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Society and People say they Love animals yet everyday they exploit them, use them, steal them from there natural habitats and wild for human greed.

For six months of each year – day in and day out, from September until March – entire pods of dolphins and small whales are driven into Taiji’s killing cove. Once netted into the cove, the dolphins and whales face brutal slaughter or a lifetime in captivity.

Neither is it cultural to kidnap dolphins from the ocean and sell them to marine parks in order to exploit them until their death for money. This is simply a multimillion-dollar business that fills the pockets of a few at the expense of the suffering and death of many. Here the dolphin trainers and murderers work side-by-side, dolphins trying to escape from the boats that were leading them to death, and precious lives stolen as their bodies are dragged to the butcher house under the tarps of shame. The murderers and trainers tried to hoist them on to the boat to take them to the pens at the harbour where they will be sold to any marine park for large sums of money. What it's happening in Taiji is a global problem. This issue concerns us all.

The dolphins need us, and to help them we must all make a commitment. Tell our friends and families what it's happening, encourage them not to visit dolphinariums or other centers with captive cetaceans. This industry has the same blood stained hands as the dolphin murderers in Taiji. Take to the street -- go to your nearest dolphinarium and explain to the people what is happening there and the history of terror that a dolphin has had to experience to finally end up locked away in a pool for the rest of his life.

Please, never buy a ticket to a Marine Park or facility that holds captive dolphins. Teach your friends, family and children to respect our world's oceans and the magnificent creatures that swim free within.”


Sites for more information :

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official)


Cove Guardians


Ok. So learning that the video feature was accessible for non-Pro FlickR users I tried to make one.

Well... It turned like something longer than expected. I can't upload it there coz the file is too heavy, so here's the YouTube link. Please leave your comments & suggestions here, I'll really appreciate it. :)


J'ai appris récemment que les comptes FlickR no-Pro pouvaient avoir accès à l'upload de vidéo, donc j'ai essayé d'en faire une. Et bon... Le final est plus long que ce que j'avais en tête, m'enfin, c'est peut-être mieux, je sais pas. Le fichier est trop gros pour FlickR, je l'ai donc mis sur YouTube, le lien est ci-dessous. Laissez-moi vos commentaires et suggestions ici, ça me fera supair plaisir !


The vid is here, just click :


Sim: Lakes/128/128/2

Song: "Welcome to the end" by Celldweller

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Il video di foto del mio viaggio in Sicilia tutto in 64 ore

I know this sucks, it's my first try (shouldn't be an excuse but I do hope my movie making skills get better someday) This was just an idea i thought of in the car this morning and decided to actually implement it while procrastinating.

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Marina Lima /

Direção: Enrique Diaz /






01 E 02 De Março /








08 e 15 de Março



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I´m happy to present my 4th collaboration project with musician Denis Falardeau!


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اول محاولة لي بالفيديو $: "

محاولة لا تخلوا من الأخطاء $:

النتيجة و مثل اللي كنت ابيه بس إن شاء الله توصل الفكرة "


بعد معاناة دامت أسبوع وضياع الشغل الأساسي قررت أنزله :


* فكرة الفيديو :

انه شلون احنا نقدر نوصل لطموحنا واللي نبيه , بالصبر والتخطيط حتى ننجز *"

وان الشخص مايولد بـ إنجازه أو اختراعه , كل واحد يبدأ من الصفر لين يوصل اللي يبيه $:


*الصوت صوت بشري $: مب موسيقى !


شكراً أسماء الفيصل , رنـدا , غادة عبدالرحمن <3 $:


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Unha pequena proba de galería en video-montaxe.

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My first outing with Lomo Purple film. with an Olympus XA at this awesome arcade in Astoria, OR.

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This video went viral some time ago BUT just in case you missed it ...




Video credit: Unknown

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