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Fra le montagne quasi inaccessibili del nord del Vietnam, sede naturale di molteplici minoranze etniche, lo spettacolo delle magnifiche guglie calcaree che sorgono dalla baia di Ha Long ci lascerà sbalorditi.

Vert couleur du 17 mars pour célébrer la Saint Patrick.


Green is the color for March 17... for all who celebrate St-Patrick's day.


Hello everyone, I’m back after a long hiatus, well really a summer vacation that was spent mostly in Vietnam and a little in Thailand.


Most of my Vietnam travels were spent in the Northeast or Northwest of Vietnam, in various provinces and towns where I stayed with local families and just tried to understand this beautiful country a little more. I am spending a considerable amount of my school holidays next year teaching in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand so I guess you could call this cultural gruntwork. It was a moving experience in so many ways, and it will be a terrific experience going back next year to some of the same places to serve the local communities in the way I know best, teaching.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this series as well as the little time I spent in Bangkok, again. Thanks again for your support, always ☺ and I hope to catch up with your photos soon too (give me time!)


This shot was taken in Mai Chau, which is an astonishingly beautiful valley in Hoa Binh province, and one of the early front runners in the eco-homestay wave that is taking over this region. Of course with the increasingly popular homestays come a whole series of issues like authenticity of experience and environmental concerns, which I hope get addressed over time. In any case, this is a beautiful place to photograph. On this occasion, I had woken up early in the morning to go for a walkabout in the rice fields behind my homestay: the sun had still not fully risen yet, but there were people already working in the fields and on their way to other fields in the distance.


It’s been nearly a month since I was here, but there are pictures that stay in your head a long time. My whole stay in Mai Chau was one such occasion.


The title for this photo is of course taken from the movie of the same name. RIP, Robin :(



best view in L key

Esta preciosa ciudad, vive principalmente del turismo, hay muchísimo comercio sobre todo de telas y sastrería, pero una vez se hizo de noche, al otro lado del río había otro mercado, principalmente de farolillos de seda de colores, multitud de ellos, de distintos tamaños y colores, estaba realmente precioso con todos los faroles iluminados. Los precios de los faroles, bastante asequibles, además se pliegan con lo cual no es complicado traerlos. Otra cosa importante, principalmente los venden aquí, en Hoi An, luego es difícil encontrar tanta variedad.

...un détour par Hue...

On ne peut pas arrêter la pluie ...mais je crois que c'est cette journée - un peu plus tard. que ma caméra a refusé de fonctionner , n'aimant pas l'humidité. La Cité imperiale doit être préservée , une si belle architecture. Le 11 Décembre 1993, elle a été classée par l'UNESCO comme patrimoine culturel mondial.


* De mes archives du Vietnam. (Février-2014)*


The day we visited the Imperial City in Hue , it was raining. I think this historical must be preserved . Great architecture.


Thanks to the long precious history, Hue has integrated material and spiritual values, which become its own unique special culture. On December 11th, 1993, it was classified by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage. The Imperial City is a walled fortress and palace in the city of Huế, the former imperial capital of Vietnam.


thanks, Brenda C. for the texture

La región más popular del sudeste asiático es el Delta del Mekong, región que engloba no sólo a Vietnam sino también a Camboya. El mayor rio de Vietnam, el Rio Mekong, crea durante su paso hasta el Mar de China esta increible región al sur de Vietnam que los Vietnamitas llamamos los 9 dragones, en referencia a los 9 puntos distintos donde el rio Mekong desemboca en el mar.

Please don't use this image without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved.

Please don't use this image without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved.

Texture Joes Sistah

Thank you

Je passe rapidement vous dire BONJOUR et BONNE JOURNEE. Le soleil brille, il m'appelle à sortir ! ici , une prise du Vietnam. J'aurais des prises plus récentes bientot et aussi d'autres photos où j'ai ajouté des textures ( j'aime bien cet aspect créatif). Merci de vos commentaires.


A quick HELLO this morning. The sun is shining and I will enjoying it. Will be back later. Another simple shot taken in Vietnam. I will soon have more recent shots - as long as my computer allowed me ( still problem with it ). I also will have some older shots with texture. It has been fun creating them. Have a very good day and tks for your visit.

Mui ne , vietnam

best view in L

Une naissance, c'est un monde nouveau. Je quitte Hanoï, en direction de la Baie d'Halong

Đường Lê Thánh Tôn

Ho Chi Minh City

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