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This is a shot with vintage Kodak High Contrast Copy Film that expired in March 1970 - freshly run through my trusty Canon A-1 film camera coupled with a 55mm f1.2 lens @f1.2.


This is the second film i've used from this batch - the first was horribly under-exposed due to its age. This time I set it to ASA-8, as low as it can go. It was originally ASA-64, but turning it down that far really helped with the exposure - every shot came out perfectly exposed (but given the very looooong exposure times required for such a slow ASA, some more blury than others!).

A collection of lovely things from around my work room...

Last Xmas I took around 10 shots of this ornament....and posted one version on Flickr last year..having some fun using textures and actions and so forth..on xmas pics taken last year..I didn't even know how to do textures or actions or presets this time last year. It is an alternate of one of my xmas cards just sent off to WHCC..for printing on Fine art linen paper..I ended up using a different version so that the top of the ornament was not cut off...and in vertical mode too..but this is pretty I think anyway.....Happy Holidays...


Used Distressed Jewel Texture "Slated"..and one of the many fine Florabella Vintage Actions and Soulful Action "Leave An Imprint"....topped off with Soulful Textures / Actions Snowflakes for an added Xmas touch....Isabelle has alot of free actions and free Xmas goodies for you to add to your own Xmas creations..go check them out!


Vintage shot from the Distillery District in Toronto . Also de-saturated the photo a bit .


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I can't decide if I like this or not. I was going for a vintage feel.. mehh...

Revisiting an old photo giving it an old antique feel.


Vintage.Set has now been updated to work with:







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Vintage Chevy Truck - Valentine, NE


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Vintage sheds are all over the mountains, places to stack goods you need later in the mountains to work with.


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Vintage Barn, Nova Scotia , Canada.

vintage camera given to me by my late grandfather

vintage, textured image of an Anna's hummingbird tasting the nectar of these spring blossoms.

Trying out my new set of Shana Rae's Florabella Textures Collection II...I love them all..!!! Thanks Shana!! Also used some of her actions too and one of my own (Glorious Nature Art Overlays n Textures)...


Let see..


Glorious Nature Art Overlay "Avocado Bokeh" texture

Florabella Textures "Raw Sugar"!! LOVE!, "Vintage Autumn", "Vintage Velvet" bw and "Tea Linen bw!! Florabella Actions used: sharpen/defog, sunlight, sheer haze and vignette...Edit to add: and Sweet Color! I forgot to write that here! duh!

I redrew (by cloning and burning..I still don't know how to use the dodge tool that well...I should take some tutorials for PS one of these days, instead of just winging it as I go along) in his wings cuz they kinda disappear during the texture I wonder if I did them to dark or ? Looks kinda different...I think I like it..I am tired and I notice everything looks weird after I work on it for too long.. 1:12 a.m.....BedTime!)

Happy Feathery Friday and Shades of Yellow Friday too!


RF image licensed via Getty Images in May 2010, November 2010 and January 2012

Hey everyone! The Vintage Fair is here and it's starting today (04/08/2012) at 4pm SLT!


I made a couple of pieces inspired by sixties mod, twiggy and of course the staple item of the period, shift dresses. All items are mesh so be sure to try a demo. I hope you like them :)


Here is the landmark:

Vintage: representing the high quality of a past time.


Promise this will be the last... at least for a while;-) My pc is still driving me nuts so tonight I'm truly gonna kill it, hope to have everything back again tommorow *keeps fingers crossed*


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Since I found people abusing and stealing my work again * see list * I've made my watermark bigger so don't nag about it OK?


Vintage patchwork hotpad - front



Vintage firethorn

- the red berries look like tiny apples Ѽ






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"October's Party"


October gave a party;

the leaves by hundreds came -

the chestnuts, oaks, and maples,

and leaves of every name.


The sunshine spread a carpet,

and everything was grand,

Miss Weather led the dancing,

Professor Wind the band.


~George Cooper


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natural light with a vintage style feel =) i hope you like it


Img_2828_ama_vintage_bike_All_Rights_Reserved_Douglas Sacha_droopydogajna



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A Ring-billed gull in flight at Bolsa Chica Wetlands..after a bit of vintaging....


Applied Glorious Nature Art Lightroom Preset "Aqualine"see that version in CS3...added Flypaper Texture "Apple Blush"..then used some Florabella Actions...."Vintage Wine"...and also my usual Florabella "Sharpen/Defog" and "Lighten/Brighten" using masks on each layer/action to remove from the gull at around 50% opacity..lastly I used Florabella Action "Vignette" for a nice edge effect...pretty cool stuff..for info..see everyone's pertinent profiles!


Lights up on Black


Voting is still open (until 12-22) on my hummingbird image that is sitting in 4th place (most popular option tab) in the 2nd Annual Nature's Colors contest in Outdoor Photographer..thanks for all the votes everyone! In case you haven't seen the image and/or want to vote is the link (5 stars for best vote btw ;-D) I guess I will keep putting this message here til I see first place! ;-D


update: ! I got up late this a.m...thus will have to play catch up with you all this evening..Also>>>one of my contact Mike..asked where is the gull's other leg! good question! I didn't notice it missing and it doesn't seem to be tucked under the other..I am off to look at my org. shot! Ok..just all the frames of him flying..looks like only one leg! but then the next frames, he landed on the bridge rail..and both legs are there! Very strange indeed! why can't we see his other leg in the flying shots..I have no answer!


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Juguete de cuerda antiguo

A veritable reading rainbow. Here's the before photo when it was an alpha list by author.


Forgot to mention that these were my grandfather's books.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Made by me :D


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found in a transport museum in suffolk.

I stumbled upon this piece of vintage tin on the weekend while driving down a country road in Victoria BC Canada. From my experience I would say this is probably a 1924-25 Dodge small truck, the rear springs were super heavy duty which you wouldn't find on a passenger car, the grille shell looks like a Dodge as do the headlights and fenders. If anyone knows for sure what make this is please let me know. Interesting note is the Dodge Brothers worked for Henry Ford for over a decade, it's an interesting story, see more at this site:

This is available in my shop: see my profile for details

Vintage fair opens today 11-11-11 at 4pm SLT Don't miss it! ♥

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200 (expired 2007)

Camera: Soviet LOMO LC-A Minitar 1 (analog)






Sweatshirt - [Riddle] Vintage Floral Sweatshirt


Pumps - Mstyle RIVEA Pumps


Shorts - artilleri


Hair - artilleri


Bag - Fleshtone


Glasses - Bubblez


Poses - (1) [kraft] (2) Apple Spice


Skin - Curio

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