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Amber MacArthur, co-host of G4 Tech TV in Toronto, at Vloggercon.

This had to be heard to be believed!

trying to squish into a cameraphone lens

This year's Vloggercon 2006 was held in San Francisco, California. I met an array of wonderful people and had a great time.

The regular TWiTs plus Andrew Baron (far left), Jason Calacanis, and Robert Scoble (far right).


This was one of the.. uh.. less popular TWiT episodes (due to audio quality and other reasons), but I enjoyed seeing them all the same. Finally met Amber (Bret, if you're reading this, I told her I know you're her cousin). And I never fail to be humbled that Leo remembers me (Heck, I'm humbled whenever anyone at TechTV remembers me).


Good times.

Golden Gate at night.

the crazy hyper taxi driver is behind me and to the left.

Japanese Tea Garden, I went to visit it while in San Francisco for the Vloggercon.

I got there a little early on friday and took a bike ride through the park. It was a gorgeous day.

i *heart* Verdi + Ryanne.

This 24 hour diner next door to NYU was so good, I had breakfast and lunch there. If you go, get a burger.

vlog if you think I'm sexy

Fix Location


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