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Picture taken for the contest "Transparencies" (any texture, only a glass)


Note per il contest "Trasparenze" del gruppo FOTOGRAFANDO (solo contest):

l'immagine non ha subito trattamenti ne uso di texture, il vetro è quello della mia serra (non so dirvi il nome specifico del tipo di vetro purtroppo). Il titolo "Sottovuoto" è in parte legato allo scatto (30 gradi fuori dalla serra, vi lascio immaginare dentro) ed in parte alle trasparenze degli alimenti appunto sottovuoto.

Fujifilm finepix hs10 + raynox dcr-250


Shot in raw, sharpened a bit more, and cropped, nothing else. :)

Entry for my Iron Builder with Kos brick. The secret ingredient for this round is 2 x 2 Domes in Dark Blue.


Invented in about 1905 by Ambrose Fleming, vacuum tubes were a basic component for electronics throughout the first half of the twentieth century, which saw the diffusion of radio, television, radar, sound reinforcement, sound recording and reproduction, large telephone networks, analog and digital computers, and industrial process control

shot for Macro Monday's theme of: Scientific


available for purchase through

The very impressive vacuum pump for paper machine eight

My vacuum cleaner doesn't smile like this - and neither do I when using it!

(Seen outside our hotel room)


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these are based on a story I read on DA written by an artist who I cant remember, while he makes no reference to the design of these rifles, his story inspired me to make these.


they are based on some sort of electromagnetic system, propelling a projectile down grooves in the forearms of the weapons.


credit to Hoongoi, and to a DA artist named Biometal and to the sci fi nerd and to archkyrie and to deathmasque.


please click all sizes :)



I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! The first of july my old notebook died and I was without a computer..

Now I'm writing from my new monstrous imac 27''.. :-)

I hope I'll catch up quickly with my project!


This is a picture I had in my mind for quite some time, I hope you like it, it's part of a"ghost series"


Take a look at my 365 days project here


Take a look at my other surrealistic works here


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A little road trip to Wisconsin tonight. First pictures I have posted from the dslr in awhile.

Something is missing in life and I can't tell what it is.

Five vintage vacuum tubes from an RCA Victor AM-FM Phonograph.

Wall cloud in a thunderstorm supercell.


Orage .. oh désespoir!

Base d'une supercellule orageuse avec un nuage mur



Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Yvelines (78) - France

Pretty busy with work this week. My flickr infidelities shame me.




Powering all those old Art-Deco radios and other electronica are valves. Here a suitcase houses quite a few of them both English and American varieties .

Photographer: Georgiy Alexandrov Copyright: Georgiy Alexandrov

This is what happens when I don't feel like going out on a Friday night, I've got lots of beer in my fridge, I really need to vacuum my apartment, and I've been listening to super-hyper rockabilly on KEXP. And I have to do a 365 and feel like using strobes. My downstairs neighbors probably want to kill me.




Strobist info:

NIkon SB-600 at 1/4 power in a shoot-through umbrella above and behind camera.

Triggered via Gadget Infinity Cactus V2.

"Hope our vacuum is hungry," stated Phillip.


"Oh he is. He hasn't been fed in weeks! Well, since he ate mom's ring and refused to reveal its whereabouts!"


"Are you sure this is how mom wanted the Christmas mess cleaned up, because once he eats it, he won't want to give it back for next year."


"I already thought about that. I filled him up on old salami and moldy leftovers. Once we are done cleaning, we will just open him up and take out what we need before he has time to digest it or throw it up...whichever comes first!"


"Marble, you are the smartest!"


As vezes acho que o mundo parece assim, correndo atraz de mim.

Nao entendo como uma pessoa pode usar substancias alteradoras das mentes.

Veja bem...

O cara cheira um pó para ficar rapido.

Fuma um baseado pra ficar lerdo.

E vacila, pois o mundo passa rapido demais a sua frente.

Entao, nem pó, nem coca, by the way...

Eu vi...

Coca pros ricos,

Cola, para os pobres, legal essa né?

Vi muito irmaozinho pivete nessa parada.

Mas o melhor de tudo.

É parar e observar o mundo girando ao nosso meio.

Como agora, depois de umas 3 tacinhas de cabernet...

O maravilha ...

O vida, cuide bem de mim...


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What do retro modern vacuum cleaners and King Edward the VIIIth have in common? Nahlin of course!


The 91.4 metro long steamer has been dubbed the 'Royal love boat' because King Edward and Mrs Simpson enjoyed an Adriatic cruise aboard the Nahlin in the 30's and planned his up coming abdication.


Nahlin was sold to King Caroll II of Romania before his abdication, and then used as a museum and eventually a restaurant on the Danube. Some time later Nahlin was refitted by Blohm + Vos, (the same company responsible for the futuristic "A" featured in an earlier post), and purchased by Sir James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame.

For Kim... Next time be more careful when you vacuum.

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