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Sorry about the movement but the midges were eating me alive. Well done to the Piper for holding still with all the bugs. I've had such a wonderful time and this was the perfect ending for Dad and I.

So it's the start of a new term at music school, and I'm back inside the piano-room-cupboard, as the children attend their lessons.


Again, this video has been edited (and uploaded!) from my mobile phone. The wonders of technology...


Make sure to check out Michael Nyman's 'The Piano'!


A happy weekend to you all...

Ever watch a mini Ice Age planet form? All you have to do is face bone-chilling cold temperatures while you keep your shivers at bay to hold your camera as still as possible...

Not up for that? Then sit in your warm house and watch this

This was taken early in the year. The Milky Way was rising above the historical Monroe Station in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Unfortunately, Monroe Station was burned a few days later by some overzealous young photographers performing stunts. A shameful event to say the least. Hope you enjoy!

A time lapse movie of the Supertrees' light show at Garden by The Bay for Singapore's 51st National Day.

Thank you very much for your views and comments.

Filmed at the lovely place "Roofs of Paris" created by Marie Lauridsen for "Milk Motion"

You can watch it with HD on vimeo


One of the videos at the beach during sunset from the other day.



stop motion com 198 fotos tiradas em 1 hora...


fotos feitas manualmente da porta da cozinha de casa.

Cidade de Bandeirantes - Paraná - Brasil

The lighthouse in South Michigan...:))

Let all the political acrimony cease, and may the New Year bring us Peace.

a tiny clip I created from two hours of aurora borealis show.

Model: Jenni Czech

Videographer: Dastardly Dave

Shooter: Pennant

Thermal treatment on the images in the clip.There are a few treatments on the "Studio"video feature on my phone,I chose the thermal one because it kinda went well with the computer-generated music.

have to rotate this :/


lens: 200/1.8L

This little one decided to set up housekeeping in my maple tree.

Sorry for the quality. My first video.

Today it feels like's 74 degrees..this Red Eared Slider Turtle was enjoying the sun and just relaxing...Thank you very much for viewing my video ! I truly appreciate any faves and comments ! 😊 🐢😊


Garden by anc bamboo 2Li

Garden by anc bamboo bush 1Li

-Garden- by anc bambooRain/*TEXTURE animation(GLOW) 1Li




If you look carefully you will see a beetle carrying something back to the mossy mound towards the front Badger from the bottom of the frame and freezes when it sees the Badgers. (It is about 13 seconds in)

Although the bulk of their diet is made up of earthworms, they also eat slugs and insects and have a keen sense of smell and sharp claws that can root up grubs from under the soil surface.


For licensing of my images see: Getty images or Alamy the links are below.


Hehe!! Have a lovely weekend everybody :)

I hope that 2020 is better for each and everyone of us......





Special thanks to Pan Iconic, my husband, who oversaw the choreography and scene of this video. thanks my love


Better quality here

This is where I usually take photos of the bees... but today they were too busy :-)

Something to warm the soul on a frosty Winter's morning


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Every time we fall in life , we give up, we give up our dreams , give up ourselves,...... Waves are inspiring , not because they rise and fall .. but because each time they fall , they never fail to rise again .. to win , you need to try ... try till you win

The Purakaunui Falls are a cascading three-tiered waterfall on the Purakaunui River, in The Catlins of the southern South Island of New Zealand. As one of very few South Island waterfalls away from the alpine region, it has long been a popular destination and photographic subject.

Tungurahua 5,023 metres (16,480 ft) is located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes of central Ecuador, 140 kilometres (87 mi) south of the capital Quito.


Nearby notable mountains are Chimborazo (6,310 metres (20,700 ft)) and El Altar (5,319 metres (17,451 ft)).


It rises above the small thermal springs town of Baños de Agua Santa (1,800 metres (5,900 ft)) which is located at its foot 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) to the north.


Other nearby towns are Ambato (30 kilometres (19 mi) to the northwest), Baños and Riobamba (30 kilometres (19 mi) to the southwest).


Tungurahua is part of the Sangay National Park.

Tungurahua, Ecuador's 10th-highest peak, is a 5016m high active stratovolcano also known as the "The Black Giant." It has a 600 ft. (183 m) wide crater. Most of the volcano is covered by snow.


Don't be fooled by descriptions of this mountain as "easy." People have died on this mountain and you need to be in good physical condition to climb it and enjoy it.


It is nowadays dangerous to climb (since 1999) as its increased volcanic activity has unpredictable eruptions as a consequence. You do not want to be caught on the volcano when major explosions of gases, ashes and lava occur.

When the volcano increased its activity in 1999, the ice cap melted away and the peak is since then ice free.


In spite of this many people still attempt to climb the volcano. ALWAYS check with locals about the mountains condition.















【着物】tomoto, haoriF 2019 RARE02

【HAIRDRESS】violetta. -fur headdress




【SLMMD】】LPB43 極楽浄土[FREE]

     little pierce music studio

【楽曲】sm28709142 GARNiDELiAさん

【振り付け】sm28709238 みうめさん

【MMD】sm29180863 yurieさん







着物でDANCEっていけるのかね?ってところからスタートの今回。 何とかなってますか?



The glacier is small and represents only the final 40 minutes of the climb. Crampons are recommended. The rest of the climb is scree and demanding, especially if it is muddy.


Descending to the Refuge is then only around 90 minutes and a further 2 to 3 hours walk back down to the entrance of the park.


Best months for ascent to Tungurahua are from December to March for clearest views, but the weather is as unpredictable as Ecuador itself.



Le massif du Parpaillon est une longue chaîne montagneuse, marquant la séparation entre l'Embrunais (Hautes-Alpes) et la vallée de l'Ubaye (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence).

A l'extrémité Ouest du Massif de Parpaillon, la tête de la Gipière, située à 2443 est le point culminant d'une longue crête qui converge vers les Vallées de l'Ubaye et de la Durance.

Ce petit sommet, à peine visible, emprunte des sentiers originaux et offre des points de vues magnifiques.

This was taken at The Fitz in Eagle River, Mi. on 8/6/2016.


Nikon D7100 and Tokina 11-16

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