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第一次玩這個,還有好多要摸索跟練習的地方,快門也按得不夠多,不過總算是有了起頭,75張圖片放了22秒,很不順,下次要練習150張20秒 ~~ 該去清灰點點了 ~~

have to rotate this :/


lens: 200/1.8L

824 photos, de 17h02 à 23h51.

824 shots, from 5:02pm to 11h51pm.

I've been hoping to get some video clips of a turtle swimming. Fortunately this little turtle was really interested in the camera. It followed the camera all the way to the side of my boat before swimming away.

As I was sitting at my desk this morning, I kept hearing a weird sound. I thought it was from outside but upon further investigation it was Uni.


Following in her father's musical footsteps she found is practicing on her new found instrumental talents.

My first underwater video! So excited! These was my first efforts and it was 9 last night, imagine the quality when its sunny and during the day! Sorry for the shaky start, for some reason WMM didn't like these videos so I had lots of fun putting them on different computers with different versions (basically a massive headache, what should have been easy turned into a nightmare).


The song is quite apt "There's a girl, there's a girl, down by the river, in her own creepy world...." enough said! This link on Youtube is Biffy Clyro "Bubbles"


Oh and these guys were in the Royal Canal at Leixlip, Lousia Bridge,

My saddest moment (when I fell in... Joke!) was when the battery ran out and there was Roach and a Eel disappearing into the rocks, gutted! :(


How did I do it? A cheapy compact and a monopod!

Aaaaah, and so the plot of this drama thickens.


I'd edited the text here since there seems to have been a quick movement of sorts in a 'storm the bastille' sort of way. Wherein madness may very well rule....eventually.

On one group against this addition of videos within Flickr there's already a call for folks to delete any contacts who use video. Wellllll, if any of my contacts wish to delete me as a contact then you're more than welcomed to do so. But I'd appreciate your letting me know so's I may follow in kind.


I'll admit, Flickr could be going about this a different way. That is, separating the video content from the image content....something which could all be done under the Flickr name and site. 'and I'll also admit that when I first learned of this, I was taken aback...but that was merely my initial reaction. At the moment i can take it and I can leave it.


I've got a heck of alot more to say on the subject but let's leave that for another day?


For anyone curious, I'd taken this video awhile back at the NY Aquarium located in Brooklyn. The music I'd pieced together in Sony Acid Music using their everflowing supply of copyright free snippets. These creatures are so very mesmerising and well, I thought this music-mix went well with it. It's as if the watcher becomes one with these creatures who as well are meditating.


New Yorkled

Musica: Jim Chappell - Long pand canoe

This video has been captured at Mawlavibazar, Bangladesh on a photography trip from Shudhui Bangla group.


All rights reserved. Do not use any of the images in this stream without my permission. Contact me at

Please select "HD" for better viewing.


OK...first of all, I have to admit that I completely stole this idea from Matt Pasant, who has been doing retrospective slide shows of his photography for at least the past couple of years. But it seemed like a fun idea, so I thought I would give it a try. I found it frustrating that flickr gives a 90 second maximum length for video files, but I ditched about 2/3 of my shots during the year and found a track by Thomas Newman that I thought might work. He's easily one of my favorite composers, so it was fun to finally combine some of my favorite music with some of my photography on flickr for the first time.


One of the neat things about flickr is that it leaves footprints for you to look back on as a photographer. In 2012, I made trips to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and down the coast through Big Sur and Cambria, Virginia, and West Virginia before heading back to Yosemite and Mono Lake over the Summer. Here in Southern California, I made multiple trips out to Laguna where I began to explore the dozens of coves that fill the coastline in South Orange County, from Newport down to Dana Point. And last, but certainly not least, Carsland and Buena Vista Street opened over the Summer creating many new possibilities for photographer's in Disney's California Adventure.


In 2013, I'm looking forward to another Winter trip up to Yosemite with several of my Flickr friends as well as trips to Phoenix and possibly San Francisco in February, Dallas in March, Reno in April, and Virginia in both June and again hopefully in October for some Autumn leaves. I'll have my camera with me in all of those locations and will also be spending quite a bit more time this year down in Laguna which is quickly catching up with the Disneyland Resort as my favorite spot to shoot in Southern California whenever I get some free time.


In the mean time, I will continue to look to all of your photostreams as a constant source of inspiration. I've learned so much over the past 7 years, and I hope to continue pushing myself to try new things in 2013. Happy New Year, everyone!


(Explored at #16 on 1/4/13. Thanks for the views, comments, and faves!)


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En la mañana, con un poco de amanecer tambien

The lovely thing about falling in the river and being soaking wet and terrified of turning moldy is that you get to sit out in the sun all day. It's really fascinating to just sit and watch the sky on a hazy summer afternoon, that I just couldn't help but stay on into evening... and then night (notice how around 9 o'clock all the city lights turn off?). By dawn, I realized that I'd been sitting there all night and hadn't gotten a wink of sleep.


But, save for some dew, I think I'm dry now. :]


(please watch it in HD, folks, if your computer is able!)




Edit: Explore #24 and front page! Wootbag!

Continuing my latest project here is a recent ultra macro video attempt, I have made a few changes to my setup recently, I have purchased a Manfrotto Mini 24LED Panel for lighting, as I gather the 5D MKII sets the aperture during video shooting according to the amount of available light, so adding additional light means I can get that aperture closer to what I want.


The second purchase was a pair of +3.5 reading glasses, why you ask? Well focusing on something so small using a 3" monitor is about impossible, especially with my eyes, I don't need glasses for reading, but I found for picking out detail on the screen they really helped, I wish Canon would allow a zoom function for the screen during video shooting, it would help and the technology is there, surely!!!!


Anyway, I think this is a female Sminthurides schoetti, if not then Stenacidia violacea. These species seem to hang out together and look fairly similar. She is in a feeding stage and here you see her wandering around and periodically grazing. I seem to have a hot/dead pixel on this video clip, anyone has any ideas of a solution, a sensor clean perhaps? It isn't present on still shots, but seems to correspond with some sensor dirt on still shots.


This was filmed using the MP-E 65mm at x5 extension on 112mm of extension tubes, using a Manfrotto video light, I tried setting the ISO at 500 for this. Edited using "Windows Live Movie Maker", not bad considering its free with the computer :o)


Here is one thing I'd love to own :-


or if I win the lottery :-



HI i don't know how to make videos

just clipping some random junk together is all

and learning about the video feature on my new camera

i know it's no good don't make fun of me!


outside an abandoned cabin in a ghost town in the great smoky mountains



empire of the sun - country

These pictures were taken in a hunting trip in Sudan. I did not participate in, I'm only presenting it as a protist against it.


It is very sad that, only humen kill for fun.



Pick them under pines, before their shaggy caps have blotched themselves to ink,

Blooming from the needled ground, where pungent horses’ turds have mouldered,

And the long stems have risen like corporeal ghosts, bruised by your fingers.


I like them seethed in milk, as my father cooked them once, when I was small,

And I ate them with relish, then spat into my sleeve, compulsively, in fear

Of poison. I remember them so well, still sizzling in their buttered bath,

In a white dish, and the way their pink-white flesh slithered through my lips,

A paroxysm of sense. The melting in the mouth of my first initiation.


Source material: The Shaggy Cap, Coprinus comatus, is quite delectable, and never poisonous, although it should always be eaten before the cap begins to wither and the spores are released. Its near relative, the Ink Cap, C. atramentarius, is also edible, but should never be consumed in combination with alcohol, as this causes alarming symptoms, including nausea and palpitations.


Recording from my poetry reading at Longstone Heritage Centre, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, 17th August 2006.


better version I think, info for these who saw the first version of this tryout.


clouds at sunset image with the sound

Click on the enlarge button X (in the bottom right side of the image) for the full experience.


music from PeerGynt Lobogris from BSO "Sebastian"


video of a Black Bear and her cub near the junction of Hwy 93A and Hwy 93 (Icefields Parkway) short before Jasper

25-sec exposures. Nikon D700 (ISO 2500) & D3 (ISO 3200) + Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G lenses


ALMA under construction, Llano de Chajnantor Observatory, Chile, night of 16/17 June 2010.

© 2010 José Francisco Salgado, PhD

Watch in HD at Youtube


I was lucky to get the phenomenon known as atmospheric halo on "tape"


I made this tutorial

Made it to Explore Front Page. Highest position: #1

titled "switch on to switch off"


main hand talent: zhaer

some camerawork: megame

second music track: from MediaCorp Saving Gaia Initiative


it was lots of fun making a video!!! :)

The engraving in this video is from The Graphic, August 18, 1875. It is by F. Morris, and is entitled 'The Mowers'.




A clownish answer he gave, when I,

A man of letters, offered aid:

“I can ‘eal it better mesel’.”


The grass was flush with his gush of blood

And flecks of it dripped from docks

And plantains. A red runnel ran down

The scythe blade, which cleaved the air

Where he had dropped it. His leg

Was open to the shin, and within

I glimpsed a gleam of tibia, white

Before the blood engulfed it.


He shrugged me off, and dragged

Himself to the hedge, where woundworts

Spired their flowers – a signature

In clotted gore – ripped

The stinking leaves with a quaking hand,

Restrained his stertorous breath,

And crammed them into the gash.


The burnt rubber taint of the herb

Mingled with the rusty smell of blood

As the wound lips sandwiched its leaves.


Forty days, it should have taken,

Balsam-poulticed, for such a wound

To heal; he hobbled out each day

To work his field, the gash

Sealed with hog’s grease and herb,

And was whole within a week.


A clownish answer he gave, and I,

A man of letters, use it yet:

Clown’s Woundwort – All Heal to the wise.


Source material: Marcus Woodward (Ed.), Gerard’s Herbal: John Gerard’s Historie of Plants, (1597), Middlesex, 1998, pp. 238-240. Adapted from Gerard’s account of how he “discovered” the healing qualities of this herb. “Clownish” is not quite as insulting as it seems; a “clown” in the sixteenth century was a country labourer, not necessarily a fool. John Clare’s use of the word to describe himself in the nineteenth century was tinged with self-irony, but was in no way intended to suggest foolishness. The comparison of the smell of the crushed herb to “burnt rubber” is an anachronism in the context of Gerard’s writing, since rubber was not known in Europe until the mid eighteenth century, but on the basis of my own experience, I can think of no more apt comparison. Woundwort used to be eaten as a vegetable, which suggests perhaps that people did not find its smell so repellent as we do today. Could this be, perhaps, because we automatically associate its odour - which is perhaps quite inoffensive in itself - with the smell of burning tyres: a comparison which a person of Gerard’s time could not possibly have made? Poem by Giles Watson, 2009; reading recorded 13th June, 2010.


Done in 2014...


Finally, and after doing some changes and adjusting some things, here it is one of the videos I wanted to add a few days back!


Taken on the coldest days of January, temperatures not seen before in many years here in PA, USA, record temperatures they say, and you can tell how cold it is by watching the Cardinal hide one of his legs...


Finch, Sparrow, Cardinal, Juncos, and the adorable Tit Mouse and Chickadee.


Thanks David and Erik for your support and valuable advice about technical things.


I would have love the add one with a bigger file without having to sacrifice quality, but I had to comply about what it is possible and not.


I hope you will like it...




I enjoy nature photography the most, since I love the outdoors and long hiking trips. Macro photography is a true passion for me, since I get to watch a miniature world that opens without limits, before the camera makes the funny sound.


Graphic design is another way to express myself. I love reinventing a photo that I have seen in different ways. Sometimes, I use my own textures to do so.




More of one hundred of my photos made it to Explore. One appeared on the front page, and others at 14, 25 and 52. If you’d like to see them, please go to my Explore set.




Flicker has giving me opportunity to meet a group of wonderful people. Thanks for making me feel so proud of what I do and love.




I only submit my photos to groups which pages are not private.




I appreciate your visit and your comment. Thank you!




NASA video release January 19, 2012


Global temperatures have warmed significantly since 1880, the beginning of what scientists call the "modern record." At this time, the coverage provided by weather stations allowed for essentially global temperature data. As greenhouse gas emissions from energy production, industry and vehicles have increased, temperatures have climbed, most notably since the late 1970s. In this animation of temperature data from 1880-2011, reds indicate temperatures higher than the average during a baseline period of 1951-1980, while blues indicate lower temperatures than the baseline average.


(Data source: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Visualization credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio)


To read more go to:


NASA image use policy.


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA’s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Solar System Exploration, and Astrophysics. Goddard plays a leading role in NASA’s accomplishments by contributing compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s mission.


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90 seconds - Cold War Mix - for Glenn Fitzgereld

Eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies visiting common thistle, September 9, 2010. Video.

A*C - SAO! - Dela

Barra Funda way of life




Please "Don't Sidecar Your Photographs" With Awards

If You Need An Award "Just Ask" Thank you,.!!


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my

explicit permission. Please respect "My Copyright ©2014" - All rights reserved.

Please do not post all my still and motion pictures including this video on other sites.


The 54th Gion Odori, "Moteasobi Gusa Shina no Samazama"

Scene Two: "Yane no Ue no Ba" (On the roof)


"Ofuku Ningyou" comes onto the roof, where she finds a "Shouki-sama" made of tile and she falls in love with him. Then she also finds a "Onigawara" which has a face of "Emma", then she drives out evil spirits.


Masayo-san as "Ofuku Ningyou"


Ofuku Ningyou is charming with its plump face. On the roof she finds a Shouki-sama made of tile.

She says "Oh, young man!"

She falls in love at first sight with the lovable standing pose of Shouki-sama with Chinese costume.

(The beginning is cut due to a limit of 90 minutes.)

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