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Mina Hair - Betty- Vintage Fair starting June 9th till 25th

*Elegance Boutique* Shirt & short- Ivory - "Emma" - Ultra

Azoury - Obsession High Heel White for the Liaison Collaborative

Purple Poses - Pose Yani 03


Photo taken at The Muse Club


from Vintage VW


via Tumblr

Revisiting an old photo giving it an old antique feel.


Textured by pareeerica

1000 visites!

Olivares. Seville. Andalucia. Spain

Vintage photo. No info on the back.

And i mean the kitties, who do own this,

they are really able, to do quite magical and mysterious things...

Me and my very first kitten again, so this shot wasn't made by me originally, lol,

i've just did that 'reproduction' and edited it a bit :)

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-no one is allowed to use my photos without my permission.

-anyone uses my photos shall keep the same without manipulating.

-anyone steals my photos will be scandaled on flickr and instagram.


جميع حقوق صوري محفوظه

ما اسمح باستخدام صوري بدون اذن مني

ما اسمح بتلاعب بصوري يعني المكان اللي يظهر فيه اسمي تخفونه

اي حد بيسرق صوري راح اشهره بالفلكر و برنامج الانستقرام سواء

سارق هني او في الانستقرام

Photo by Allan Ballard, 1960s

Photo : Quân Doãn

Phone : 0908033011

Ym ! vi_sao_trong_long_toi0405

Nhận Chụp Album Cưới ... Ảnh Thời Trang ... Chân Dung Nghệ Thuật Và Các Dịch Vụ Về Ảnh !

Photo taken at Vintage Bike Show, Toronto

Caption competition...


Vintage snapshot, 1930's

For many more unusual, beautiful and bizarre snapshots, see my 'peculiar snapshots' set.

A friend of mine was recently cleaning his garage, found this, and generously offered it to me. It belonged to his father. I have always wanted to start a vintage camera collection, so I was super excited to receive this. The camera is in its original box, with all original paperwork, and everything is in mint condition, with the exception of the box, which is slightly tattered. It was made in 1938, by the Universal Camera Corporation. 1938! More pics in the comments.

Ayer mi chico me alegró el dia con su regalo sorpresa para mi.

Al verla me acordé de tí, de tus cosas vintage, y hoy puedo decir... que te tengo ya como mas mania... porque editar vintage yo no sé, ni tan bien, ni tan cuqui.

Dicho esto, te hago reverencia y te pongo pucherito, para que me enseñes un poquito.

Y mientras tanto, te mando abrazo gordo y vintage (por lo viejuna que ya voy siendo)

PD. Un placer mary cookie encontrarte y conocerte

photo vintage


Original vintage snapshot, circa 1900.


For many more unusual, beautiful and bizarre snapshots, see my 'peculiar snapshots' set.

A veritable reading rainbow. Here's the before photo when it was an alpha list by author.


Forgot to mention that these were my grandfather's books.


Vintage snapshot, no info. Not a very good print but I like this one because she's so happy and clearly enjoying herself by the water- though more than likely getting her shoes wet!



Please do not use my images on any blogs, web sites, etc. without my explicit permission, thank you.


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