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stop motion com 198 fotos tiradas em 1 hora...


fotos feitas manualmente da porta da cozinha de casa.

Cidade de Bandeirantes - Paraná - Brasil

Model: Jenni Czech

Videographer: Dastardly Dave

Shooter: Pennant

have to rotate this :/


lens: 200/1.8L

Ce diaporama commenté vous emmène en randonnée pour découvrir l'une des vallées située au nord du Département du Doubs.




Exclusive for Uber Event


Thank you for the beautiful Boudoir Burlesque Club

❤️Precious Restless❤️

Boudoir Burlesque Club


This is Sara Lopez's 4th set of her Star Series. SL Performers, you are going to love this one with some dynamic freestyle moves not seen in SL!

Jazz Funk is a hot commercial style of dance - a hybrid style of hip hop and jazz dance with foundational movements from jazz. Sara Lopez's style uses a hint of flamenco moves to give it her own personalized touch. Originally danced to "Into You" by Ariana Grande.


❤️Thank you for the beautiful outfits Hot Chocolate❤️

❤️TEMPTATION STORE - Outfit Lady Fatpack❤️




★ Set: DarkFire - Brooklyn

A moment of rest with Sapa)

Record in my shop)



Free dance from MOVE!

Eine (hoffentlich nicht) 'once in a lifetime experience' ... Ich habe erst ein Mal im Leben überhaupt einen Schwarzspecht gesehen und jetzt gleich das...

In Deutschland gibt es laut ADEBAR (2014) weniger als 50.000 Reviere. Klingt nicht wenig, aber der Buntspecht zählt bis zu 900.000 Reviere.


One of these 'once-in-a-lifetime" moments (I hope not). I only saw one before in my whole life and now this ...

In Germany, according to ADEBAR (2014) there are less than 50.000 territories. That does not sound few but compare it to the great spotted woodpecker with up to 900.000 territories.

It was so sunny when I went for a walk, and from the first pic on my video it took only 10 minutes and it was all grey.

Quando il Sole tramonta dietro la collina, avidi degli ultimi raggi, mostrate tutta la bellezza, l'allegria, conquistando l'elogio di chi vi ammira.

Meravigliosi papaveri, con quel rosso fiamma, caldo e avvolgente, inebriare il cuore e la mente.

Benedetto sia il prato, che mi ha incantato.

Benedetto sia il vento, che mi ha regalato la magia di questo momento.


Auguro buona vita agli amici di Flickr.

Buona fotografia per una serena settimana.



Chaque fin d’été, le souffle de la passion ranime le célèbre port varois dans la perspective d’une semaine d’exception. En 2018, le rendez-vous des Voiles de Saint-Tropez fête pour la 20ème fois l’association des yachts de tradition avec des bateaux du troisième millénaire. Plus de 300 bateaux mesurant jusqu’à 50 mètres régatent chaque jour dans le golfe de Saint-Tropez à partir du dernier week-end de septembre.

Learning videos!


Taken on OBS

Edited in Movavi Video Editor Plus


Firestorm Viewer


Lingerie by BBD Layla

Hair by Doux

Legacy Body


The Ellisson dress is an effortless, lightweight and versatile piece. Featuring a beautiful floral lace layer underpinned with a cotton dress and dainty straps that crossover at the back.


Available in 7 colours + Fatpack includes 3 extra tones.

Lace available in black, white and nude.


Exclusively for Maitreya Lara

Materials enabled.



TP to Thalia Heckroth


Marketplace Demo


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♪ Coeo - Like it is

Cette balade fait partie des incontournables. Paysage et criques splendides


C'est une ballade magnifique qui offre des points de vue extraordinaires sur la côte, les plages et les villes alentour comme Toulon.

À l'origine, l'île de Giens était semblable à ses voisines, les îles d'Hyères. Jusqu'au jour où, il y a plusieurs milliers d'années, s'opéra lentement un phénomène naturel le plus curieux de toute la méditerranée : le double tombolo (les deux cordons sableux qui relient l’île au continent).

La randonnée sur la Presqu’île de Giens est une boucle de 6km autour du port de la Madrague. C’est une balade d’une étonnante richesse qui parcourt différents milieux, allant de la pinède littorale au milieu dunaire, en passant par le littoral. Des paysages aussi diversifiés que surprenants à découvrir !

découvrez les plus beaux sentiers du bord de mer à proximité de Toulon en suivant ce lien :


his ride is a must. Beautiful landscape and coves


It is a beautiful ballad that offers extraordinary views of the coast, beaches and surrounding towns like Toulon.

Originally, the island of Giens was similar to its neighbors, the islands of Hyères. Until the day when, thousands of years ago, there was slowly a most curious natural phenomenon of all the Mediterranean: the double tombolo (the two sandy cords that connect the island to the continent).

The hike on the peninsula of Giens is a loop of 6km around the port of Madrague. It is a stroll of astonishing richness that goes through different environments, ranging from the coastal pine forest to the dune, passing by the coast. Landscapes as diverse as surprising to discover!

discover the most beautiful paths of the seaside near Toulon by following this link:




*Birth* :' 'Kinky Thoughts' Animated Bubble

Features -

21 thoughts textures

11 kinky sounds

Randomised particles

Puff cloud particles.

Puff clouds Sounds

Cutomistable Hud -

Particles On/ Off

Sounds On/ Off

Sound Volume

Available @

Birth Mainstore

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Hello mystical babies, here's another vlog collab with my n daddykins! i know i've been gone for very long! Or atleast in alien ears to long lol. I've been working on increasing my skills! So until the new content comes out please enjoy me an daddykins play wedding featuring my alter ego! & our beautiful family! :3. I can definitely say that i'm one of the luckiest women on any planet! Although the wedding is not real. This felt every bit of true ! Brought every bit of emotion out of me, n brought me to heccin tears! do yah hear me! it's a moment in history that i'll never forget! The most beautiful video i've ever seen. thank chu su much daddykins for being the best daddykins/hubby ever i marry chu a thousand times over chu here me! The love i feel for u speaks through everything we do i'd do anything for you move mountains. You are my everything my heart my soul! My better half! I cannot go a long time period without hearing your voice seeing your smile! i crave your entire being daddykins! I'm yours forever yah hear me? No getting rid of me. This song is such a melody! I love everything billie su it was only right thank chu for doing su much justice to et daddykins! our avi's are just a vibe!

















testing new muzzle flash!

Video Full


Stage - Bdrop // Fun XXX Night



#julies_greg ... my Instagram

Short clip of 2 of the pups from late April. The rubble is from their excavations.

先週の水曜日 仮想空間

SecondLIFE のインワールドで

SS 会しましたぁ





SecondLIFE やってる人も

一緒にSS会 してくださぁ~い


やこちゃんに ねだれば


This year's Cherry Blossom photo collection.

(I have so many photos I haven't added into my photo stream, so I put some into a small slide show).


BGM is "Sakura Sakura", Japanese Cherry Blossom music.


Approx 30 sec. If you can afford some time, please have a look.


Thanks for visiting ☺︎


@American downtown street! 3D 仮想世界 (Second Life)


Second Life


[Stage Setting]

minamikaze Oh

blog :

flickr :


[Movie Design]

ume sib - collection

ume sib - facebook


[special thanks]


flickr :

map :


-The Bearded Guy-

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:::Club Lucente (Kumiko Waco)

map :


Stage Setting




Can you create a venue for club events?

I received a request,

I made American downtown street.

I have never been to the United States. 😆

This is the town I imagine.

In May, two events were held at this venue.

Organizer's friends, customers who came, DJs

I was pleased that everyone had a good time.

To commemorate, my best friend made a video.🎥

The image may be different from the real town...

Please laugh there. ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、

Have a good weekend☆彡


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