Huffing and puffing our way back up to some of the best scenery we had ever encountered, there was about a half-hour lull before the light was good. I devoured my final Clif Bar and Vinny nibbled at the last piece of a Rice Krispies Treat he had been saving. That's the stuff chiseled abs are made from, right?


The sunset was amazing and worth staying until nightfall on the second day, as this photo hopefully demonstrates.


The colors of sunset quickly faded to darkness, and only an orange glow was left spanning the western horizon. Vinny, Zhou, and I began hiking back down to the junction at Cascade Pass with the dimming blues of twilight taking over. Within only minutes of our long journey down, I pointed out to Vinny that the condition of his right boot had deteriorated even more since morning when it was clear that the back half of the sole had become unglued from the rest of the boot and was flapping with each step. At this point, he wasn't looking forward to the remainder of the trail.


After making it back down to Cascade Pass, we parted ways with Zhou, who was to stay for one more night. At this point, the sole of Vinny's right boot had become nearly 3/4 separated. It had been dark for over an hour, we were both hungry, and now Vinny's inadequate boot was causing him to walk as if one leg was shorter than the other. Only two more hours to the car, we reminded each other.


We put on 18.5 miles in a little over 24 hours. Not being conditioned to such distances, our legs were killing us and Vinny was having an especially tough time since he had to change his gait in accordance with the flapping sole of his right boot.


Flop, step, flop, step, flop, step, and so it went for hours.


Several times he brought up how badly he wanted to just sit down and eat the cashews he had left in the car. Nothing would be better.


Finally in the dead of night, we made it all the way down to his car, limping and defeated. However, we were overjoyed by the luxurious accommodations that awaited us. Fabric seats, blowing air, and calories abound.


Vinny didn't even take his pack off. He went straight to the left passenger's side door where he knew he had left his cashew treasure. As I unloaded my backpack in the trunk, a shout of disgust pierced the quiet night.


"What happened to my cashews?! Where, where did they go?" Vinny stuttered while holding up an empty cashew wrapper, completely baffled.


Sure, we were both tired and I couldn't help but question whether he had just forgotten that he ate them the day before.


"Maybe you already ate them?"


"No, you don't understand. Something or someone got in this car and took from me my most prized possession. Where are my cashews?!"


Still thinking Vinny was forgetting that he could have just eaten them the previous day, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and check my little stash of food that had been left behind in the back of his SUV. I thought it would be funny if I was actually the one who had eaten the cashews and just didn't remember.


Digging through the trunk, I found a Clif Bar that I had left. A quarter of it was gone and the missing bit of wrapper was shredded and sitting neatly beside the rest of the bar.


My stomach sank. Vinny was right, the missing food wasn't just a symptom of poor memory. A rodent must have somehow gotten into his car.


While the rest of the Clif Bar was tempting, I unfortunately had to weigh the benefit of fifteen pleasure-filled seconds of finishing it off, versus Hantavirus.


What else had I left in the car? Oh yes, some Top Ramen!


A quarter of the pack was gone as well as half the wrapper. This must have been some sort of super rodent, not just eating food, but plastic, too.


While standing next to his car with our headlamps still on, Vinny spotted a mouse running away into the bushes. Having not seen it jump out of the car, we were uncertain as to whether it was the culprit or just a passerby.


Whatever it was, clearly a 3-course meal, complete with cashews, ramen, and even part of a Clif Bar was had at the expense of us not just packing the little extra food. Nervously we got in the car, not knowing whether there was a mouse in there with us.


"Well, I guess it'll have to be Jack in the Box at 1:30am once again," I disappointingly muttered to Vinny.


It was the most uncomfortable of rides, constantly looking over our shoulders for the creature that ruined our evening.


In our famished state with all self control lost, enough fast food was consumed to entirely offset the progress we made with exercise and minimal calories. So much for those October beach bodies. Thanks, mouse.


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9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Flowered arbors ... don't you love them?!!! My own small arbor, covered with Jessamine as finished blooming, but the arbors we visited last week at Montrose Gardens were covered with the most fragrant roses!!!


I was painting this yesterday - when the phone rang -- to my utter surprise on the other end of the phone - clear across the Atlantic - was my friend Doris - all the way from Germany!!! WHAT A THRILL! (


We chatted for a short while - and I am so grateful for her incredibly perfect English!!! The connection, truly, was far clearer than I often have when speaking across our community!!! LOL Her surprise absolutely made my day ... and I've been hearing her sweet voice all evening!! Now to hope to paint together one day soon!!


I've another busy week ahead of me with next year's budget, tours, lectures and workshops to finalize ... where does the time go?


I also want to send prayers for the latest victims of tornadoes in Missouri ... this year has been horrific with natural disasters ... over 100 people have lost their lives to another bout of tornado damage ... prayers indeed.


Title quote: Brian Andreas, Story People.

Thanks for looking ... :-)

Catch up soon...


If you have any inquiries or are interested in buying any of my work please contact me through my website or flickr mail.

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The date of construction of the stone fort is uncertain, although there are claims that a Jesuit Antonio Campioni built a stone fort in 1630, and the gate of the fort bears the date 1738 together with the arms of Castile and Leon. It is certain, however, that the fort underwent major renovations in the late 19th century as part of a building program to improve Cebu.


The victory of the Americans led by Commodore Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898 marked the end of the Spanish era in the Philippine Islands. The fort was then surrendered by the Spaniards to the Cebuano revolutionaries.


Fort San Pedro became a part of the American Warwick barracks during the American regime. From 1937 to 1941 the barracks was converted into a school where many Cebuanos received their formal education. During World War II from 1942 to 1945, Japanese residents of the city took refuge within the walls. When the battle to liberate the city of Cebu from the Imperial Japanese forces was fought, the fort served as an emergency hospital for the wounded.


From 1946 to 1950, Fort San Pedro was an army camp. After 1950, the Cebu Garden Club took over and fixed the inner part and converted it into a miniature garden.


Although already in ruins, the upper deck was utilized for different offices. First, as a clinic of the City Health, as office of the Presidential Arm and Community Development then the City Public Works Unit used the ruins of the lieutenant's quarters as its field office.


In 1957 mayor Sergio Osmeña Jr. jolted the public with his announcement to demolish Fort San Pedro and erect on the spot a new City Hall. This started a movement against the demolition idea. Articles voicing opposition appeared in the local dailies and magazines in Cebu City and in Manila. Finally, confronted by civic leaders and society heads at his Cebu City Hall office, he gave up his idea and said he will use instead the space behind the fort.


In the very same year, the city council commissioned "The Lamplighter", a religious sect, to manage a zoo subsidized by the city within the fort courtyard.


By 1968, the façade, quarters and walls of the original structures of Fort San Pedro were so obliterated that only the two towers were recognizable. Plans for the restoration of the fort was started and the zoo was relocated.


Plans and estimates for the restoration of the fort were completed by architect Leonardo Concepción, who had completed his MA in Building restoration in Madrid. The project was jointly funded by the Board of Travel Industry (now Department of Tourism), the Cebu City Government, and the Cebu Zonta Club.


The Fort San Pedro restoration was a tedious, time and labor consuming project. To restore the fort as close to the original as possible, coral stones which were hauled from under the sea along Cebu coastal towns were utilized. Delivered crudely cut to the restoration site, the fort laborers did the final cutting and polishing to make the blocks fit each other.


Work progressed slowly but the façade, the main building, (Cuerpo de Guardia), the walk and the observatory roof garden were faithfully restored after one and a half years. To make the project functional; the restored main building serves then as the Cebu Office of the Department of Tourism, the lieutenant's quarters now houses a museum, the inner court is an open-air theater and its immediate vicinity is a park.


At present, it is under the care and administration of the city of Cebu,as a historical park under City Executive Order No. 08-87 of February 20, 2008. This order also known as Plaza Independencia - Fort San Pedro Interim Policy and Advisory Board (PIFSIPAB) appointed Hon. Michael L. Rama as overall overseer of the Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. The land on which it is situated is, however, owned by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


These days, part of the fort is a museum. Inside the fort houses the legacies of the Spanish Government: well preserved Spanish artefacts such as Spanish documents, paintings and sculpture. A large statue of Legazpi and Antonio Pigafetta may be seen outside the fort walls.


Inside Fort San Pedro Facing Entrance, August 2010.


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“In regard to the great mountain and the little stream, what is the mountain? Living things flourish on the mountain so there is value to its existence by itself. At the same time, the mountain blocks the little stream, ensuring that it does not flow wherever it wants and thereby bring disaster to the people. Isn’t that right? By virtue of the mountain’s existence, it allows living things like the trees and grasses and all the other plants and animals on the mountain to flourish while also directing where the little stream flows; the mountain gathers up the waters of the stream and guides them naturally around its foot where they may flow into the river and eventually the sea. The rules that are in place here were not made by nature, but instead were especially arranged by God at the time of creation. As for the great mountain and the fierce wind, the mountain, too, needs the wind. The mountain needs the wind to caress the living things that live upon it, and at the same time the mountain restricts how hard the fierce wind may blow so that it does not overwhelm and devastate. This rule holds, in a way, the duty of the great mountain, so did this rule regarding the mountain’s duty take form on its own? (No.) It was instead made by God. The great mountain has its own duty and the fierce wind has its duty as well. Now, about the great mountain and the huge wave, without the mountain being there would the water find a direction of flow on its own? (No.) The water would also overwhelm and devastate. The mountain has its own value as a mountain, and the sea has its own value as a sea. In this way, under these circumstances where they each do not interfere with one another and where they are able to exist together normally, they also restrict one another; the great mountain restricts the sea so that it does not flood and thus it protects the people’s homes, and this also allows the sea to nurture the living things that dwell within it. Did this landscape take form on its own? (No.) It was also created by God. We see from these images that when God created the universe, He predetermined where the mountain would stand, where the stream would flow, from which direction the fierce wind would begin to blow and where it would go, as well as how high the huge waves would be. God’s intentions and purpose are held within all of these things and they are His deeds. Now, can you see that God’s deeds are present in all things? (Yes.)”

from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh



When I'm in Berlin you're off to London

When I'm in New York you're doing Rome

All those crazy nights we spend together

As voices on the phone


Wishing we could be more telepathic

Tired of the nights I sleep alone

Wishing we could redirect the traffic

And find ourselves a home


Can you feel the raindrops in the desert

Have you seen the sun raise in the dark

Do you feel my love when I'm not present

Standing by your side while miles apart

Sunshine in the rain, love is still the same

Sunshine in the rain

Sunshine in the rain, love is still the same

Sunshine in the rain


Even if we call the highest power

We can only do one town a time

Words are not enough action speaks louder

Second time around . . .


Pic taken at Bellydance Kingdom SL


i promise you not a moment will be lost as long as i have heart & voice to speak & we will walk again together with a thousand others & a thousand more & on & on until there is no one among us who does not know the truth: there is no future without love.


-story people




secret #28


my parents are by far the best there is out there. my mom is my VERY best friend & my dad, well my dad is my hero. seriously they are THE most giving people in the world, even when there life is turned upside down, they NEVER stop to focus on themselves, its ALWAYS about others. their perseverance is AMAZING in my book. i couldnt ask for better when God blessed me with them.



Some mornings are just special, when the right combinations of elements come together at the time and place where you are at. Many times, you are looking in the opposite direction, focused on an entirely different shot when an inter voice says “look behind you,” and the scene is unfolding before your eyes. Many times you are not prepared, (wrong lens, poor location with something blocking part of the view, etc.) On this occasion most things came together in my favor… South Mountains State Park.


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I promise you not a moment will be lost as long as I have heart & voice to speak & we will walk again together with a thousand others & a thousand more & on & on until there is no one among us who does not know the truth: there is no future without love.



Happy Friday Dear Friends ;o))


Luciano Pavarotti feat. Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You


I still cry every time i see him he was so beautiful...two amazing voices, working together .......

I have now ten pictures left on my non-Pro Flickr...

I wont buy a pro account so I will have to delete some old ones.


I really like this picture, actually. There is just a little crop and of course, colour changing.

Feels like I'm sucked at a big screen / aquarium.


Gosh, I bet I spelled it wrong... I just don't wanna use Google Translator now.


Any way, I have been busy trying to put together the photography exhibition and the guitar/voice concert, but I will be out of school tomorrow, so I don't have excuses to stop posting here at flickr.


Sorry for the wrong writing. I'm just sleepy.



Bigger is Better


This is a series of pictures I was going to use in a project but got 3/4 done and lost traction for it.


The story is about Melon Elf, who is asked by Santa to have all the reindeer try on the new holiday wreaths. Rudolf refuses due to sensitive skin and they get into a disagreement. In the end Rudolf does try the wreath and likes it.


It should of been a quick film but after putting it together with scripts, recording the voices etc, and pans, I just didn't have passion for it.


The pictures are cute so I'll share them and let this one be done.


On this day that we in the US celebrate our independence, it seems worthwhile thinking back to the storms that our nation has weathered.

Our striving together, finding common cause, working through the hard times has been what helped us.

It is good to remember those who longer ago came together and those more recently who have sacrificed that we may still consider ourselves independent.

Storms will return. Have returned.

Freedom isn't license.

Freedom is responsibility.

Responsibility to care for family, friends, and neighbors.

Responsibility to turn the light on acts which would diminish us.

Responsibility to raise our voices together.

The storms haven't gone away.

"To live is good!" How wonderful it is to hear others voicing the truth that life is not meant to be tedious nor tragic. Life is for living and it is good! How easy it is to forget that to make life vivid you must approach it excitedly, hopefully, zestfully- walking in shimmering sunshine, smelling the subtleness or intensity of flowers, watching the golden caprices of a sunset, listening to the mysteries of music. Vividness is here now, but we must tune in to live afresh in appreciation, understanding, and with new vigor.

" To live vividly together is best." This is what we all know and usually forget. You can never be depressed or agitated when you look at the world around you, savor it, and then seek to share it with someone else. Then and only then, will we experience how vivid living can be and make you want to experience more.

To live is good, to live vividly is better, to live vividly together is best!!

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25 Lessons I’ve Learned about photography Life!


July 6, 2007, New York City:




I wrote the following as two separate pieces a day apart. Initially, I had no clue as to how or why or who the first part would fit in to the stream of work I have been producing lately, I just knew it had to fit in somewhere.


Sometimes inspiration and creation take time. Sometimes the process is like a puzzle you put together, one piece at a time, one by one, days apart.


Thus, it occurred that it all came together last night.


I had written about the necessity of blood letting the day before (not literally, but literarily) and then an opportunity to do so occurred anoche.


Note: Once again, the original photo was taken by the beloved Rose & Olive. I’ve turned it upside-down, hopefully, as the title of the verse that follows reveals, for obvious reasons. I also adjusted brightness and color to draw out more intense hues and shadows, befitting my mood at the time of composition.


Oh, and please forgive the sports metaphor, I’m not a baseball fan by any means (boooring), but this is what came to mind, so I went along with it.


July 4, 2007, New York City:




I couldn’t properly challenge life or myself when I was married.


Actually, I probably can’t challenge either while in any relationship whatsoever—for any compromise often ends up being too much compromise.


This is partly why I write—I lay my thoughts and my experiences and my principles out for everyone to see to challenge the way and wherefores of how I perceive and live my life—for by being open, honest and true I get to step up to the plate and risk being hit by a curveball or, as I prefer to think of it, I get the opportunity to hit a homerun.


If you’re not willing to risk you’ll neither ever strikeout or bring everyone in, you’ll just end up always being a spectator on the sidelines of life, shelling out $35 bucks for a lousy seat and just as much for a few beers and a dry hotdog.


To be a good writer you’ve got to be willing to be in the game, willing to fall, willing to fail, willing to make yourself vulnerable. To be a great writer sometimes you’ve got to open up a vein and show people that your blood, your love, your pain, not only cures you of your vanity, but also makes you just as human as everyone else.


To me, being human means both expressing the idiosyncrasies of your individuality, as well as, as much as, demonstrating that at the core we cry, we rejoice, we yearn to voice our opinions just like everyone else.


Ultimately, it’s a constant balancing act between succumbing to the humility of common experience and embracing, as well as exalting, the evolution of our souls and extra ordinary selves.


July 5, 2007, New York City:


the inverse of (something like happiness)


not like tonight,

a ten-hour flight, only to be

sent back home, ostracized

not welcome again in new york city,

at least not by his eldest son,

the one who left home

to get away, to start anew.


who knew that the legacy of anger

and insult upon insult upon insult

could linger even after 15 years gone.

i didn't, at least not until tonight.


he threatened to be on the next flight back

i said "go right the fuck ahead."

go back to where you came from

i don't need any more criticism or

advice on how to live my life right

or “wrong,” according to the wise old man.

fuck that, enough said, tonight

i've wiped my hands clean.


something like happiness

it seems, this sadness of letting go

of saying goodbye, of not knowing

or caring for a reconciliation;

but that is how it goes sometimes,

that is how it goes.






(R&O thank you for the inspiration)




Rose, Olive & Me


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I enjoy the emergent features in my body breeding, the way my hands close on you, the way my eyes are capable of describing the colourful and seedy scenery that surrounds me. Inside and outside of the light-filled bubble I inhabit your blood keeps me warm, your crushed watering voice lives in my womb and I save the foggy memories for the day next.


Out in the streets the eyes my teeth rip apart, the casual shoulders my fingernails slash, the shining invisible my chest touches, out of the blue the time lapses and the washed out colours induced by the smoke are gone. Holding a pencil with two fingers a view from the dwarf-magnolia tree to the entry curtains, I can feel both the life and waves between my fingers bordering to abyss and the dying quakes of cars going by.


The back of my spine tingles when I think of you, framed in the morning when all residents walking their dogs and homeless still hang out at Logan and cars and I feel like a fool with the sun trying to keep me from going to bed, twirling and jumping. There must be stages between love and monstrosity that I do not know. When this will be over and there will be no more work to do you will tell me what they are.


I go to the front garden, feeling too heavy to take myself out, yet unable to stay indoors. I like the view through the main gate, a framed and layered low angle view of the ground at the bottom. I hear you screaming in the late hours when all returners have returned, forth and around through these alleys and corridors where clients have established themselves with their habits and friends.


The sunset lasts forever with one german family in towels winding up carelessly on the benches. On the open-ended scale of fun the neighbours are curious to draw. Sidewalks are turning grey, heavy and wet. Eyes are sticking onto the poles and staying there. I stare at you and poles start swinging. Walking right into the water, focusing my fangs on your neck.


A girl busy with her juice while ownership and waitresses and options are discussed, the trends, the future plans. In time and days the crowd changes. Age, hair and colours change, music fades into music as the disco at the other end preps for another round. I pull the door open. Tilting my head towards the stars I raise my arms up to my head closing them together until my hands meet. Everything turns into nothing.


NOTE: text is mine


Went with a group of photographers to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy for a raptor photo shoot.


One of the birds was a great horned owl.


The weather was miserable, raining and cold, the light was less than desireable, but the birds were great. The spots are rain drops.


Bubo virginianus


Even though the female Great Horned Owl is larger than her mate, the male has a larger voice box and a deeper voice. Pairs often call together, with audible differences in pitch.

Dream on you boys

I know it feels cold around now

But we will raise our voices someday

Leave the past behind

And smile for what is here now

We will be as one all the way

On the way to wonderland


We don’t know wonderland

We don’t know how to get there

We will keep on searching for the way

We dream all the way

Of the moments we'll have there

We can see them all clear today

On the way to wonderland, On the way


Sometimes the night is cold

There are times we hurt inside

Sometimes the goal seems too far away

We don’t know wonderland

We’ve heard about the ones who’ve been there

It’s a place made for us they say

On the way to wonderland


We see the sun we’re gonna run

Towards the wonderland

The only place where we belong

The search will never end

We push against the wind and rain

Beating tears and pain

Together we can find wonderland


Sunrise Avenue

Gotta love when an idea comes together and actually works. I'm lucky to have had my "my mobile voice responsive light stand," Derek with me. I mentioned my idea as we were on the top floor, he volunteered to go all the way to the bottom of the elevator shaft (via stairs) to place/position my light.


Here I am holding a flashlight with my left hand to shine on my legs and shooting with my right hand.


Strobist info:

-Vivtar 285hv @ 1/4 power

-Triggered by Cowboy Studio wireless



"E tutto insieme, tutte le voci,

tutte le mete, tutti i desideri,

tutti i dolori, tutta la gioia,

tutto il bene e il male,

tutto insieme era il mondo.

Tutto insieme era il fiume del divenire,

era la musica della vita."

~ Hermann Hesse - Siddharta ~


"And all together, all the voices,

all the destinations, all the wishes,

all the sorrows, the whole joy,

all the good and all the evil,

all together it was the world.

All together it was the becoming river,

the music of life."

~ Hermann Hesse - Siddharta ~




....done for Working Toward A Better World....


...title...♪♫♫...Gairy Clail...


one law for the rich and another for the poor,


like a love that's worth smashing down doors-


one law for the rich and another for the poor,


(theese things are worth fighting for)


when I look into the face of those I adore


(theese things are worth fighting for)


and I hear a voice within me roar...


one law for the rich and another for the poor


like a love that's worth smashing down doors,


(no longer!)one law for the rich and another for the poor


(theese things are worth fighting for)


when I look into the face of those I adore


(theese things are worth fighting for)-and I hear a voice within me roar(theese things are worth fighting for...)


honesty-dignity-self respect(are worth fighting for)


I bet you don't talk to your neighbors no-more...


I hope...I hope...I hope for so much more


call me naive,but I hope...I hope...I hope for so much more


those responsible for crimes against this world must be held accountable,no longer,no longer-one law for the rich and another for the poor-it's UNACCEPTABLE!


to unite,for justice and equality for all


(theese things are worth fighting for)


when will we see the trials of the REAL criminals?


(theese things are worth fighting for)


when I look into the face of those I adore


and I hear a voice within me roar-honesty, dignity,self-respect-are worth fighting for...!


@{-->-- ...thank you all very much my dearest friends.................................................♥

E-X-P-L-O-R-E-D #308

The softness of Your quiet voice

penetrates my spirit with utmost clarity -

For being drawn to you

comes more than naturally.


The constant woes of earthly cares

lack all meaning and worth

when I'm consumed by Your presence

and experience my spiritual rebirth.


Despite the magnificent beauty

of this planet's garden fields,

I would willingly exchange it

for the brilliance that Heaven yields.


Since I'm captivated by The Light,

being drawn to You is... the sweetest of delights.

- Joe


(PP: changed hue and straightened)

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skagitrenee (Renee) has put together a rationale outlining what we would like to see changed with the new Flickr; see the links here:


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... "caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar..." / ... "traveler there is no path, path are made by walking... " ( ... from poem "Cantares" by the great spaniard poet Antonio Machado / 1875 - 1939)


... salud, buenas luces y muchas gracias a tod@s!!! ... xo♥ox ...


... health, good lights and thanks so much to @ll!!! ..... xo♥ox ...


... Music: "Cantares" by Joan Manuel Serrat, putting music and voice to the wonderful Antonio Machado words ... + ... tribute to Serrat-Machado by cuban Trío Taicuba ....................................... enjoy them!!!


... english subtitles in the first clip!!!


NoTe: ... based in an old personal work ... of the analogic / chemical Era!!! ... LOL!!! ... image taken, and rethought, for :heart:️ WTBW :heart:️ in Santiago de Cuba!!!


NoTa: ... basado en un viejo trabajo personal ... de la Era analógica / química!!! ... LOL!!! ... imagen tomada, y repensada, para :heart:️ WTBW :heart:️ en Santiago de Cuba!!!


Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.


A continuing set of 1920's inspired photos. View on black please! :)

My friend Erika modeled for me.



When I first saw the Kony 2012 video I was all for supporting Invisible Children. It inspired me. I have always wanted to help the people in Africa that you hear about suffering and dying everyday. However, I never felt I guess you could say "powerful" enough to do anything. But after viewing the video, Invisible Children presented a way that people just like me could make a difference; getting people to come together and make our voices heard.


But then, I started reading articles that harshly criticized the organization and its tactics. I started getting worried that maybe the money I donated to Invisible Children wasn't such of a good idea after all. But after researching and looking into the facts and figures of the organization, I believe my money is supporting a good cause.


I've thought about Invisible Children over and over, playing devil's advocate with myself. Questions like, "Will getting one man arrested really make a difference? Honestly, I don't know. But at least someone is trying to make a difference. If nobody tried, nothing would get done. If nobody tried, things would never change.


Anyways, here are the critiques if your interested:

And here is the organization's response to the critiques.


Some of my thoughts..I wrote this in comments on my previous upload.

Personally, I think Invisible Children's intentions are good and what they stand for is true. People may roll their eyes at the quickly spreading popularity of this Kony 2012 thing,and call it a "trend or bandwagon" but hey, at least the cause is being heard. At least people are becoming more aware about the terrible problems that are going on. At least people are trying to make a positive difference. All in all, I don't believe everything I hear through the media. That would be naive. I also respect and understand other's opinions. But I do believe the intentions of this campaign are good, and I hope that because of it some justice can be obtained, and other countries will realize the importance of helping Africa's countries to become a safer place for its people.


I'm not trying to change other's views, we're all entitled to think what we want. I'm just stating my observations and beliefs.


And please, even if you are against the Kony 2012 campaign, don't just criticize. Pointing out the flaws in something or complaining does not do anything. Instead, there are other organizations to donate to that are highly reviewed that support better conditions and safety for people in Africa. Instead of sharing the Kony video, you could share these links.


Thanks again if you read this. Regardless of everyone's views and opinions, I just really want to help the people in Africa.

The conditions there make me so incredibly sad and depressed.


Feel free to share your views and opinions no matter what they are.

Dave photographed the same subject during our HK walk. See it - Frozen! :)


This is my version from the HK WALK 3rd March. I think he looks really cool and his face has quite a character. :)




I dunno why but this song just popped into my head.... :)


一起走過的日子曲: 詞: 編:

如何面對 曾一起走過的日子

(How to face? The days that we had walked together)

現在剩下我獨行 如何讓心聲一一講你知

(Now all is left is me walking alone, how to use the voices in my heart to slowly let you know in details)

從來無人明白我 唯一你給我好日子

(No one has ever understood, only you gave me good days)


(When there is you, there is me, there is love, and life and righteousness)

多少風波都願闖 只因彼此不死的目光

(How many wind and waves we went thru, because of the undying gaze on each other)


(When there is you, there is me, there is love, and sky and land)

不可猜測總有天意 才珍惜相處的日子

(Do not guess where it is a fate, just treasure the days of togetherness)

道別話亦未多講 只拋低這個傷心的漢子

(Don't speak too much of words of departure, and throw away the sad heart of the vagrant)

沉沉睡了 誰分享今生的日子

(Fell asleep deeply, who will share the days of this life)

活著但是沒靈魂 才明白生死之間的意思

(Living without a soul, then can the meaning of life and death be understood?)

情濃完全明白了 才甘心披上孤獨衣

(Thickness of the love is completely understood and thus willing to wear the clothes of loneliness)


(When there is you, there is me, there is love, there is sky and land)

當天一起不自知 分開方知根本心極癡

(Did not realize it those days when together, if separated, the heart remains faithful)


(When there is you, there is me, there is love, there is death and righteousness)

只想解釋當我不智 如今想傾訴講誰知

(only thinking of explaining my unwise, today when I wanted to confide with no audience)

剩下絕望舊身影 今只得千億傷心的句子

(Left with a hopeless old silhouette and get only billions of heartbreaking sentences)

剩下絕望舊身影 今只得千億傷心的句子

(Left with a hopeless old silhouette and get only billions of heartbreaking sentences)


This translation which is half past six.. is again by me... agar agar (estimated) la...

"Our dried voices, when

We whisper together

Are quiet and meaningless

As wind in dry grass ..."

-- T. S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men"

"Say I Am You


I am dust particles in sunlight.

I am the round sun.


To the bits of dust I say, Stay.

To the sun, Keep moving.


I am morning mist, and the breathing of evening.


I am wind in the top of a grove, and surf on the cliff.


Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,

I am also the coral reef they founder on.


I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.

Silence, thought, and voice.


The musical air coming through a flute,

a spark of a stone, a flickering in metal.


Both candle and the moth crazy around it.


Rose, and the nightingale lost in the fragrance.


I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,

the evolutionary intelligence, the lift,


and the falling away. What is, and what isn't.


You who know Jelaluddin, You the one in all,


say who I am. Say I am You.”

― Rumi


“We are all united by both pain and love. Both a smile and a wound. We are all united by these very basic yet very influential things, because we all recognize them, we all know what they feel like to have or to give. Everything else, all the other things that do not unite us— those things are all illusions.”

― C. JoyBell C.


"I think if you follow anyone home, whether they live in Houston or London, and you sit at their dinner table and talk to them about their mother who has cancer or their child who is struggling in school, and their fears about watching their lives go by, I think we're all the same."

Brene Brown


.:。✿*゚‘゚Working Together Towards a Better World.. with dear friends Sonia, Fede, Dwi, Mikki, Doda, Dianne, Fiona, Stef, Wayne, Rosy, Gabriele, Vera, Marian, Julie, Camille..........the list is ever growing :-)

.... Friends please feel free to `add` yourself if you care to join us x

It was Coble weekend in Bridlington last weekend. The guy with the violin sang sea shanty songs but his voice was barely audible.


Sailing cobles were once a common sight on the North east Coast of England. Pronounced 'cobble', the name is thought to be rooted in the Celtic 'Ceubal' or the breton 'Caubal', both which simply meant boat. The name has been used for more than a thousand years, and was mentioned in the 'Lindisfarne Gospels' The construction of the 'Coble' is remarkably similar to the ancient Viking 'Long Ships'. Many of the features on these boats have Scandanavian names. Indeed, the traditional rigging of the 'Gratitude' would be as familiar to our Norse ancestors as the dashboard of a car is to us today!





When God, disgusted with man,

Turned towards heaven,

And man, disgusted with God,

Turned towards Eve,

Things looked like falling apart.


But Crow Crow

Crow nailed them together,

Nailing heaven and earth together-


So man cried, but with God’s voice.

And God bled, but with man’s blood.


Then heaven and earth creaked at the joint

Which became gangrenous and stank-

A horror beyond redemption.


The agony did not diminish.


Man could not be man nor God God.


The agony








Crow Blacker Than Ever by Ted Hughes

time may take us, take us far away

surely time, time can bring us back together

i'll be standing at the door

and you'll still look the same


one heart with a million voices

one day it could all be gone

hold on to the words they told us

hold on to it all my son


(This song reminds me of the music that reached out and said “I know how you feel.” This song reminds me of the artists who spilled their heart so I wouldn’t feel alone.


This song reminds me of the people and words that stay.


This song reminds me that we are all in this together. Although our pain is individual, we do not struggle alone. There are millions of people who hurt because their families fell apart. Their pain is real and unique to their own stories, but they do not hurt alone.


They are not a bother. They are a treasure. -TWLOHA)


i have no words for this place.

expansion and square after few weeks. i hope you will see it just rarely on my stream.


Let Your Voice Be Heard!


I am

I am a woman :earth_africa: :earth_asia::earth_americas:

I am weak, I am strong

I am quiet, I am loud

I am a woman


I cry tears that no one sees

I laugh laughs no one hears

I scream when I am silent

I am a woman


I care when no one cares

I listen when no one listens

I have rough edges that need to be smoothed out with love

I am a woman


I can only love a man if he respects me,

loves me and accordingly acts

I act the way I feel ..... I am free.

If I do not, I'm not myself anymore.

I am a woman


Whether I live

love, laugh cry or Hate

I am a woman

I am strong

I will always be woman

It is my pleasure to be a woman.


I wish lots of Βeautiful Moments Today and Every Day !


Together we can change the future

I'm waiting for your voice Reeko ♥


I willn't find ppl like you in my life ;'( You are everything to me..

I can'tlive if you were nt with me (LL) <3 u la2b3ad 7ad ;'(and i promise you I will not change Never,But I don't know why people didn't want to be You and me together,I hate those who want to see the end ;'p o I'm sorry for all What happened i don't mean to offend you babe ;'''s " I loveu strongly strongly strongly strongly " ,I swear no one will be able to keep me off you ;'$$ انته روحي والجسد ;** Reallly don't know what 2 say I can't express my feel ;') ihope not we say goodbye (h5) Friendz forever bosa-1 ;$


2tmna you're accepts my regret ='$




Location: Surallah, South Cotabato, Philippines


Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time

Out of the mist your voice is calling, 'tis twilight time

When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day

I'll hear you, my dear, at twilight time


Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done

Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun

I count the moments darling till you're here with me

Together at last at twilight time


Here, in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous beneath the blue

And, in the same and sweet old way I fall in love again as I did then


Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old

Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold

Each day I pray for evening just to be with you

Together at last at twilight time


Here, in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous beneath the blue

And, in the same and sweet old way I fall in love again as I did then


Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old

Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold

Each day I pray for evening just to be with you

Together at last at twilight time

Together at last at twilight time


(from the lyrics of the song "Twilight Time" by: The Platters)

I like very much the two series of - quite unusual, with those travertine pillars recalling the shape of the Vatican obelisk (at the center of the picture) - street lamps bordering Via della Conciliazione.

I love this perspective partly because I perceive them as a visual equivalent of a strict counterpoint like the mirror canon, or a 2-voices fugue: the two voices run together, driven by a very strict, necessary law, towards the final resolution. I usually think of the perspective generated by some architectural styles as the visual equivalent of strict imitative counterpoint in music - basically I see perspective as a kind of visual canon or fugue. You could reverse the analogy, if you like: a canon/fugue can be seen as the musical analogue of classical perspective.

The huge difference is that music is essentially serial - you cannot listen to an actual musical perfomance in a single act of perception, but only as a series of sounds during time - while a "visual fugue" is to be perceived as a whole, so you can "see the canon" from its beginning to its conclusion in a single act of perception.

Add to this considerations the timeless beauty of Rome by night and such a grand-final as St. Peter basilica, and you have the raw materials to try a... Shot and Fugue in D (D for Didachus :-))


I have obtained this image by blending two HDRIs generated and tonemapped with HDR Luminance 2.4.0:

Tonemapping operator: Fattal

Alpha: 0.94

Beta: 0.89

Saturation: 0.69

Noiseredux: 0

Fftsolver: 1




Tonemapping operator: Durand

Spatial: 100

Range: 1.01

Base: 4.1



together with some of my friends in photo ;) on the left; it was his birthday this saturday, we share many smiles. He helped make this awesome trip possible. I'm forever grateful, and his girlfriend, the Panasonic camera. They're still together to this day, what a blessing.


Here, you can see the whole dam building..., together with the spooky entrance! many locals were catching fish in the moving waters, I think it was trout. Then, we travel through the dam,,, the tunnel. so dark. no lights. spooky and quiet, and our voices, make haunted echoes..!!! we give each other scares ;D maybe bats !. who knows

a shining example to us all … <3


“You know by now that I'm an orphan;

displaced; a fractured heritage

with broken bones and greenwood splinters

I find solace in my private hermitage

while they knit together and are cauterised;

my bones and wounds will heal

my soul will rise and truth will find me

within the Catacombs of Bastille

a chequered history when darkness fell

but somehow I will rise above

my mind still pure and innocent;

my heart and soul still filled with love.” - AP


Soundtrack :



Be your own anchor

and weather every storm

duck the flying lemons

be still within; the healing balm

of knowing who you are is rich

in love; in goodness; confidence

complete within your inner shell

a wholesome fruit no-one can dent

validate from deep within

there you will find the truth

don't listen to the tides that turn

the lies they tell; there is no proof

let your inner child and voice

supply the answers to your prayers

the truth will out and blood may spill

but love is there for those who share

understanding is the key

to our human frailties

someone hurt who screams and shouts

is only human and full of doubt

rely on yourself to find the way

a tree needs no outward validation

“it is what it is” my inner voice says

I can stand tall; no limitations

my soul is evolving to a state of being

as I move slowly to enlightenment

we must suffer; that's how we learn

a pain-free life is not our entitlement

all those who float along smooth paths

I do not envy you

for I consider life-lessons a gift

they make me stronger; they make me true

“consider the lilies of the field”

they rise; they fall; they are beautiful

leave tomorrow to itself

live in truth; be bountiful.


- AP - Copyright :copyright: remains with and is the intellectual property of the author


Copyright :copyright: protected image please do not reproduce without permission

• 8/52 •

• crown •


A crown comes with power. It comes with responsibility, and with a voice. And sometimes, people will want to quiet that voice. But it will not be shut down, it will not be curbed. It will soar. It will always soar.


(I spent some time, yesterday, watching the aftermath of the brutal assassination of Marielle Franco, a Councilwoman from Rio de Janeiro, after she dared speak against the Military Police. And amidst the posters, one jumped to my eyes: "Tentaram nos enterrar, mas esqueceram que somos sementes." They tried to bury us, but they forgot that we're seeds. And this struck such a chord with me. It's so important. Because time and time again, voices like Marielle's are shut down; people are stunned and frightened into silence. And it's terrifying. And it can't be. We have to keep speaking, to keep fighting, to honor her legacy and the legacies of many others, who were killed so that we weren't. So that we could keep this freedom that we so often take for granted. So speak up, when you see injustice. Speak up when the violence becomes so common we barely notice it. Speak up.)


The next three photos will come as a triptych. They’re meant to be seen together, and they have a common thread between them: Oxum.


I’ve talked about Candomblé and Umbanda before, but I feel like I should mention that I had some doubts about doing this representation of Oxum. I’m as white and almost as privileged as one can be, and I’m from the country that squelched Umbanda to the point of its people having to worship in secret. It’s a shameful history, and I’m aware of it. On the other hand, I’ve been interested in this religion since I was a young teenager, I’ve studied it and read extensively, and I feel a very deep connection with it. And that’s what these photos are meant to represent: a connection with Oxum, the Orixá with whom I identify. Thank you for reading!




[ somos seis, amigas e fotógrafas, a fazer um '52 semanas' em conjunto. publicaremos semanalmente nas nossas redes sociais, e podem seguir-nos através da hashtag #52sisterhood. caso se queiram juntar a nós, podem usar a hashtag #52sisterhoodchallenge! contamos convosco desse lado, nesta aventura! vamos lá!


there’s six of us, friends and photographers, doing a '52 weeks’ project together. we’ll publish every week, and you can keep up with us through the hashtag #52sisterhood. If you’d like to join us, you can use the #52sisterhoodchallenge! we’re counting on you to join us on this journey! come along! ]

Someone says Tristan

& Isolde, the shared cup

& broken vows binding them,

& someone else says Romeo

& Juliet, a lyre & Jew’s harp

sighing a forbidden oath,

but I say a midnight horn

& a voice with a moody angel

inside, the two married rib

to rib, note for note.


From Togetherness by Yusef Komunyakaa

This poem originally appeared in the May 2005 issue of Poetry.


It gets busy on Otaki Beach over the holidays...instead of miles of empty beach to myself, one or two other people can be seen out watching the sunsets and enjoying the warm evening air :-)


Together Large On Black


• Available high res and unframed at

• Prints, Cards and Posters available at RavenRedBubble


Henk met Alie in the museum and Alie thought Henk was a painter. She didn't recognize Henk in him. Besides, she was just looking at a painting of a famous painter. Let alone that she saw someone in him she knew from somewhere. 'Alie', Henk spoke gently. 'Alie, do you still recognize me, or not?' Then suddenly, Alie saw that Henk was Henk. Until closing time you saw them still sitting together.


"Just like we each have our own voice, each male Lazuli Bunting sings a unique combination of notes. Yearling males generally arrive on the breeding grounds without a song of their own. Shortly after arriving, they create their own song by rearranging syllables and combining song fragments of several males. The song they put together is theirs for life."allaboutboids

This was one of those images where the composition and title came together as I crossed the street take the shot.

"To live is good!" How wonderful it is to hear others voicing the truth that life is not meant to be tedious nor tragic. Life is for living and it is good! How easy it is to forget that to make life vivid you must approach it excitedly, hopefully, zestfully- walking in shimmering sunshine, smelling the subtleness or intensity of flowers, watching the golden caprices of a sunset, listening to the mysteries of music. Vividness is here now, but we must tune in to live afresh in appreciation, understanding, and with new vigor.

" To live vividly together is best." This is what we all know and usually forget. You can never be depressed or agitated when you look at the world around you, savor it, and then seek to share it with someone else. Then and only then, will we experience how vivid living can be and make you want to experience more.

To live is good, to live vividly is better, to live vividly together is best!!

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