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Last time I changed lenses I must have tipped a handful of gravel in the camera. Really dreadful today, I've ordered a mini-vacuum cleaner, as I'm not in favour of wiping chemic across my sensor too often. - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" - B J Thomas. - Snoop - "Vapors" - Milestones


(and, yes, I've heard these songs - and many, many more, from 1967 to now - over my car radio while at the carwash).


This car wash is about a half mile from my house. I’ve been washing, cleaning and vacuuming my cars here for at least 40 years.


Each car I’ve owned as an adult has visited this place; day and night, summer and winter, spring and fall, rain, snow and shine – 1961 Volvo 142S, 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, 1967 Camaro RS convertible, 1973 Dodge Charger Hemi, 1980 Mazda RX-7, 1985 Mazda RX-7, 1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II, 1998 Dodge Caravan, and 2005 Chevy Trailblazer.


I like this place. Sometimes I’d just drive up here and sit; talk shit with the locals, drink a little, eat some take out ribs, chicken or hot links, 'cause its easier than goin' home, watch drug deals go down, lives lived out, and cars come and go. Over the decades, young guys grow into middle-aged guys and middle-aged guys grew into older gentlemen, like me. There have been occasional fights, a robbery here and there. Occasional: here and there. Hardly enough to keep you away from the place.


This carwash has a longterm consistent persoanlity, yet is chameleon-like by the season. It has always fascinated me. There is the open, "festival" vibe of summer; the "hurried-let's-get-this-over-and-done-with" rush in winter. In spring it is vibrant with movement and laughter, and with lots of looking up at a warming sun and blueing sky; and autumn is rather dour, quiet and businesslike. Warm sunny days bring one type of customer, rainy and snowy days, another. Same for daytime and night. (I'm a warm and sunny day, and a rainy/snowy night, habitue').


Down-and-out guys have always hung around, offering to wash your car, your wheels or hub caps, for a little change. Most people, especially women, don’t want to bend down low and be vulnerable to attack - or get all wet - and wash the lower parts of their cars. So, while these down and out, grungy guys can be a pain in the ass, and kinda’ scary themselves, at least the women and the older people, can sit in their cars or stand safely to the side while getting’ the lower parts of their vehicles cleaned off too.


But, females only come to this place in daylight, usually between 8am and 6pm (in summer). Earlier or later in the day, it’s mainly a guy’s place.


I’ve come up here just to sit, listen to the radio, read the paper, drink coffee, slowly clean the car, and vacuum the rugs. Sometimes it’s loud and noisy, almost chaos with all the cars, radios, mixing with the noise of water spray, vacuum cleaners and people yakkin’. Sometimes, it’s eerily empty; quiet; desolate; like on this cold and rainy, late-autumn night.


I like the latter; always have. I tend to think of the night as mine. I’ve always considered myself predator, not prey, and carried myself as such. I’ve had no issues, although with each passing year and the older I get, I know that scale is beginning to shift - and not in my favor either.


But, I don’t wish to stay away. I like it here. You develop an emotional loyalty to such places. I know its moods, it feelings, its energies, who belongs, who doesn't. You feel safe, even if it really isn’t.


“Man, you go to that carwash? At night?”

“Yeah? Why not?

“Man, that damn place is O.K. Corral.”

“Shit, ain’t that bad; just talk.”

Strange look from the guy talkin' to you.

"Hey, what can I say? I'm comfortable."


Challenge #7: Car Tires. This was a photo challenge I gave to the group. Why Tires? I'm not sure why; it just felt kind of "out there," different than what I've been doing. I’ve been a bit on the photographic soft side lately with milkweed, fruit, ink, woods, etc. Tires would not be that.


“It would be hard to think `car tires' and come up with romantic or soft imagery," I thought. The image I thought I was going to do, "hot car, hot wheels," I didn’t do - didn’t come close doing. Such cars, with such wheels, tend to be on the rare side in Chicago in general, but especially come winter, aka "salt season." We believe in salt in this City, lot's and lot's of salt, and the rusted under carriages of cars that go hand-in-hand with that. That's why our car-washes stay open year `round and down-and-outers can always be found willing to get down low and clean it up.


Note: no bodies are under that tarp: just salt for the wash bays in winter. :-)


Textures by:

Delany Dean -

Pareeerica -

Flypaper -

Distressed -


Introducing the all new NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic: The solution to your moon dust allergies!


FebRovery 2013.


PS: I have no idea how a giant vacuum cleaner is supposed to function in a vacuum...


new hair by Truth; new dress + boots by Baiastice (Collabor88); new retro star gem jewelry by Maxi Gossamer (Collabor88)


new items at The Arcade: new skin by Glam Affair; new vacuum cleaner, pink broom, clothesline & cleaning supplies by What Next; new wooden dog by Milk Motion; new awards statuette by Commoner

well.........I'm in "spring cleaning" mode.........& when I put the vacuum away....(see last posting)......I went to clean out my archives & found a few forgotten gems.......

What do retro modern vacuum cleaners and King Edward the VIIIth have in common? Nahlin of course!


The 91.4 metro long steamer has been dubbed the 'Royal love boat' because King Edward and Mrs Simpson enjoyed an Adriatic cruise aboard the Nahlin in the 30's and planned his up coming abdication.


Nahlin was sold to King Caroll II of Romania before his abdication, and then used as a museum and eventually a restaurant on the Danube. Some time later Nahlin was refitted by Blohm + Vos, (the same company responsible for the futuristic "A" featured in an earlier post), and purchased by Sir James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame.

The Arcade starts at March, 1st!!!


Idea, landscaping, decoration und realization by [STUDIOWORX]!


Please note: This place does not exist and can not be visited in Second Life. It's a studio setup, which was built for just for this photo in our studio!

Grand Central Terminal. Janitors vacuum cleaning the western window


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Meet my new 'maid of all work' who is a whiz with a duster, the vacuum cleaner and a pair of washing up gloves.


Great fun, Bev.


Credit to JoesSistah, Altered Emporium and Marta Van Eck.


Thank you for looking.

This one didn't turn out quite the way I had envisioned it, but I like it.

Honey dream of the vacuum cleaner

Housekeeping is the the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a home. It is one of the many chores included in the term housework. Housecleaning includes activities such as disposing of rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting and vacuuming. It may also involve some outdoor chores, such as removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows and sweeping doormats. The term is often used also figuratively in politics and business, for the removal of unwanted personnel, methods or policies in an effort at reform or improvement.


Housecleaning is done to make the home look better and be safer and easier to live in. Without housecleaning limescale builds up on taps, mold grows in wet areas, bacterial action make the garbage disposal and toilet smell and cobwebs accumulate. Tools used in housecleaning include vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops and sponges, together with cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants and bleach.




Selfridges, AKA Selfridges & Co, is a chain of high end department stores in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge. The flagship store in London's Oxford Street is the second largest shop in the UK (after Harrods) and was opened on 15 March 1909. More recently, three other stores have been opened; in Trafford, Greater Manchester (1998), in Manchester City Centre's Exchange Square (2002) and in the Bullring, Birmingham (2003). For 14 years, the store belonged to Liverpool's now-defunct Lewis's retail group.




For more vital information about housekeeping and why Selfridges matters, see the following links and enjoy:


WIKIPEDIA = Housekeeping = Who Does The Dishes Tonight?




WIKIPEDIA = Selfridges = Great shop, Great address, Great capital


here they are, sunning themselves between jobs. i don't normally stare at my dishtowels, but wow, this sight gave a few moments of domestic bliss. then it was back to ducktaping my vacuum cleaner head and wondering if i should leave the tree up til easter.

No need to clean, this place is just in perfect condition.


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Fujifilm finepix hs10 + raynox dcr-250


Shot in raw, sharpened a bit more, and cropped, nothing else. :)

   A component selection for vacuum cleaner…




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Bought a new vacuum cleaner and re-organised the lounge today. I have so many cuts and scratches from boxes and things. Eh.




theres someone calling, an angel whispers my name

but the message relayed is the same

I always hear them when the dead of night

comes calling to save me from this fight




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Not afraid of anything (not counting the shower, darkness and the vacuum cleaner).

With a theme of building on subjects that I love, I happened to catch the light hitting the Salsify and knew it was time to see what I could get out of this stuff that looks like wood (and dust) and most of it has found its way into the vacuum cleaner. Time for the macro to take a look! straight up shot with good old morning sunlight.


Micro-Nikkor, 55mm f/2.8 Nikon Lens


Explore 01-18-09 #123

or cleaning day????


yea, just cleaning day at the "bonita finca de adobe"..... with vacuumed rugs hanging over a chair on my patio... waiting to be put back in their place once the floors have been washed (((;


I had to mow the lawn this morning and Fynn went out in the garden with me as he loves to watch the lawn mower in action. The noise doesn't seem to bother him. All other cats I know don't trust the lawn mower any more than they trust the vacuum cleaner and try to keep the largest possible distance between themselves and the infernal machine. Only Fynn installs himself on the garden path and enjoys the show.

Glasses: VCO - Party Glasses

Neck: {mon tissu} Prudence Collar ~ White

Necklace: =Zenith=Ribbon Necklace (Spine) (group gift)

Coat: Maitreya Oversized Coat - Dusty Pink

Ring: [AUX] Melt My Heart - Pink

Bracelet: GizzA - Electra Set [Beige] Bracelet (gacha)

Bag: =Zenith=CallMe bag (Milk Flower) (gacha)

Pants: tram -skinny printed pants(MESH)[fl7]

Shoes: +Half-Deer+ Obel Sneakers - Floral RARE (gacha)


Hair mix: *ARGRACE* Sarah - Dark Brown [A] (upper part) + TRUTH HAIR Maisy Buns

Skin: .Birdy. Megan Skin ~Porcelaine~ with .Birdy. {GLOSS} Raspberry (The Skin Fair)

Eyeliner: [Buzz] Essentials - Royale Liner

Blush: { Precious } Peachy Make-up Gift (The Skin Fair)

Moles: .Birdy. Blair moles (Tintable)

Nose: -Glam Affair - Aria skin ( Asia tone ) Noses (The Arcade)

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sweety // Brown Eye + {S0NG} :: Sweety // Feeling Blue Eye (Kustom9)

Nails: Ma Vie. - Les Vernis - Classics (gacha)


Kitchen Furniture:

Trompe Loeil - Retro Kitchen Natural PG

-tb- Kitchen Basics - Full Shelf RARE

AF Willow Plates

Second Spaces - Clean Sweep - (push broom, hook shelf and bucket o' clean)

Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter - Freshness (The Arcade)

(what next} Red Vacuum Cleaner RARE (The Arcade)

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Endeavour ~ STS-134 ~ Launch Sequence ~ 28


(Shots from Banana River VIP Shuttle Launch Viewing Area - 3 miles from the launch pad!)


WE MADE IT!! WE caught it! We shot it!! Shuttle launch - STS-134 ~ Endeavour’s farewell flight - it was amazing! Beautiful! Breathe taking! Something so magical and majestic!! Something Ken & I have both dreamed of seeing, something we have struggled for, hoped for! Lucky to have been there! Anxious! Exciting, nerve-wracking! And then suddenly- GONE through the clouds after that magnificent roll she does so well! No do-overs! One shuttle mission left to fly- Atlantis STS-135, then no more. A bitter-sweet event . . .


What can I say about NASA and the US Space Program? Have you ever used a cell phone, a computer? Checked weather? Had an x-ray? Used anything plastic? And on and on- yes, trying hard not to do the “Kim lecture” thing, but SO many advancements in science, technology, and medicine ARE spinoffs of the space program and so few people seem to know! These developments and contributions benefit not only the U.S. of A. but the WORLD!!


Since 1976, about 1,400 documented NASA inventions have benefited U.S. industry, improved the quality of life and created jobs for not just Americans, but around the world as well. From the early days of space exploration, these developments have helped change the way of life, especially in health care.


Dialysis A NASA developed chemical process was responsible for the development of kidney dialysis machines.


CAT Scan/MRI The need to find imperfections in aerospace structures and components, such as castings, rocket motors and nozzles led to the development of a medical CAT scanner which searches the human body for tumors or other abnormalities. Digital signal-processing techniques, originally developed to enhance pictures of the Moon for the Apollo Program, are an indispensable part of Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT) scan & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologies used today worldwide.


Physical Therapy Astronaut health has always been a concern. Weightless conditions could cause physical deterioration, so a cardiovascular conditioner was developed for astronauts in space. This led to the development of a physical therapy and athletic development machine used by football teams, sports clinics and medical rehabilitation centers.


SystemTV Satellite Dishes NASA developed ways to correct errors in the signals coming from the spacecraft. This technology is used to reduce noise (that is, messed up picture or sound) in TV signals coming from satellites. NASA has put many many satellites in orbit that provide weather images, report changing environments on our planet, military intel as well as everyday TV signals.


SystemMedical Imaging NASA developed ways to process signals from spacecraft to produce clearer images. (See more on digital information and how spacecraft send images from space.) This technology also makes possible these photo-like images of our insides.


Bar Coding Originally developed to help NASA keep track of millions of spacecraft parts, bar-coding is now used by almost everybody who sells things to keep track of how much of what is sold and how much of what is left.


Vision Screening System Uses techniques developed for processing space pictures to examine eyes of children and find out quickly if they have any vision problems. The child doesn't have to say a word!


Ear Thermometer Instead of measuring temperature using a column of mercury (which expands as it heats up), this thermometer has a lens like a camera and detects infrared energy, which we feel as heat. The warmer something is (like your body), the more infrared energy it puts out. This technology was originally developed to detect the birth of stars.


Fire Fighter Equipment Fire fighters wear suits made of fire resistant fabric developed for use in space suits.


Sun Tiger Glasses From research done on materials to protect the eyes of welders working on spacecraft, protective lenses were developed that block almost all the wavelengths of radiation that might harm the eyes, while letting through all the useful wavelengths that let us see.


Automobile Design Tools A computer program developed by NASA to analyze a spacecraft or airplane design and predict how parts will perform is now used to help design automobiles. This kind of software can save money by letting car makers see how well a design will work even before they build a prototype.


Cordless Tools Portable, self-contained power tools were originally developed to help Apollo astronauts drill for moon samples. This technology has lead to development of such tools as the cordless vacuum cleaner, power drill, shrub trimmers, and grass shears.


Aerodynamic Bicycle Wheel A special bike wheel uses NASA research in airfoils (wings) and design software developed for the space program. The three spokes on the wheel act like wings, making the bicycle very efficient for racing.


Thermal Gloves and Boots These gloves and boots have heating elements that run on rechargeable batteries worn on the inside wrist of the gloves or embedded in the sole of the ski boot. This technology was adapted from a spacesuit design for the Apollo astronauts.


Shock Absorbing Helmets These special football helmets use a padding of Temper Foam, a shock absorbing material first developed for use in aircraft seats. These helmets have three times the shock absorbing ability of previous types.


Ski Boots These ski boots use accordion-like folds, similar to the design of space suits, to allow the boot to flex without distortion, yet still give support and control for precision skiing.


Failsafe Flashlight This flashlight uses NASA's concept of system redundancy, which is always having a backup for the parts of the spacecraft with the most important jobs. This flashlight has an extra-bright primary bulb and an independent backup system that has its own separate lithium battery (also a NASA developed technology) and its own bulb.


Invisible Braces These teeth-straightening braces use brackets that are made of a nearly invisible translucent (almost see-through) ceramic material. This material is a spinoff of NASA's advanced ceramic research to develop new, tough materials for spacecraft and aircraft.


Edible Toothpaste This is a special foamless toothpaste developed for the astronauts to use in space (where spitting is not a very good idea!) Although this would be a great first toothpaste for small children, it is no longer available.


Joystick Controllers Joystick controllers are used for lots of things now, including computer games and vehicles for people with disabilities. These devices evolved from research to develop a controller for the Apollo Lunar Rover, and from other NASA research into how humans actually operate (called "human factors").


Food Services A hospital food service system employs a cook/chill concept for serving food. The system allows staff to prepare food well in advance, maintain heat, visual appeal and nutritional value while reducing operating costs. Freeze-dried food solved the problem of what to feed an astronaut on the long-duration Apollo missions. This technology is now in common use.


Shoe Design Athletic shoe design and manufacture also benefited from Apollo. Space suit technology is incorporated into a shoe's external shell. A stress free "blow molding" process adapted from NASA space suit design is also used in the shoe's manufacture.


Auto Industry Use Insulation barriers made of aluminum foil laid over a core of propylene or mylar, which protected astronauts and their spacecraft's delicate instruments from radiation, is used to protect cars and trucks and dampen engine and exhaust noise.


Water Purification Water purification technology used on the Apollo spacecraft is now employed in several spinoff applications to kill bacteria, viruses and algae in community water supply systems and cooling towers. Filters mounted on faucets can reduce lead in water supplies.


Coating for Metal Surfaces Process for bonding dry lubricant to space metals led to the development of surface enhancement coatings, which are used in applications from pizza making to laser manufacture. Each coating is designed to protect specific metal group or group of metals to solve problems encountered under operating conditions. Vacuum metallizing techniques led to an extensive line of commercial products, from insulated outer garments to packaging for foods & from reflective blankets to photographic reflectors.


Cordless Tools Cordless power tools & appliances are one of the most successful commercial spin-offs of space-based technology.


Thermal Technology Cool suits, which kept Apollo astronauts comfortable during moon walks, are today worn by race car drivers, hazardous area workers, & people with specific health problems.


Hazardous Gas Detection A hollow retroreflector, a mirror-like instrument that reflects light & other radiation back to the source, is used as a sensor to detect the presence of hazardous gases in oil development, chemical plants, waste storage sites & locations where gases could be released into the environment.


Need another reason for how important our space program has been and where my passion lies??! Didn't think so! :)

こうやって見ると顔はおとなしく見えますが、実際は吠えまくって大変です。そして、噛み付き攻撃…。二人とも…(汗) 今日は写真を撮るため特別に外に出していますが、本当は掃除の邪魔になるのでケージに入れちゃいます。

Right now my floor is full of stuff I'm sorting, I am going to do a clean out in the spring.


Actually I am really eager for sping and want to clean clean clean the whole house. Just got a new vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer in Jan and yesterday shampooed the stairs and upstairs landing and it looks SO much better.


TIP: if you have dried acrylic paint in your carpet, drip rubbing alcohol on it and blot it up with paper towels. This actually really worked and worked great for me on carpet that I was afraid was going to have to be replaced. Don't saturate the carpet with the alcohol because it can damage the backing, and blot don't rub. This can be a lengthy job that eats lots of paper towels and alcohol, but it's cheaper than new carpet.

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Thunderstorm on 10.07.2014 somewhere in Hessen, Germany.


If You are interested in a digital copy or a poster of the photograph (or other photographs), please just drop me an Email on


Gewitteraufzug am 10.07.2014 irgendwo in Hessen zwischen Wetzlar und Limburg.


Wenn jemand Interesse an einem digitalen Abzug oder einem Poster von dem Foto hat (auch von anderen Fotos von mir), schreibt mir doch eine Email an

Illustration for a monthly essay series titled 'an open lecture for analog people.' This month's subject was vacuum-cleaner.

Not sure on the history but we had to move quick as it was our last of the day and the light was fading.


The man down Italian toll tour. Taking in some Italian delights on a 4 day explore.


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vacuum in heels?


for Me Again Monday: theme: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

"Hope our vacuum is hungry," stated Phillip.


"Oh he is. He hasn't been fed in weeks! Well, since he ate mom's ring and refused to reveal its whereabouts!"


"Are you sure this is how mom wanted the Christmas mess cleaned up, because once he eats it, he won't want to give it back for next year."


"I already thought about that. I filled him up on old salami and moldy leftovers. Once we are done cleaning, we will just open him up and take out what we need before he has time to digest it or throw it up...whichever comes first!"


"Marble, you are the smartest!"

The Alexander Brown House in Syracuse, New York is a Romanesque Revival sandstone and tile home built in 1895. It was the home of Alexander T. Brown, co-founder of Brown-Lipe-Chapin Company, a firm that was absorbed into General Motors.[3] Brown was a successful inventor and manufacturer. He added such engineering features to the house as a hydraulic elevator and a house-wide vacuum cleaning system.

NRHP Reference#:88002376

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My friends robot vacuum cleaner...

Highest position: 72 on Sunday, September 29, 2013


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An old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Wales. Visited with Wiffsmiff23 and Martyn.


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USB Gift Set For Men includes a USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner, a USB Desk Lamp, a USB Cup Warmer and a USB Mood Light Pen Holder With 4 Ports Power Hub. All these are colored in cool silver. It's a really cool and useful USB gadget for you, your friends and even your kids.

I've been playing around with my new wide-angle lens and really liked the wildness of this image. This is one of the paddocks at Juddmonte Stud Farm not far from Reading. It's a strange and rather spooky place. Although there are lots of horses you never see any people and it is spotlessly clean as though someone has gone round the stable yard with a vacuum cleaner - see photo below - that's not normal is it?

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