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Luz en un camino oscuro.


# explore 130 oct 08/2010


The best photo of the Year 2010 7 (Seven)

A second image of this series.


Part of my Set "Textured"


Explore #387 on May 2, 2009



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El Grau de Castelló de la Plana.

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Snowdrifts taken from the roof of my almost stranded van.

Monks passing a doorway at Ganden Monastery, Tibet

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Explore #282 Mar/19/2009

Frozen waterfall at Johnson Canyon in winter, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Contrail above the vast emptiness of Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

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a wonderful Flyffy, Feathered Friday !


Raiffhaus sais : "...They look like little Ballerinas dancing on the stem!" (thank you!)


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This photo was taken at night, New Years Eve on my friend's farm. It was a full moon that lit up the scene. The orange sky is light from a large city far south of the farm.

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Part of my Set "Autumn/Fall"


Same location as HERE...


Explore #76 on Nov. 11, 2009


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Except the perspective control, all processing done in Camera Raw from a SINGLE exposure. (16 bit ProPhoto RGB colour space)

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EXPLORE #322 Mar/22/2009

Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Re-processed spring of 2009 photo in Camera Raw, 16bit ProPhoto colour space. Suprise: the hint of Northern Lights on the northern horizon

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All processing done in Camera Raw (16bit, ProPhoto colour space).

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539 / 35 / 142


~ catched it at a "Bude" (shack) on the street.. the mirror plate was a bit dusty :-)

the rings are of high quality plastic ... no gold or steal anylonger!


# The story:


~Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!! ~


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Long blades of grass covered with frost above a fast flowing creek partially covered with ice. The temperature is around minus 25 Celsius.

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Can't get rid off the obsession with Stonehenge and fertility cults of the era the stones were erected in. Never believed in Druids hip-hopping in white hoodies under a full moon. Taking another look at touristy shots and exposing (sic) them to a different light (colour was usually blood those days) one gets VERY interesting effects seemingly supporting the theory.