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Ok. So learning that the video feature was accessible for non-Pro FlickR users I tried to make one.

Well... It turned like something longer than expected. I can't upload it there coz the file is too heavy, so here's the YouTube link. Please leave your comments & suggestions here, I'll really appreciate it. :)


J'ai appris récemment que les comptes FlickR no-Pro pouvaient avoir accès à l'upload de vidéo, donc j'ai essayé d'en faire une. Et bon... Le final est plus long que ce que j'avais en tête, m'enfin, c'est peut-être mieux, je sais pas. Le fichier est trop gros pour FlickR, je l'ai donc mis sur YouTube, le lien est ci-dessous. Laissez-moi vos commentaires et suggestions ici, ça me fera supair plaisir !


The vid is here, just click :


Sim: Lakes/128/128/2

Song: "Welcome to the end" by Celldweller

This video went viral some time ago BUT just in case you missed it ...




Video credit: Unknown

Unha pequena proba de galería en video-montaxe.

Ivete Sangalo /

Veja o Video Clip /


" O sorriso enriquece os recebedores,

sem empobrecer os doadores "


" O segredo é não correr atrás das borboletas...

É cuidar do jardim para que elas venham até você "


" Quem não compreende um olhar,

tampouco compreenderá uma longa explicação "


Mário Quintana


In Explore: 3rd position on Tuesday, October 28, 2008



by Jim Hejl


This is a view over False Creek in Yaletown (in Vancouver, BC)

Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2008.


-- VIDEO --



- 5D still camera (it captured 2263 images over 5 hours)

- Images remotely captured with "Remote DSLR Pro" on a WinXP machine

- Cropped, batch adjusted, and batch exported in Aperture

- Combined images with QuickTime PRO

- All post work done in FinalCut Pro 5


If you want to have some fun, "scrub" the video forward and backward (using the timeline), and watch the water level change (and the entire dock move!). Pretty entertaining :)


The technical challenge here is to expose each frame properly, without getting horrible flicker. The daytime shots were shuttered arround 1/250th, while the night shots were often 7 second exposures (or more). This variable exposure is difficult, because any SLIGHT difference between any 2 frames will cause a flicker (and the human brain is very sensitive to flicker). So, the magic trick is to go from 1/250th to 7 second exposures smoothly. If you've done time-lapse over varying illumination conditions, you know what I'm talking about. it isn't an easy problem.




Artist: Radiohead

Album: Radiohead - Me & This Army: Radiohead Remixes (2005)

Track: You & What Army (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)


If you have Quicktime 7, you can view a less-compressed version on my site:




Jim Hejl


(the first few frames of video are needed b/c Flickr uses the "first frame" to generate the thumbnail ----- not the marked Poster Frame in the stream. Grrrrrrrr........)


A still from a video Stray & I made with IRONLAK 's support. See the video HERE .

my 1st time upload video di Flickr..



Ma dernière photo, faite depuis un bon moment maintenant

Comme c'est cool d'envoyer un bon gros jump en silhouette comme ça !

Malheureusement une de mes dernières photo avant un bon moment, les cours me prennent pas mal de temps et un stage se profile à l'horizon, pas de quoi reshooter avant un bon moment, mais sait-on jamais !

Un 16-35mm f4 bientôt? =)


VIDEO, Press Play - Sisters running around the house

A small video of all the shots. I'll upload an other pic soon. I'm retouching it, adding some small details. But I do have trouble choosing the right pic...


I want to thank all the people who leaved a feedback. I was surprised so many people liked it. Looks like being blogged on brothers brick is a real springboard ^ ^.


Soundtrack : The times they are a changin'


Stormtrooper T-shirt

Smile rebel scum Iphone/ipod case


Red Bubble Print

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A still from my son's video:


HD link:


He entered a video contest and used my D7000.


this video was taken hand held with the ricoh r8


I edited on a timeline but it is otherwise raw


thanks to all for the comments

no time to reply yet, but perhaps a bit in paris.

will leave for the train in a bit


how are you?

My LEGO. Pedro Nogueira Photography.

More LEGO shots here.


Still from VIDEO HAWAIIAN PIZZA "Orbit Sequence No. 3"

181 second exposure, red gelled flashlight inside, LED stick light used to light from both the right and left sides (since there was virtually no moonlight and who knows when I may get back here again), natural big ass flashlight used to light the sign from the back side.


Video Arcade in the now abandoned Rock-A Hoola waterpark out in the middle of the California desert.


Click on the image, because it's best BIG on BLACK!!!


The Only Video I ever had a chance to get of her.


The Clarity of Flickr video is allot better then Youtube! Here is exact same video on youtube:


And better then Vimeo also!!


=o) Kudos to Flickr!


Holding steady at #6 in Explore!!


my titles are lacking... but check out the blog if you like these.


mini video of this shoot over there....

... pues no mires la imagen ... haz doble click sobre ella y mira la magia de la guitarra en un baile imaginario con una bailarina de flamenco y escucha una bella interpretación de Paco de Lucia .... "Entre dos aguas"


... este es un trabajo de edición de fotos en una película para el grupo pARTEcipa, se trata de que a partir de una foto hagas una serie de fotos más y las edites. Si te gusta, entra al grupo y haz el tuyo ... es muy entretenido ... vamos ... no mires .... participa ...


Si quieres ENTRA AQUÍ:


Sé que este puede que no sea un buen trabajo, tal vez las imágenes estén un poco desproporcionadas, pero se trata de hacer algo distinto, este es un juego de aficionados que no tienen idea de como hacer un video, el próximo será mejor.

I have the week off and decided to do something I enjoy. I got in car with GPS in hand and just turned South. Keeping south as much as possible I stopped where I wanted and turned into roads that looked interesting to see what I could find. Went about 3 hours South and at sunset just hit GPS for home. I hope you enjoy some of my finds. Tomorrow another adventure hmm North, East or West???


ps...this is my first video so be kind lol

Thought it would be fun to start shooting some video on our explores. This is shot on a very cheap and nasty little camcorder and yes, I have no filmaking skills whatsoever, so it is not the best! ;-) Just thought it would be nice to show a location 'in the raw'.

Due to flickr's limit on time for video, this is only a short exerpt. The full film (if you can stand anymore!) is up on my facebook photography page here...!/pages/Just-Josie-Photography/11634863...

Okay, so I needed something to do to keep my mind off my most recently uploaded story; I always get antsy whenever I just upload a story. I think I only checked my simpage like 50 times, lol!


Anyways, yes it's another scythe wielding woman, I guess this is some sorta fetish of mine :P


She isn't really from any video game, I just like the ring of the saying...but it would be sweet if there was a video game with her as the main character.



MTS2- outfit, other CC


Seomi sims- hair


Rosesims- scythe


Background- Moi :)

"Quit playing video games.."


Initially it was a picture done for a client but I messed so much with it I did another bloody version too. XD


Sorry Kerstin!


On this weeks Weekly Imogen on YouTube, Imogen talks about Bokeh and shares her favourite Bokeh shots - its a good one ! :)

Please find link below:

This video has poor quality, but no matter, after all, was recorded with a cell phone, I do not think u can see many details in it, but I hope that little u have seen, u like it, that's why I consider this part of the world (where my mother born, where my parents met and now live) one of the most beautiful place in every way


this is a form of celebration for my birthday.


hope u like it guys!


n Happy birthday to me! =)


*in the whole journey I was on a bike with my brother.

*I'm starting to miss the presence of my parents every time I look at this place, but is ok.

*Song: Emily Loizeau - i´m alive


I made a video for my other channel and this is just a snapshot of that video ;) !! So that's why it's all blurry -_-And sorry I'm still in my uniform. I was too lazy to change :/

Dan Carrillo: Daclotype

from Patrick Richardson Wright

Documenting the daguerrotype process of Seattle-based photographer Dan Carrillo


A film by Patrick Richardson Wright

Model: Miranda Lilley

Hair/Makeup: Naomi Rincon

Music: Pure X - Heavy Air

this is a still from my first Watercolours ( music video for the song 'Under'.


view here:

Too bad personal hygiene and nutrition were not video games.


Lego minifigures

el video está cortado porque dura un poco más. i'm sorry!

Música de Gorrillaz

Videos are history !

Video showing different stages of peony bloom.

Quiero invitarles a ver un preview de un video que estoy haciendo sobre Guatemala espero les guste:

:: يكفي ما فيني كفى ::


" قصة نفس ٍ بشرية ..

تاهت في دروب المعاصي الوعرة ..

ولكن شعاع النور أشرق من بعيد ..

ليطوي صفحة الماضي الكئيب ..

ويبدأ يوم فجر ٍ جديد "



إبراهيم السعيد & أحمد الهاجــري





إعداد وإخراج:

ShehaB UaE


لتحميل العمل ومشاهدته:


وأتقدم بالشكر لكل من ساعدتني وشجعني لإخراج هذا العمل .. ..

ولا أنسى أهلي وأصدقائي ..


وللعلم تم تصوير العمل الصيف الماضي في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ..


وفي الختام ..

أأمل أن يحوز هذا العمل المتواضع على إعجابكم ..

وأعتذر عن كل تقصير بدر مني ..

وإن شاء الله تكون لي أعمال قادمة أخرى ..


* ملاحظة: جميع الحقوق محفوظة ..

ويمنع نشره من دون أخذ إذن سابق مني ..

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