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DS'ELLES Vic -LeLutka Fleur Head Applier BOM @ WIP Event

Soon starts on August 2

-:zk:- Little Liar Sunglasses Delicate



High in liquid light

Changing worlds, starting anew

Loving with the sky

But baby I'll never leave you

I'm never really gone

Never really gone

Don't you remember dew drops

Chasing the winds

We're crashing in waves of gold

I'll just be gone

I'll just be gone

Breaking in the wings of butterfly effect

A million lives unfold

But you and I are not done

'Cause you and I are one

And I'm never really

I'm never really gone

♪♪ ιᥒ mყ hᥱᥲd ♪♪


DS'ELLES Vic skin for Lelutka Evo *Exclusive* for WIP


*See my website for full details**

Metro station Kaisermühlen VIC


Taken @ Furillen

The Bendigo Hotel, built in 1911 to a design by architects Sydney Smith & Ogg.



'Nambrok' is a homestead and rural property in Central Gippsland between Rosedale and Sale. It is currently for sale, its most recent owner being former Federal MP Peter McGauran. This is the 'back view' of it that faces north with stunning views to the mountains.


From the Victorian Heritage Database:


"The florid polychromatic mansion is held to have been completed by 1877 (date remains unconfirmed) for pastoralist John King, the builder being William Allen of Rosedale. Planned by an unknown architect in an H formation, this single storey mansion house is an eclectic derivation of the Dutch and North Italian Renaissance fused with the Lombardic Romanesque.


'Nambrook' with prominent dutch gables, squat central romanesque tower, segmental arched arcade, canted bay windows and strident polychromy, is the most eclectic, picturesque brick mansion in rural Victoria. The complex is adorned with skillfully designed details in a manner unparalleled in Victoria.


John King, grandson of P G King, third Governor of New South Wales, was a pre-eminent district pastoralist and Gippsland pioneer. The interior is of equal note."




For anyone curious as to what the interior looks like, here is the real estate listing:


Flors amb la rosada matinal.

Flores con el rocio de la mañana.

Flowers, with the morning dew.

Ermita de La Guia.

Fisheye 8mm.

La fotografía de calle es en realidad la fotografía de personas y animales en el espacio común y compartido de las ciudades y pueblos. Su objetivo es captar la relación de esas personas con el entorno, su comportamiento social habitual o circunstancial, pero sobretodo, espontáneo; el fotógrafo pasa desapercibido generalmente, para no romper la candidez de la escena, intenta cazar el instante decisivo y huye rápidamente del lugar o permanece de forma inadvertida para no interferir en el desarrollo de los acontecimientos.


Es un tipo de fotografía que se ha de realizar desde el máximo respeto y atención a la dignidad de las personas, considerando que los personajes de la misma lo son de forma casual y que es la propia vida quien los ha puesto en ese lugar y en ese momento. Lo verdaderamente importante es la imagen en su contexto como documento humano.


Por eso mismo, no puede ser de otra manera, cualquier persona que sienta incomodidad al reconocerse en una fotografía callejera publicada en este lugar, puede pedir que se deje de mostrar. Del mismo modo, si desea obtener una copia de la misma, se la entregaré encantado.



My upload for a weekly challenge I'm doing with a group of Flickr friends. This week's theme is geometry.


"The former Brighton Municipal Offices were designed by Kevin Knight of Oakley and Parkes" . . . "the foundation stone being laid on 13 February 1959. The interior decoration and furniture was by Grant Featherston. The building was opened on 21 July 1961."


"The circular foyer, Council Chamber, and two circular meeting rooms designed by Grant Featherston including their extant furniture and light fittings, are of aesthetic and historic importance as an intact example of interior design in Victoria of the late 1950's, and as an important work of Grant Featherston, a leading Australian industrial designer of the 1950's and 60's. Grant Featherston earned for his profession a popular acceptance unique in the history of the Industrial design movement in this country.


The Brighton Municipal Offices are of architectural importance as an expression of the influence in Australia of the work of internationally renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The building, with its prominent curved and tapering 'drum' form recalling his design for the Guggenheim Museum of 1946-59 in Fifth Avenue, New York, successfully combines the different curved and planar forms and integrates the landscaping into the building fabric through use of planter retaining walls. The building represents a successful translation of the Organic International style into a suburban public building in Victoria."




The building is now home to the Brighton Library.

Princes Park in Maryborough is one of Victoria's oldest recreation reserves. It has been the site of sporting events since it was first used as a cricket ground in 1857, only a few years after Yarra Park (1853) and Albert Park (1855) in Melbourne. The Highland Gathering has been held on New Year's Day at the Park since 1859 and is claimed to be the longest continuous sporting event in Australia. The 1895 grandstand is one of the earliest in Victoria and one of only a few nineteenth century surviving grandstands.


Part of the heritage citation for Princes Park reads:


"The 1895 Grandstand is of architectural significance as an important design of the long established and notable architectural firm, Thomas Watts and Sons. Thomas Watts (1827-1915) arrived in Victoria in 1853 and was one of the founders of the Victorian Institute of Architects in 1856 and the first Hon. Secretary. He was President in 1884-85 and in 1900. The architectural firm designed some of Victoria's most significant buildings, including Bontharambo (1858), CSR buildings (1872), Cramond House (1888), Dalmeny House (1888), Malvern House (1891-2). The Grandstand uses extensive turned wood decoration and is an early example of all timber decoration that became more widespread in late Victorian and the Edwardian period. The Grandstand is the only example of this type of building by Thomas Watts and Sons, and was modelled on the 1886 South Melbourne grandstand designed by William Elliot Wells which was destroyed by fire in 1926 and a similar grandstand at Victoria Park, Collingwood which was demolished in 1966."




Litchfield, Illinois

The refreshed Vic Suhling's Gas stands renewed outside the new Route 66 museum.

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Serie de 4 fotos de la plaza de Vic, espero os gusten. Estan hechas en una noche de esas en las que no duermo demasiado, por no decir nada.

Vista del petit poblet de Vic d'Ost (en francès Vic d'Oust), al Coserans. En ell hi destaquen el castell i sobretot la bonica església romànica de N. D. de Vic d'Ost.




The little french village of Vic d'Oust (d'Ost in occitan) has his own castle and specially this romanesque church.

XXXVI Mercat del Ram Balloon Festival Trophy.

EC-MBZ Ultramagic S70.

I took this one on my 128 Kodak many years ago at Shenfield common Brentwood

The world famous Victoria falls are located in the border region between Zambia and Zimbabwe and are probably the worlds second largest water falls. The Zambesi river falls 110 meters deep over a length of more than 2 km.


This picture has been taken early in the morning at the Rainbow Falls at the edge of Zimbabwes territory. The fact that the Zambesi carries not much water in January makes this shot possible otherwise you would probably see only spray. But even at this time the air is extremely wet and camera equipment had to be protected from spray rain at all time.

I couldn't hold myself for NoVVember so I started early. I haven't built any Vipers for the last few years so I feel like taking a fresh crack at some. God I wish nnenn was still around, this one's for you dude ♥

Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents [1]. The main goal is to capture the relationship between the environment and people, their behavior, their everyday social interaction as well as the unexpected situations, but more especially spontaneous newsworthy events.


The Street photographer aim is to capture the decisive moment without interfering. He works showing respect, attention, and dignity towards people. He considers that people are characters by chance and their own life and decisions have taken them to that place and through that moment. The essential ingredient is to make from that decisive moment a historical document of the humanity.


Therefore, any discomfort you might feel at recognizing yourself in a picture shared on this account, you're free to ask to remove it. By the same token, if you want a copy of the picture, let me know and I will be please to summit it to you.


[1] Warner Marien, Mary (2012). 100 ideas that changed photography. London: Laurence King Publishing. p. 169. ISBN 978-1-85669-793-4.



Talgo, Barcelona-Puigcerdà.


Catalan Talgo, Barcelona-Puigcerdá passing Vic some two minutes to Vic station.

After my little brick-Vics, I thought that I'd build a "proper", minifigure scale Vic Viper for Nnovvember. The cockpit on this ship is a self-contained egg, which detaches as an escape capsule.

Es poc probable veure trens carguers a la linia de Vic, com en aquest cas direcció Sud, a la sortida de la estació.


Visto a la salida de Vic dirección Sur.


Seen leaving Vic Station (Osona) direction South.


♥ DS'ELLES - VIC FOR Lelutka evo HEAD @ Wip Event

♥ Only BOM / shape included for Fleur & Nova/ with and without eyebrows

♥ Wearing Lelutka Nova Head


DS'ELLES Vic for lelutka Fleur & Nova @ WIP







Guapa Kim Shape

Lelutka River

TRUTH / Delicate

Pont de Queralt.

Rio Mèder.

Capella de Sant Francesc s'hi moria. Entre Vic i Roda de Ter. Declarada bè cultural d'interès local a Vic.


Capilla románica entre Vic y Roda de Ter.


Romanesque hermitage in Osona, between Vic and Roda de Ter.


Vista força clàsica de la Catedral, etc.

Vista bastante habitual de Vic.

Typical view of the city.

Pont de Queralt sur El Gurri. Construit au XIe siècle dans l’une des anciennes portes de la muraille, ce pont de style roman, marque la vieille route vers Barcelone, qui suivait la voir romaine.


Ma stretto per davvero! ..e in salita!

Soundtrack // Bande-son: BALMORHEA ("Guest Room Theme"):


"Beau comme une peinture cette photo..." // "This photo is as beautiful as a painting..." (Georges LISSILLOUR /


"So French !" // "Tellement français..." (Paul NEEDHAM /


"Charming is exactly what comes to my mind." // "Charmant est le premier mot qui me vient à l'esprit." (Elliot MARGOLIES /


"Brings to mind many pleasant memories of traveling. It is a photo I would stop and take too and so I feel connected to it." // "Voilà qui me rappelle de plaisants souvenirs de voyage. Je me sens connecté avec cette image car je me serais arrêter aussi pour prendre cette photo." (Mary Ann WHITNEY-HALL / )


"Se parece mucho a una calle de uno de los pueblos de mi pais, exelente fotografia, exelente tratamiento." // "Cela ressemble beaucoup à une rue dans l’une des villes de mon pays, la Colombie. Excellente photographie, excellent traitement." (Cesar Augusto TRUJILLO /

Vic, zona del sucre


Serie de 4 fotos de la plaza de Vic, espero os gusten. Estan hechas en una noche de esas en las que no duermo demasiado, por no decir nada.

Serie de 4 fotos de la plaza de Vic, espero os gusten. Estan hechas en una noche de esas en las que no duermo demasiado, por no decir nada.

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