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Ultra fractal program - no post manipulation

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12.6.2009, your image has been chosen as a high wizard pic of the week and will be shown on the front page of thecolorwizards.........congratulations!




Some more dynamics caught with a 1930s Rangefinder ...

Plus-x in efd

Lith on Portriga Rapid (PRW118)

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All time fave of mine... hope you guys are having a good time :)


Highest position on Explore July 7, 2009 #57

Explored Jun 3, 2010 #300


Finally she's here... she took about 3 weeks, even EMS shipping.. well she was for about 2 weeks in customs...

Photographer: Federico Erra


La collaborazione con Federico Erra produsse 9 foto, tutte contenute nel suo stream. Queste foto furono tra le prime postate nella mia galleria ma non avendole tutte nelle dimensioni originali ho deciso di cancellarle lasciando per ora le uniche che possiedo in tale dimensione: molte delle persone che le hanno commentato qui in precedenza accusavano il fatto di non poterle apprezzare bene appunto per le dimensioni ridotte.


Il buon Federico Erra troverà prima o poi il tempo per spedirmi gli originali ;) e così poter rimetterle qui.


Nell'attesa vi saluto calorosamente e vi ringrazio per il sostegno.

Luftbild vom Pfrombach bei Niedererlbach

Stencil and acrylic on canvas.

150 x 200 cm

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The sun stands still for no one, constantly changing shadows, lighting and the general atmosphere... You have little time to meditate and contemplate your subject... you must quickly decide your course of action, and with verve and emotion, capture the essence of your subject. (Sidney Hermel)


More or less

It's just a change in me

Something in my liberty

Oh, my, my


Coming and going

I watch you look at me

Watch my fever growing

I know just where I am

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