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finally vacations!!! I return in 15 days

Summer vacation from today!

I do life without the net for a while... :))

Please spend a pleasant summer holiday~

ياسلام وأخيراً عطلنااااااا

صحيح مدة العطلة قصيرة كلها ٩ أيام

بس الحمدالله خير ونعمة

趁著小孩畢業旅行不在家 , 跟老婆也安排了兩天的小旅行 ^^

星期四見了 ~

For getting warm feelings from the summer.

Created for the "Vivid Faces" challange at "Vivid Imagination" group

Lila and I are headed for Gacier National Park and then on to Vancouver B.C.

The only way I will miss this is if I drop dead along the way.

Too many canceled trips all year.

بسيييييطة جدا جدا جدا :(


مشاركة في البروجكت

لآنها جاية عفويه

الوقت مايمديني اصور شي سنع و جديد :( ..



After working non stop since January, I'm taking a few weeks off. Nothing better than playing in PS and sitting in voice with your best friend.

France here we come!!!

Away for two weeks

see you all later....

Wonderfully colored rock formations just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

D90 + 18-105

ISO200 | F/8 | 1/250sec | Goldie IR

Hay's Galleria is named after its original owner, the merchant Alexander Hay, who acquired the property - then a brewhouse - in 1651.[1] In around 1840 John Humphrey Jnr acquired a lease on the property.[1] He askedWilliam Cubitt (who was father-in-law to two of Humphrey's sons) to convert it into a 'wharf', in fact an enclosed dock, in 1856 and it was renamed Hay's Wharf.[1]


During the nineteenth century, the wharf was one of the chief delivery points for ships bringing tea to the Pool of London.[1] At its height, 80% of the dry produce imported to London passed through the wharf, and on this account the Wharf was nicknamed 'theLarder of London'. The Wharf was largely rebuilt following the Great Fire of Southwarkin June 1861 and then continued in use for nearly a century until it was badly bombed in September 1940 during the Second World War.[1]

Vall de Aran


After a few months without an Explore, this hit it:


#22 Explore on Monday, August 2, 2010 (FrontPage)



"Flickr friends can wait, I've got laundry to finish.."


في انتفاضةِ الصّباح العذبة، أرتبُ حكاياي التي أحبّها على أكوام الورود التي ترسمُ ذكرياتي.. وأخلقُ من جمالها لونًا زاهيًا مع كل وردة


* أثير الحسن






♥ اضغطوا على الصّورة لتظهر لكم بشكل أفضل *




حتى كوب قهوتي هذا الصّباح يملؤهُ الضّجيج، كما عقلي حين أفتقدك.


هاجر سعود ❞






تجربة أولى بالدمج :$

صورة المباني مش من تصويري :)


♥ اضغطوا على الصّورة لتظهر لكم بشكل أفضل *

This picture was taken at one of the beautiful beaches of Normandie, while the water is gone:)

A nonexisting place of solitude that was created from imagination...


watercolor and pen on cold pressed strathmore vellum


I might start painting again tomorrow.

2 shows coming up.

Middle of August at Santa Paula Museum

Middle of September at Crowne Plaza Hotel


Wish me luck - very rusty at this time.......

Lunar image using SX 70 with mircoscope adapter on 12.5 inch f/6 newtonian reflector telecope F.L. 1960mm. Pizza box shutter used for this about 1/4 second shot. Blue 80A filter used dim image to bring out

details and reduce glare. Scanned image not nearly as clear as photo in hand.


Hello blog sponsors/ followers.

For RL reasons I need to be away for a couple weeks, but whenever I can I'll blog some stuff. Tysm and see you soon!! ^^,


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