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I took this shot in an old museum ...It dates back to the late 1800's ...I was amazed by the equipment this guy had ... it explained how long it took to finish a photo ... especially like this one ...where he did selective coloring ... like on the flowers and some were the rosy cheeks and stuff ...but I'm blown away by the way he has the guy almost faded away ..and the emphasis is on the bride vintage photoshopping


By the way ..we will be going to that museum to get some shots done .... should be awesome to say the least ....

Revisiting an old photo giving it an old antique feel.


Textured by pareeerica

1000 visites!

Olivares. Seville. Andalucia. Spain

Vintage photo. No info on the back.

Photo by Allan Ballard, 1960s

Photo : Quân Doãn

Phone : 0908033011

Ym ! vi_sao_trong_long_toi0405

Nhận Chụp Album Cưới ... Ảnh Thời Trang ... Chân Dung Nghệ Thuật Và Các Dịch Vụ Về Ảnh !

I thought, considering Spider-Man’s winter attire, posing him with the coffee pot seemed appropriate. ;) I gave this photo a “vintage-style” look to make the scene feel more “big city-ish.”

So here we are! I got around to taking a promised photo for my flickr friends!


My latest additions!


Very rare Vintage Mattel Fashions from the 1960's in mint condition. All being modeled by my vintage group here.


For those of you who have not heard of Mattel Japanese Exclusives, a brief summary that they were fashions sold only in Japan by Mattel for Barbie. They never made it to the USA market. These are very rare, and in most cases, almost impossible to find.


I have been so fortunate lately to be purchasing these through my favorite Barbie dealers who specialize in ultra rare high end Barbie items.


I wanted to share them with you all. My excitement for these has no words!

I have to point out the one on far left being modeled by Walk Lively Steffie is the Japan version of Plantation Belle! I am sure vintage Barbie collectors are familiar with the USA version. This Japan version is to die for! I love her pink pearl necklace too!


I showed these to my mom and she named the red velvet dress that Quick Curl Kelley is wearing the "Christmas Dress." LOL. I guess it does have a holiday feel about it.


Well enjoy! Tryng to catch up with flickr, but may be a awhile. I hope I am welcomed back when I return. Will be nice to see you all again. Miss you guys! Hugs!


Caption competition...


Vintage snapshot, 1930's

For many more unusual, beautiful and bizarre snapshots, see my 'peculiar snapshots' set.

A friend of mine was recently cleaning his garage, found this, and generously offered it to me. It belonged to his father. I have always wanted to start a vintage camera collection, so I was super excited to receive this. The camera is in its original box, with all original paperwork, and everything is in mint condition, with the exception of the box, which is slightly tattered. It was made in 1938, by the Universal Camera Corporation. 1938! More pics in the comments.

Ayer mi chico me alegró el dia con su regalo sorpresa para mi.

Al verla me acordé de tí, de tus cosas vintage, y hoy puedo decir... que te tengo ya como mas mania... porque editar vintage yo no sé, ni tan bien, ni tan cuqui.

Dicho esto, te hago reverencia y te pongo pucherito, para que me enseñes un poquito.

Y mientras tanto, te mando abrazo gordo y vintage (por lo viejuna que ya voy siendo)

PD. Un placer mary cookie encontrarte y conocerte


Vintage snapshot, no info. Not a very good print but I like this one because she's so happy and clearly enjoying herself by the water- though more than likely getting her shoes wet!



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