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San Francisco's Faces Teaser


A city's personality comes from the people that inhabit it. This is San Francisco






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Ei Gysgod


Yesterday, while under leaves

Awaiting my Helen, in love's

Thrall, beneath birches, eluding rain,

I stood, a Fool, courting ruin.

At once, I saw a looming form

Most ugly, with stooping frame:

I shied from it, and shrugged,

Invoking saints. Stark and ragged,

It goaded me. I made prolonged

Prayers for deliverance from plague.


The poet:

"Speak to me, you silent wraith --

Say who you are, O thing of wrath!"


His shadow:

"Question not, you quailing fool!

I am your shadow, gaunt and frail.

By Mair, I bid you, not a sound,

But silence, till you understand!

A naked entity I am, your weird,

And wait upon you with my word:

You think yourself a jewel? My curse

Upon you, animated corpse!"


The poet:

"You lie, you goblin, evil sprite

Sent to taunt me for your sport,

Bleating goat with buckled back,

Mocking mimic of man! Black

Phantom! Dissimulating imp!

Grim parody! Simpering ape!

Burly troll on shaking stilts,

Withered thing on witch's shanks,

Boggart-shepherd, besmeared in muck,

Glabrous as a tonsured monk!

Jockey's joke on obby oss,

Heron-legged, obtuse, obese

Crane spanning half a field

Leaving crops and lands defiled!

Prating pilgrim, fatuous of face,

Blackened friar, stalking farce,

Corpse within a hempen shroud,

Why speak a word, deceiving shade?"


His shadow:

"I have been -- watch what you say --

In step with you for many a day."


The poet:

"Liar with your milk-churn neck

With what libel would you knock

Me down? With sin untainted

I mock you for a devil's turd!

I have no treason in my heart,

I never backstab. I haven't hurt

A chicken with a sling or stone,

Or pestered children. Not one stain

Besmirches me. I never moan

When spurned by wives of other men."


His shadow:

"If all I've seen were said

I swear you'd not be saved:

In no time you'd be lurching

In a wagon, to your lynching."


The poet:

"Stop! Unstring your snare!

Say nothing! Do not sneer!

If I had you in my grip

I'd stitch you lip to lip!"


- Dafydd ap Gwilym, paraphrased by Giles Watson. A parody of a traditional mediaeval genre: the dialogue between Body and Soul. "Helen" is not the name of the beloved, but a reference to Helen of Troy, whose beauty also brought ruin.


Quay clip vào rạng sáng ngày 9.3 =]] trong phòng..ngay trên giường..chưa rửa mặt =]] & là 1 trong số những ngày ít ỏi T dậy sớm :]] kaka




Mấy nay chân đau nên ko lăng xăng đi đâu đc nhiều hết..đi kà nhắc mới thấy sao ai kũng nhìn mìk như người ngoài hành tinh vậy..h thì chân đỡ r..kà nhắc nhẹ nhẹ thôi =]]




Hôm 8.3 có làm E giận..nên qay clip này làm quà cho E vui..


Đến trưa edit clip xong zẫn E vào Xiên Que ăn r cho E xem..E kười tủm tỉm..T thík đc ngắm E kười nthế..


Từng chữ trong clip là những j T mún nói w E..cho zù ntn..ra sao..hay là đi đến đâu đi nữa..trong T vẫn có E..& E kũng z đúng ko?


Những nơi T từng đi qa..hay đc bít đến..T đều tìm kách đưa E đến kùng..T iu kái kách E hớn hở ngồi sau xe hỏi xem hnay đi đâu..iu kách E lắng nge T kể những chuyện gắn liền w nơi đó..h thì E là 1 phần of kâu chuyện r đó..T mún đi khắp nơi kùng E..đi đến nỗi ko bao h chán..đến khi ko còn nơi để đi nữa..khi ấy bít mìk làm j ko..mìk về nhà của mìk thôi! :p hyhe..hyhe..




Thời gian tới có thể có nhiều chuyện xảy ra..có thể mìk ko có nhiều thời gian cho nhau nữa..đừng bùn đó ngốx..T tin E hiểu&thông kảm cho những việc T làm ..

..sẽ ko còn đc ngồi đợi E..chờ E học về..hay đi ăn..đi la kà w nhau..nhưng T chắc chắn..E ko bao h 1 mìk kả..T hơn bao h hết - đang ở kạnh E đó thôi - lun lun là như thế!


● Điều đtiên mà mỗi sáng khi T thức dậy là đặt tay lên ..ở đó có E..



第一次玩這個,還有好多要摸索跟練習的地方,快門也按得不夠多,不過總算是有了起頭,75張圖片放了22秒,很不順,下次要練習150張20秒 ~~ 該去清灰點點了 ~~

Taken during a month long stay in a Tanzanian village with an organization called Global Volunteers. While I was there, I taught Math and English and made bricks to build a school.

Great Coxwell Barn


Great Coxwell barn is roofed

And dimensioned like a church

Dedicated to grain: the groins joined

In wood, the font a flooded trough,


The flagstones floured with meal,

The altar, a well-stuffed sack,

The womb-dark nave an extension

Of a track through the corn.


One gable is a dovecote, its inmates

Taking their own tithe: that tenth

Of the harvest that gluts their squabs,

Makes them plump for the Prior’s table.


Empty now, but for a wax Nativity

In winter, the wheat-choir

Chacked with jackdaws,

The floor strawed like a stable.


Poem by Giles Watson, 2011. Great Coxwell Barn, near Faringdon in Oxfordshire, was built in the fourteenth century to store the crops of a monastic grange owned by Beaulieu Abbey in Hampshire. It is very large (the main hall measures 144 ft by 38 ft), with stone walls and roof, but a wooden internal structure. It may have functioned as a tithe barn, but was more likely simply a warehouse for the grange itself. There are holes for a dovecote in the eastern wall.


music : Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchesta . (kiss the mother)


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824 shots, from 5:02pm to 11h51pm.

I've been hoping to get some video clips of a turtle swimming. Fortunately this little turtle was really interested in the camera. It followed the camera all the way to the side of my boat before swimming away.

My first underwater video! So excited! These was my first efforts and it was 9 last night, imagine the quality when its sunny and during the day! Sorry for the shaky start, for some reason WMM didn't like these videos so I had lots of fun putting them on different computers with different versions (basically a massive headache, what should have been easy turned into a nightmare).


The song is quite apt "There's a girl, there's a girl, down by the river, in her own creepy world...." enough said! This link on Youtube is Biffy Clyro "Bubbles"


Oh and these guys were in the Royal Canal at Leixlip, Lousia Bridge,

My saddest moment (when I fell in... Joke!) was when the battery ran out and there was Roach and a Eel disappearing into the rocks, gutted! :(


How did I do it? A cheapy compact and a monopod!

HDR time lapse from 100 HDRs (500 exp.)

5 sek. interval


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reworked version


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UPDATE: This video was used in a collaboration with musician Oliver Sadie. The results of this can be seen here: Reffin's Sunrise


Another collaboration will be uploaded soon.


This is my first attempt at a time-lapse film. It is of a sunrise as seen from my bedroom window. Sunrises .... me .... almost a mutually-exclusive concept! :)


The full video (just over 2 mins) can be seen here:

Musica: Jim Chappell - Long pand canoe

The music is in the heart to everyone....I hope !!!

For is such !!

All day in my house listening and more ...I also relaxes !!!

A small movie that shows how one can find images within images and using the burn tool in PhotoShop bring these out.

This video has been captured at Mawlavibazar, Bangladesh on a photography trip from Shudhui Bangla group.


All rights reserved. Do not use any of the images in this stream without my permission. Contact me at

HDR time lapse from 1.200 shots. 240 HDRs. 10 sek. interval. Shot with Nikon D300


Put together in Quick Time Pro at 24fps


The details in 1080p is amazing. You can see it in HD on youtube. And now we can finally see videos in HD on Flickr aswell.


Made it to Explore front page. Highest position: #1 on Monday, November 24, 2008


It took me 40 min. to shoot this time lapse. While the camera shot the intervals I spotted the local wildlife. I saw a White-tailed Eagle catching a fish inn the ocean and a Goshawk chasing starlings and redwings. The goshawk flew by me at no more than 5-6 meters. I had to put my binoculars down because it was so close.


All in all a great trip.


I made this tutorial in my HDR Time Lapse group


To those who wanted to know, I use my Dell XPS M1530 2,50 GHz, 4,0 GB RAM for all the editing


This one went of like a rocket straight to #1 All Time most interesting video on Flickr after just one day. Thanks everybody for your comments and faves.


I had this wonderful wooden toy snake, so i thought of Adam and Eve as a good way to put it to use! I had to cut the snake in half as it did not fit in my mouth :[ but i think it was worth it! Enjoy! James. New version on youtube with music:

Please select "HD" for better viewing.


OK...first of all, I have to admit that I completely stole this idea from Matt Pasant, who has been doing retrospective slide shows of his photography for at least the past couple of years. But it seemed like a fun idea, so I thought I would give it a try. I found it frustrating that flickr gives a 90 second maximum length for video files, but I ditched about 2/3 of my shots during the year and found a track by Thomas Newman that I thought might work. He's easily one of my favorite composers, so it was fun to finally combine some of my favorite music with some of my photography on flickr for the first time.


One of the neat things about flickr is that it leaves footprints for you to look back on as a photographer. In 2012, I made trips to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and down the coast through Big Sur and Cambria, Virginia, and West Virginia before heading back to Yosemite and Mono Lake over the Summer. Here in Southern California, I made multiple trips out to Laguna where I began to explore the dozens of coves that fill the coastline in South Orange County, from Newport down to Dana Point. And last, but certainly not least, Carsland and Buena Vista Street opened over the Summer creating many new possibilities for photographer's in Disney's California Adventure.


In 2013, I'm looking forward to another Winter trip up to Yosemite with several of my Flickr friends as well as trips to Phoenix and possibly San Francisco in February, Dallas in March, Reno in April, and Virginia in both June and again hopefully in October for some Autumn leaves. I'll have my camera with me in all of those locations and will also be spending quite a bit more time this year down in Laguna which is quickly catching up with the Disneyland Resort as my favorite spot to shoot in Southern California whenever I get some free time.


In the mean time, I will continue to look to all of your photostreams as a constant source of inspiration. I've learned so much over the past 7 years, and I hope to continue pushing myself to try new things in 2013. Happy New Year, everyone!


(Explored at #16 on 1/4/13. Thanks for the views, comments, and faves!)


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إفـرحي يــآ دآر! آليـومـ لـ عـرسـك يـزفـونــك

بـ حآلـــة آلـفــرح يستقبــلك شعبك وآلتبآشيــر

يـــآ قــطــــر منهو آليـومـ مـآ غدى مفتونك ؟

منهـو آلـذي وقــف لجــل يـومـــك طوآبيــر ؟

منهـو آلذي إفتخــر بـ حبــك وجـنّ بــ جنـونـك

وإليـآ إفتخــر معـذور وإن مـآ بــه معـآذيـــــر

منهو آلـذي رفــع رآســه بـ إسمـك ولـونـــك ؟

وقآل: أنا قـــطـــري .. وعن آلـنـــآس غـيــــر

وآعـشــق لـونــك آلخمــري لـ خآطــر عيونـك

وروسـك آلبيـض تسعـه لـهـمـ دآخلـي تـآثـيــر

يــآ دمــ آلـغـزآل .. لو إنـك عــذرى يسبونــك

وآلآبيض عـقــدك آللــولــو منثـورن تنــآثـيــر

يـــآ قـطــــر ذآ غـلآك من وآحدهـمـ لـ مليونـك

وشعبـــك بـ عيــدك تبــآهــى كبيــر وصغيــر

وآلأرض ولــ سآبــع سمــآ وسحآيـب مـزونك

ودفـى آلمسـآ وآنســـآمـ آلصبــآح وآلعصآفيــر

يـآ قـطـــر يــآ ديرهـ آلحب وآلوفـآ بـ مكنونـك

وآلله عجــز إلسـآن حآلـي .. و قـآف آلتعآبيــر

ولـفـتـتـي لــ شيــخِ إليـآ من إذكروهـ يطـرّونك

كسب طيبـة وحُــب شعـبـــــه بـ قلـبٍ كبيــــر

إي نعمـ بـو مشعــل ولآ هــمـ مثلك يسآوونك

صآحـب آلـنـخــوهـ في آلشـديـدآت آلمعـآسيــر

يآ بـو مشعـل لك رعيــه قبل تحبهــآ يحبونـك

ولآ يحتـــآج لجل حبـك سبب وغآيـه وتبرير

من نسـل روآد آلزعآمـه وآلكـرمـ يـوصفونك

لك من آلطيبآت صولآت وجولآت ومسآيير

جعل عـدآك يــآ بو مشعـل يعيشـون ويفدونك

وإن كآن بـه عـدو وآحــد.! آحبـآبـك جمآهيـر

تـلويهـمـ بـ جمآيـلك ولآ هـمـ..! مـآ يلـوّونـك

وطيب جميلك للإنسآنيــه بــ حـّـد ذآتـه تكفير

وآلشهـآمــه وحـسـن آلـمـروّهـ آتبــآعٍ يـلفونـك

حــمـــد بـن خـليـفــه آل ثـآنــي رمـز آلخـيــر

مآ بآلغـت في حقـك دآمـ آلتـوآريـخ يقـرّونـك

ويحـق إليـآ من قـآلـوآ: (شـيــــخٍ) ولــد آميـــر

ويـآ قــطـر مآ عليـك خوف ومثلـه يحكمونك

رآعـي آلعلـيــآ آللي شعبـه بـ دونـه مخـآسيـر

آلله يحفــظ آرضـك يـــآ قــطــــر ويصـونـــك

دآرٍ سرى حكمهــآ بـ يّــد آحـرآر آلمنـآعيــر


بصـمــﻫـ ..! في يـوﻤ آﻠتگـآتـف وآلـولآء وآلـﻋـزٍﻫ

Part 2 ~ هـ آلفيديو يحتوي مقآطع إقتبستهآ وعملت عليه بعض آلتقطيعآت وآلدمـج بـ آلصور بـ آلإضآفـه للآصوآت وإن شآء آللـه يعجبكمـ آلعرض =]

وكل آلشكر لـ من سآهـمـ في موضوع بـصمـه يومـ آلتكآتف وآلولآء وآلعزهـ (F)..

جميع الحقوق محفوظة © 2009 مـحــد شـراتـــي . All Rights Reserved © 2009

A collection of timelapses I shot in January, 2014 with part of a song I made in 2013. We got a lot of snow in January, and that put a little bit of a damper on my outdoor photography, but I managed to get 16 timelapses in total. One of them was an indoor timelapse of crystals growing that took 5 days. So far February isn't looking so good either. I've shot 5 timelapses and we're already half way through the month. Hopefully the last half of February brings good weather. here it is on youtube...

Reptiles, or members of the class Reptilia, are air-breathing, generally "cold-blooded" (poikilothermic) amniotes that generally have skin covered in scales or scutes. They are tetrapods (having or having descended from vertebrates with four limbs) and lay amniote eggs, whose embryos are surrounded by the amnion membrane. Modern reptiles inhabit every continent with the exception of Antarctica, and four living orders are currently recognized:

Crocodilia (crocodiles, gavials, caimans, and alligators): 23 species

Sphenodontia (tuatara from New Zealand): 2 species

Squamata (lizards, snakes, and amphisbaenids ["worm-lizards"]): approximately 7,900 species

Testudines (turtles and tortoises): approximately 300 species

The majority of reptile species are oviparous (egg-laying) although certain species of squamates are capable of giving live birth. This is achieved, either through ovoviviparity (egg retention), or viviparity (offspring born without use of calcified eggs). Many of the viviparous species feed their fetuses through various forms of placenta analogous to those of mammals with some providing initial care for their hatchlings. Extant reptiles range in size from a tiny gecko, Sphaerodactylus ariasae, that grows to only 1.6 cm (0.6 in), to the saltwater crocodile that may reach 6 m in length and weigh over 1,000 kg. The science dealing with reptiles is called herpetology.


I Rettili (Reptilia, dal latino "reptilis", strisciante) rappresentarono il primo gruppo di vertebrati adattati ad un ambiente strettamente terrestre.

Ciò è dovuto innanzitutto agli adattamenti volti ad evitare la disidratazione: la pelle fortemente cheratinizzata e squamosa, le caratteristiche dell'uovo ed i polmoni maggiormente concamerati di quelli degli Anfibi, a compensare l'assenza di respirazione transcutanea.

La circolazione è doppia.

L'uovo, telolecitico cioè con molte riserve nutritive, che lo fanno schiudere in uno stadio di sviluppo molto più avanzato di quello degli anfibi, è molto simile a quello degli Uccelli (uovo di tipo ornitico, caratteristico anche della gran parte dei dinosauri). Al contrario degli uccelli manca di camera d'aria ed é generalmente simmetrico, caratteri che si ritrovano invece nei teropodi, estinti. Presenta:

un guscio calcareo permeabile all'ossigeno che permette la respirazione aerea e impedisce la disidratazione; generalmente di consistenza morbida, consiste di una membrana pergamenacea o corion rivestita più o meno (esistono anche uova rigide) da un rivestimento calcareo di unità di aragonite in genere nei cheloni o di calcite negli altri gruppi

una membrana sottostante, detta amnios, vera innovazione dei rettili per la conquista terrestre, che lo protegge dalla disidratazione e dalla compressione

un albume gelatinoso che fornisce un'ulteriore riserva nutritiva (proteine) per l'embrione lo isola meccanicamente, lo idrata e lo protegge dalle infezioni microbiche

una grossa cellula uovo (il tuorlo o sacco vitellino) ricchissima di un complesso nutritivo detto vitello (lipidi e proteine)

una membrana detta allantoide dove si accumulano le sostanze di rifiuto

La fecondazione è interna e solo dopo di essa l'uovo riceve l'albume e il guscio. Lo sviluppo dell'embrione avviene in una cavità ripiena di liquido, l'amnios o sacco amniotico: ciò permette di proteggerlo dall'essiccamento, dagli urti e dagli sbalzi termici.

L'uovo dei rettili è talmente ben adattato allo sviluppo in ambiente subaereo, che le tartarughe marine devono deporre le uova sulle spiagge.

Alcuni rettili, come la vipera, sono ovovivipari.


Font : Wikipedia

...I realized I never ever film stuff so out of the blue I started to use this option on my camera, things that can't really be photographed.

I know it's kind of cliche' but if there will be a next time i'll try harder :))


A new member in wonderland on it's first appearance..

More from wonderland -

You are welcome to visit (:

* On YouTube -

HSC Benchijigua Express

is a fast ferry, operated by shipping company Fred Olsen S.A.

between the Canary Islands, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma in the Atlantic.

It was delivered to Olsen in April 2005.


At 127 metres ( 417 ft ) long, the Benchijigua Express is the second-longest trimaran in the world, less than a metre shy of the Independence class littoral combat ship, which was based on Benchijigua Express's design. Her body is made of aluminum and with a special offshore coating; and is the second-largest vessel with an aluminum hull. The ship's name was previously used twice since 1999.


Design and construction

The Benchijigua Express was built in Henderson, Western Australia by Austal. The vessel is 126.65 metres ( 415.5 ft ) long, 30.4 metres ( 100 ft ) wide, and with a draught of 4 metres ( 13 ft ).

She can reach speeds of 42 knots ( 78 km/h; 48 mph ),

although her normal service speed is 36 knots ( 67 km/h; 41 mph ).


The vessel is powered by four diesel engines of MTU Series 8000 ( 20 valves ),

each with 8,200 kW at 1,150 rpm driven, housed in two engine rooms.


Each of the two diesels in the rear engine-room

drive one Kamewa 125 SII steerable waterjet propulsion from Rolls-Royce.


The overall performance of both machines at the front engine room

is transferred to a Kamewa 180 BII booster waterjet.


The electrical energy is generated by four MTU 12V 2000 M40 generator units.


Up to 1,291 passengers are distributed on two decks. Due to the short crossing time, there are no passenger cabins. For vehicle transport there are 123 car spaces and 450 metres ( 1,480 ft ) of truck lane; the latter can be converted into an additional 218 car spaces.


The vehicle deck can be loaded and unloaded in 30 minutes over tree lines ! ! !.




Independence class littoral combat ship

The Independence class is a class of littoral combat ships built for the United States Navy.


Based on the high-speed trimaran Benchijigua Express, the Independence class was proposed by General Dynamics and Austal as a contender for USN plans to build a fleet of small, multipurpose warships to operate in the littoral zone. Two ships were approved, to compete with Lockheed Martin's Freedom class design for a construction contract of up to 55 vessels.


As of 2010, the lead ship is active, while a second ship is under construction. Despite initial plans to only accept one our of the Independence and Freedom classes, the USN has requested that Congress order ten ships of each class.


Planning and construction

Planning for a class of small, multipurpose warships to operate in the littoral zone began in the early 2000s. In July 2003, a proposal by General Dynamics ( partnering with Austal USA, the American subsidiary of Australian shipbuilder Austal ) was approved by the USN, with a contract for two vessels. These would then be compared to two ships built by Lockheed Martin to determine which design would be taken up by the Navy for a production run of up to 55 ships.


The first ship, USS Independence was laid down at the Austal USA shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, on 19 January 2006. The planned second ship was cancelled in November 2007, but reordered in May 2009, and laid down in December of that year as USS Coronado, shortly before Independence was launched.


The development and construction of Independence as of June 2009 was running at 220% over-budget. The total projected cost for the ship is $704 million. The Navy had originally projected the cost at $220 million. Independence began builder's trials in July 2009, three days behind schedule because of maintenance issues. A leak in the port gas turbine saw the order of trials altered, but builder's and acceptance trials were completed by November. and although her first INSURV inspection revealed 2,080 deficiencies, these were rectified in time for the ship to be handed over to the USN in mid-December, and commissioned in mid-January 2010.


After much inconsistency on how testing and orders were to proceed, in November 2010, the USN asked that Congress approve ten of both the Independence and Freedom classes



The Independence class design is based on Austal's commercial high-speed trimaran Benchijigua Express. The ships are 127.4 m ( 418 ft ) long, with a beam of 31.6 m ( 104 ft ), and a draft of 13 ft ( 3.96 m ). Their displacement is rated at 2,176 tons light, 2,784 tons full, and 608 tons deadweight.


The standard ship's company is 40-strong, although this can increase depending on the ship's role with mission-specifc personnel. The habitability area is located under the bridge where bunks for ships personnel are situated. The helm is controlled by joysticks instead of traditional steering wheels.


Although the trimaran hull increases the total surface area, it is still able to reach sustainable speeds of about 50 knots ( 93 km/h; 58 mph ), with a range of 10,000 nautical miles ( 19,000 km; 12,000 mi ).

Austal claims that the design will use a third less fuel than the competing Freedom-class, but the Congressional Budget Office found that fuel would account for 18 percent or less of the total lifetime cost of Freedom.


Modular mission capability

The Independence class carries a default armament for self-defense, and command and control. However unlike traditional fighting ships with fixed armament such as guns and missiles, tailored mission modules can be configured for one mission package at a time. Modules may consist of manned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, off-board sensors, or mission-manning detachments.


The interior volume and payload is greater than some destroyers and is sufficient to serve as a high-speed transport and maneuver platform. The mission bay is 15,200 square feet ( 1,410 m2 ), and takes up most of the deck below the hangar and flight deck. With 11,000 cubic metres ( 390,000 cu ft ) of payload volume, it was designed with enough payload and volume to carry out one mission with a separate mission module in reserve, allowing the ship to do multiple missions without having to be refitted.


In addition to cargo or container-sized mission modules, the bay can carry four lanes of multiple Strykers, armored Humvees, and their associated troops. An elevator allows air transport of packages the size of a 20-foot-long ( 6.1 m ) shipping container that can be moved into the mission bay while at sea. A side access ramp allows for vehicle roll-on/roll-off loading to a dock and allows the ship to transport the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.


Armament and sensors

The Raytheon Evolved SeaRAM missile defense system is installed on the hangar roof. The SeaRAM combines the sensors of the Phalanx 1B close-in weapon system with an 11-missile launcher for the Rolling Airframe Missile ( RAM ), creating an autonomous system.


The Independence class ships also has an integrated LOS Mast, Sea Giraffe 3D Radar and SeaStar Safire FLIR. Northrop Grumman has demonstrated sensor fusion of on and off-board systems in the Integrated Combat Management System ( ICMS ) used on the LCS. Side and forward surfaces are angled for reduced radar profile. In addition, H-60 series helicopters provide airlift, rescue, anti-submarine, radar picket and anti-ship capabilities with torpedoes and missiles.


The flight deck, 1,030 m2 ( 11,100 sq ft ), can support the operation of two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters, multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, or one CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter.

The trimaran hull will allow flight operations up to sea state 5.


The vessels have an Interior Communications Center that can be curtained off from the rest of bridge instead of the heavily protected Combat Information Center found on Navy warships.


Derivative designs

Austal has proposed a much smaller and slower trimaran, called the 'Multi-Role Vessel' or 'Multi-Role Corvette'. Though it is only half the size of their LCS design, it would still be useful for border protection and counter piracy operations. Navy leaders said that the fixed price competition offered the Austal design an equal shot, in spite of its excess size and cost and limited service.




How round was the moon when Ardea,

the great city, fell

beneath sword and flame?


And when the first heron,

belly whitened by the still-warm ashes,

shoulder marked with charcoal

from burning rafters as they fell,

took wing from among the dead and dying

in a blast of blooming embers,

how round was the moon?


If the moon was full, then she rose

sleek and strong against the smoke-hazed sky,

and the moon hung fat and red

upon the horizon as she landed

on a willow, by the river,

stropping her slender bill

in silhouette against the waters.


If the moon was new, then she rose

like arched and feathered sinew,

silvered in the haze of dying fires,

and the moon, high on her ecliptic

glanced thinly through open pinions,

‘til she landed, took her stand,

silent night sentinel.


But if the moon was dark, then she rose

with an anguished cry, crest bedraggled,

yellow eyes gleaming with terror,

and the moonless dark called her,

winged cadaver, dusty death-shriek,

hunger clenched and coiled for striking,

and fishes cringed as she flew by.


How round was the moon when Ardea,

the great city, fell

beneath sword and flame?


Source material: The legend of the heron arising from the smoking ruins of the city of Ardea is recounted in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book Fourteen, lines 573-581. In English folklore, the heron is said to wax and wane with the moon. See Yvonne Aburrow, Auguries and Omens: the Magical Lore of Birds, Capall Bann, Chieveley, 1994, pp. 102-105.


Poem by Giles Watson, 2002. Reading recorded 20th April, 2010.


En la mañana, con un poco de amanecer tambien

A short photo animation. Thanks to Andriala for allowing the use of clock sound effect.


Continuing my latest project here is a recent ultra macro video attempt, I have made a few changes to my setup recently, I have purchased a Manfrotto Mini 24LED Panel for lighting, as I gather the 5D MKII sets the aperture during video shooting according to the amount of available light, so adding additional light means I can get that aperture closer to what I want.


The second purchase was a pair of +3.5 reading glasses, why you ask? Well focusing on something so small using a 3" monitor is about impossible, especially with my eyes, I don't need glasses for reading, but I found for picking out detail on the screen they really helped, I wish Canon would allow a zoom function for the screen during video shooting, it would help and the technology is there, surely!!!!


Anyway, I think this is a female Sminthurides schoetti, if not then Stenacidia violacea. These species seem to hang out together and look fairly similar. She is in a feeding stage and here you see her wandering around and periodically grazing. I seem to have a hot/dead pixel on this video clip, anyone has any ideas of a solution, a sensor clean perhaps? It isn't present on still shots, but seems to correspond with some sensor dirt on still shots.


This was filmed using the MP-E 65mm at x5 extension on 112mm of extension tubes, using a Manfrotto video light, I tried setting the ISO at 500 for this. Edited using "Windows Live Movie Maker", not bad considering its free with the computer :o)


Here is one thing I'd love to own :-


or if I win the lottery :-



Music from Lata Mangeshkar "Melodies of the Queen"


Best seen full screen

The music is in the heart to everyone....I hope !!!

For is such !!

All day in my house listening and more ...I also relaxes !!!

After finding this cool shot by Stuart...


I wanted to try the same and before doin the still one I created the animated one!

So Lassie can walk on water!


Yesterday there was a higher tide and I have to work harder to convince her !

Unluckily I cannot make her move faster…. I think those collies will never be faster….

So here it is a slow fetch….hard life…for my dogs always tired!!


We’re enjoying the last 15 days of beach….


I’ll have to search other destinations….and maybe take a cart to have a easier walk with them….sometimes I think I’m gonna lose my arm…so much I have to pull them!

And when I see someone with a dog that pulls forward I say: “lucky you!”


Have a cool day my friends!


Testing my new Arduino script.

Think I need a total re-write..

100ish frames 1ms apart put together in windows movie maker, low bandwidth

This video has been captured at Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. With Canon EOS 7D.


All rights reserved. Do not use any of the images in this stream without my permission. Contact me at

So this is my first video on flickr. Beneath the photographs I recently uploaded, I created a timelapse video of the sunrise on top of the highest mountain of the Black Forest. You can see the clouds move and the sun rise above them.


It's the same angle than the shot that got into explore yesterday, but this time with some movement and motion ;)


Feel free to add comments.

First large mouth bass footage of the new season. Taken using the Marcum underwater viewing system.

This is some footage I am using towards my a-level media course. It is no way near finished and this is only about a third of the footage. I am also doing it to a different song, but I just dubbed this one over the sample :)

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