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Wishing all you mothers a Happy Mother's Day, realizing and appreciating all of your hectic schedules and the way you all somehow make it work to have and enjoy your precious family moments. I believe that this work describes your crazy lives and yet keeps the true love you all have in your hearts. Perhaps a busier work than usual to upload for Mother's Day, but let's face it, times are busier than ever for you and so I wanted to describe 2021 Mother's Day as it is. Sending every good wish and loving thoughts and vibes your way. Enjoy your day!


HSS 😊😊😍


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canada geese and 1 angry mute swan

Tell me you like to be choked

without telling me you like to be choked.

HD Version:


A little preview of a couple's pose coming soon to Mewsery. This couple's pose was actually inspired by a manga drawing I saw on facebook ( will share the picture once I find it again)

Hope you like💖




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stop motion com 198 fotos tiradas em 1 hora...


fotos feitas manualmente da porta da cozinha de casa.

Cidade de Bandeirantes - Paraná - Brasil

Model: Jenni Czech

Videographer: Dastardly Dave

Shooter: Pennant

have to rotate this :/


lens: 200/1.8L

Sunset behind clouds (and a fly fisher slowly drifting by) at the Feringasee recreational area northeast of Munich.


© All Rights Reserved - you may not use this image in any form without my prior permission.

撮影場所 ✈ Show & Lounge cossette' & mayuka's house





優しい上品な かずさママの



あたしたち わがまま 娘が

特別に 観せてもらいました


超ぎゅんぎゅんに 魅せられました ❥❥💛


ありがとう 💖💖💖





Show Dance & Lounge Moderate

Show & Lounge cossette'(コゼット)

The new beginning of club "FOXY LADY"


*Monthly Show Time*

non-regular Monday, OPEN: 22:30 START: 23:00


 Saturday, OPEN: 23:00 CLOSE: 25:00




あたしは 無料の flicker なので

3分以内に おさめるため

かずさママ の 本来の魅力を

充分には 表現できていません





Show & Lounge cossette' ✈ Show & Lounge cossette'



昨日 5/7 夜 女神系SS会が

誰かのワガママで 開催されました


あたしは いつも通り 勝手に



なんだか わかんないものが

大きすぎて みんなが影で隠れちゃって

使い物になんなかったぁ~ えへへ


SS 1 枚だけは 撮れてたので

無理やり カズサままの特別ショー動画に

エイって くっつけましたぁ~



あたしって ほんと てきとぉ~だよね


New release !!

CYBER PUNK - Open 8th



Physics - Material - Li 136

copy - mod - no transf

model with resize ❢

edition video ; ANY









.PALETO. Facebook

.PALETO. Marketplace


Crazy Dragona - The Black Lodge

Twin Peaks Party.

The party took place on May 01, 2021


It was a very atmospheric party. It was difficult to film in this otherworldly place.

But I managed to shoot these rare frames with strong interference))

Keep an eye out for the next unique parties from Mr Lawnmower


You can see the whole video in the best quality on my YouTube

PALETO.Backdrop:.LOST TRAIN @Warehouse Event

PALETO.Backdrop:. Basement @TMD



New release !!

Opens MAY 5!



Edi: Any


💟.PALETO. Basement💟

Physics - Material - Li 106

copy - mod - no transf ❢







.PALETO. Facebook

.PALETO. Marketplace


My old sim DURANDAL


Update May 2nd.. luckily the sim is still "alive" has a new owner, who will also keep the sim open for public..




Sadly this truly stunning sim will be gone in 2 days....


If you are interested in a homestead that's beautiful and tasteful landscaped, this is your chance..


Durandal ✈️


Video Durandal by Inworld Films


Hiya everybody! I guess we are making this a habit? Haha! Filmed another shopping video of this 65L SoKawaiiSundays sale and had fun with it. Hope you like the opening edit xD. You can watch the full video here:



SoKawaiiSundays Catalog::


SoKawaiiSundays inWorld Group::


SoKawaiiSundays Discord Server::


SoKawaiiSundays is a weekly sundays only event that serves as an avenue to highlight kawaii themed content on secondlife. This event gives the kawaii community an arena to experience main stores and brands that represent the cutesy side of Secondlife. Every sunday, one item will be set for sale at 65L at each main store.



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Head_ [Lelutka] Briannon

Body_ [Maitreya] Lara

Skin_ [Glam Affair] Selly

Hair_ [Exile] Pamela

Eyes_ [Song] Venla

Brows_ [Bossie] Foxy

Lashes_ [Rotten] Nymphette

Eyeshadow_ [Banana Beauty] Enny

Eyeliner_ [Malina] Moon HD

Freckles_ [theSkinnery] FaceBundle

Blush_ [Ladybird] Walcott

Top_ [Fashionably Dead] Summer Shirt

Pants_ [Blueberry] Grace

Necklace_ [Kibitz] Emilianna's Necklace

Dance_ [Move!] Julia Vol2

Backdrop_ [Foxcity] K-Pop Star

Song_ Dua Lipa & Angèle – Fever

glow eyes Psycho Pills - Elemental Eye // Addon

eyes Psycho Pills - Siren Eyeset

Eyeshadow Psycho Pills - Siren Eyeshadow

Skin Psycho Pills - Hyuna Skin // FATPACK Psycho Pills - Hyuna Skin // Evo X UV

Psycho Pills - Body Applier


A little compilation video that my husband Peter put together from the videos he took today. All credit goes to him, p.s sorry about the sound of my shutter in the background, lol.

Fun facts: echidnas lay a soft egg which they put into a fold on its abdomen (a pouch). When it hatches a baby echidna is called a puggle and is carried in the mother's pouch about 45 days.

Thank you to all Flickr friends for visiting, faves and comments are much appreciated

~ Paragon Dance Animations ~

Madison Urban Groove

Available at Uber

Runs April 25th through May 22nd


Urban-fusion freestyle light grooves made for a moderate tempo R&B Hip Hop jam by Madison Cubbage with her own unique style blending hip hop, modern, afro dance genres.


Music used Karma by Alicia Keys


Set # 122 for The Warehouse Sale Event

Open 23th April (10pm SLT)

- 10 poses with breath


I decided to give a second life to my old static poses and continue set # 46

I am insanely bored, I want more flashy outfits !!! hah


♬♪♫The Prodigy-Smack My Bi*ch Up

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taken at ✈ Líng xiāo lóng



song:Audiostock No.822510 和楽器を取り入れたバラード曲



Dear Fantasy Faire 2021,Líng xiāo lóng and YIN YANG

I'm really grateful to you



*My avatar name



rvn - sensual girl AO v1.


Animations included in the HUD are bento and completed for the average height and shape. All animations are smooth, logical, and with no unexpected moves. AO includes 42 animations: 9 stands, 4 ground sits, 4 sits, 3 walks, 3 typings + all technical animations (flying, swimming, running, etc.) Please, try demo pose stands before the purchase to test how are they fit your shape/clothes. Please, do understand that your clothing/shape can't fit any AO.


Available inworld and on market





Style & Decor credits @ BLOG


Thank you my sweet Ria for your support in this video ♥♥♥

Take a look @ her Flickr


Check out this ultrasmooth Finger Animated Dances. We got some Afrobeat moves over here now, with NINA VOL.2

Amazing high framerate moves!


Pretty Liars STORE // Hair Puller

Pawesome @ Pretty Event // Tanny Set

Lyrium @ Posevent // Lillian

Forecast Sydney weather this week:

Cloudy. Very high (near 100%) chance of rain. The chance of a thunderstorm. Winds south to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h tending south to southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h before dawn then increasing to 25 to 40 km/h in the morning. Large and powerful surf conditions in the evening are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, swimming and surfing. S20N 877

Happy Caturday my Flickr Friends 😊😊😍


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Head_ [Lelutka] Briannon

Body_ [Maitreya] Lara

Skin_ [Glam Affair] Selly

Hair_ [KMH] F164

Eyes_ [Song] Akina

Brows_ [Bossie] Foxy

Lashes_ [Rotten] Nymphette

Eyeshadow_ [Banana Beauty] Enny

Eyeliner_ [Malina] Moon HD

Freckles_ [theSkinnery] FaceBundle

Blush_ [Ladybird] Walcott

Outfit_ [Mangula] Safe Girl Set

Choker_ [Ersch] Hen-Tai

Headband_ [Frayed] Fleur

Ear Tags_ [Quirky] Simple Tag

Dance_ [Paragon] Madison - Jazz Funk V2

Song_ Møme, Ricky Ducati - Got It Made

Location_ [WoS]

A video filmed and edited by my husband Peter, all credit goes to him and Miss Morgan.

Happy Caturday my Flickr Friends


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️ ❤️❤️

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