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finally vacations!!! I return in 15 days

Summer vacation from today!

I do life without the net for a while... :))

Please spend a pleasant summer holiday~

Finally, vacations. =)

I'll try to spend more time in photography now. I miss this...

Anyway, this shot isn't a good one, I had to put ISO:1600, it was 9:30 pm already, so there are too much noise here. But, this is the only one that I like from all the shots that I took in Algarve.



I'm off ..

...on vacation until 31/08/14

This photo was made by my wife. She always loved to take pictures but would not do it very often. She complained about the weight of my camera, and sharing one camera didn't seem to be practical to her (that may be true). So we got a smaller camera as a second body and went to the beach. And she brought back this picture and asked me to post it here to get some reaction. I told her my opinion of course, but she wanted to hear about it from other people. So you're very welcome to comment ...


And tomorrow we will be off to the beach again :-)


The best moment of any vacation, is when you zip your bag and head to the airport. Bon voyage everybody...

Time to post the remaining shots from summer vacation 2015 before summer vacaction 2016 starts!

RL very moved, but already beginning to catch up with all the delay .... sorry but I have more free my schedule to meet SL again!



Off on vacation... some pictures of what I also hope to see.... plus a lot of of other stuff as well... back on the 30th...

Phare Cap Desrosiers Lighthouse. Parc Forillon, Gaspésie. Summer Vacation.


The Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse (French: Phare de Cap-des-Rosiers) is a lighthouse in Cap-des-Rosiers in Gaspé, Quebec, Canada. The Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Canada, standing 34.1 metres (112 ft) tall. It was classified as a National Historic Site.




Happy Sunday and Holiday to all that celebrate it----Enjoying my relaxing mini vacation from it all--

thanks for always visiting me and leaving comments..... ♥ ♥ hugs

I am kind of excited. I am going on vacation

Out of State even.

Which is even more exciting as I have not been on vacation out of state in about 5 years.

Shit.. that's not true. I went to Maine a couple of times. OK then, out of New England.

Shit. Another lie. I went to NY in March.

Let's just sum it up to I have not left the northeastern part of the country in 5 years.


Anyhow, I'm going to South Carolina and this was not a planned trip. About a month ago, (oh and those who have already heard this story please ignore this part) my mother calls me and tells me that they (dad and mom) are probably going to have to drive to SC because plane tickets are ridiculously expensive for the week they are going on vacation. She's asks me if I want to come. Because it's a long drive. So I can help drive... and she adds in, there will be plenty of nice things that you can take pictures of. You told me you have all this time off...

So I am going. Just me, my mother and my father. So hence the "kind of" in the kind of exciting.

I love my parents, I do. But 16 hours in a car is tough. And then 16 hours back in the car is tougher. But it's a vacation. And I won't have to pay for a thing. Which I love.

35 yrs. old and parents still pay for shit. And I have no control over that part.

So off I go. Tomorrow at 7am.

Please think good thoughts. I'm hoping mine will not be homicidal thoughts.


Ok here goes...We going on vacation for a week (for me) for her will be longer :P


So dont miss us when we gone cus by the time we come back...You will see more of us...I promise you that! :D


2 More days to go... :D



TUNE: Rihanna - Umbrella (Cinderella Remix) feat. Chris Brown



BLOGPOST: Vacation.....





brasília, christmas 2008.

*NEW* First official post for TRUTH hair with sneak peaks from Uber!

Just like the duckies in the picture, I'm very excited about my summer vacation. Great fun awaits!


Fuji Finepix S5100

Greika circular polarizer

Kenko closeup +3



I just thought I'd post a "send-off" shot as I will be on vacation through next weekend. This shot gives a "little" hint to where I am headed...can you guess?


I will catch up with everyone once I get back. Thanks for looking!


**From 'The Great Movie Ride' at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. This shot offers a little different view than most due to someone's head being in my way ~ so I missed the great light on 'The Duke's' face, but I managed a save due to the great shadow capabilities of the Nikon D3S and shooting in RAW. *smile*

We are back from vacation. But my brain hasn't got that yet.

taking only the essentials on equipment and tequila.


beyond that, who cares?

Frank's Barber Shop is an operating business located in the old Van Dusen Building (circa 1924) - Astoria, Oregon, USA.

Images from our family vacation, August 1-8, 2009, in Myrtle Beach, SC

Yesterday mornings drive to work. Made going back to work after vacation somewhat rewarding :)

Just a few days. For those that still have to stress over work/studies/deadline, feel free to feel green with envy. LOL !!! :D


Update 10-Mar-09 : This photo hits Explore

*NEW* First official post for TRUTH hair with sneak peaks from Uber!

So I am going on vacation to the snow tomorrow, and I am not sure on the limits of wifi and uploading. So I may have to be excused from some competitions because I am away for exactly a week. I will probably still have wifi, just not sure about being able to upload. I will still try to find a way for getting the BNTM C.3 results in on time, if not I will have to make do.


See you all in a week I guess! <3

Today I wish I had been there. With a breeze from the ocean.

Just a quick shot from my vacation. Hopefully I'll have more interesting ones later :)

In Paris and won't be back until 30th August. I will visit flickr from time to time, but I won't be able to leave comments. Many thanks for all your comments and awards, they were very much appreciated. Keep safe and well everybody.

As Myanmar opens up to the rest of the world, its slower pace and simpler way of life make it the ideal vacation spot for travelers seeking peace and relaxation.

So this isn't a very "vacation"y shot at all but I just needed any random photo just to say to anyone who needs to know I am going on holidays from the 21st to the 28th of August so I probably won't be doing photos or whatever!


So yeah, I gave Erin a bob after BNDM and Freaakii's BNTM C1

Hope you like it :)

im leaving for Florida this Sunday and im soooo excited!! Ive never been on vacation before and I could just scream im so happy! its a bit last minute because at first i was going to go, and then some personal things came up and my mom said no and then she changed her mind just yesterday so if im in your bntm could I be excused this week? if not that's okay though.

but anyways im going to be busy packing and planning until then so i probably wont be posting until i get back! expect some photos cuz im taking one or two of my dolls with me!;D


(also tagged That-Doll, Rainbowdoll and Vic since we're in a group and I wont be able to do my photo!)

I am back. We went on a little vacation. The weather was beautiful....we had alot of fun...relaxed alot ....saw nature at its finest. THEN.......on the second to last day as we were out in the canoe I hit my camera settings button and it stuck! WHAT? I can fix this.....nope, give it to hubby......nope its stuck...I can't view my pics and it is permanently stuck on record. So, I bring it to the camera place today.......hhhhhhmmmmm, they've never seen this before.....we have to send it in....that will be 4-8 weeks! WHAT?? Are you crazy I almost said...LOL.......I did say.....its fall! How am I going to get the pretty leaf shots? He kinda looked at me like I was crazy...he said...... all will be 4-8 weeks......hopefully they can fix it in 3-4. So......good thing I have some in the archives....and I do have my old one for a back up but.........oh......what am I going to put my macro lens on??? I will get over it....good think I took alot of pics on vacation......LOL! I had a wonderful time tho!


EXPLORE ~ # 195 ~ Sept. 24, 2010

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking. ~Earl Wilson


Taken last year with my wife and daughter @ Microtel Cebu Ph (now Be Hotel)


Thanks for the invites comments and faves! Much appreciated!

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