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To all my Flickr Friends and Followers : Enjoy Your Summer Vacation!!


Thanks for visit and comments!

Show of color during my last ascent of trekking in the south of Norway

finally vacations!!! I return in 15 days



Cassandra Couture - Erika @ EVENT SPOTLIGHT



Genesis Head Lena Bento

Hair - tram F1120


Summer vacation from today!

I do life without the net for a while... :))

Please spend a pleasant summer holiday~

See you all for 2,5 weeks!

For getting warm feelings from the summer.

After working non stop since January, I'm taking a few weeks off. Nothing better than playing in PS and sitting in voice with your best friend.



I guess I'll find some pix while we're away until the end of the month: starting in Montpellier thru the 15th, with the Bastille Day celebration and a Catalan gypsy festival topping the list.


Then a week on a barge on the Canal du Midi. For me, that's going to center on our stop in Carcassone, not only for the architecture but for its relationship to the Cathar "heresy," which I've been reading about for years.


After a week on the barge, we retire to our apartment in Paris. The dining highlight with be Pre Catalan; the rest of the dining highlights will be dining in Paris.


Back sometime around the end of July. You guys play nice and I'll see you when I get home.


View on black for your own little holiday

reflection sunset beach water sky purple

趁著小孩畢業旅行不在家 , 跟老婆也安排了兩天的小旅行 ^^

星期四見了 ~

بسيييييطة جدا جدا جدا :(


مشاركة في البروجكت

لآنها جاية عفويه

الوقت مايمديني اصور شي سنع و جديد :( ..



Spring Candan Erçetın

I got tired of your love one in my heart

I would also like one comes from the spring of such

Such as whether or when the spring comes

Also you have to do it

I'm of course for the spring, such as ...

Because you touch my hand ever since

There are branches all winter buds.......


Lyrics of songs:))

Sorry for my bad translation....;=)

It’s difficult to translate asong word by word ...

We are going to São Paulo. : )*

Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines

I'll be on vacation at the island of Rhodos until 15th of June.

Rhodos is called "The island of knights", so I think it will be the right place for a vacation. :-)

We will go on with our "It's a kind of magic" series when I'm back.

Knight Zeisy :-)


Canon EOS400D. This is no HDR, only CS4


Thanks for all your comments!


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Created for the "Vivid Faces" challange at "Vivid Imagination" group

D90 + 18-105

ISO200 | F/8 | 1/250sec | Goldie IR

Just got back from a trip.

This day was pretty overcast. Not so much color was around during sunset time, but a few rays did show up after the sun dived behind the sea. I hooked up a a few filters and created my own mood.


.... and oh yeah, those are my slippers! it did take me a few tries to get it right. Stupid waves kept coming and moving my slippers during long exposure :-) hehe

We're on vacation, havin' lots of fun

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the summer sun


Connie Francis - Vacation





.::Dead Dollz::. Hedy Swimsuit



Meva Vintage Bathing Cap

C L A Vv. Cat Shades



Vinyl - Unicorn Floatie

Little Llama - Fun Floaties - Cat (RARE)

.Focus Poses. Flamingo Float



Le Poppycock *Stay Cool* Heat Wave

This picture was taken at one of the beautiful beaches of Normandie, while the water is gone:)

A nonexisting place of solitude that was created from imagination...


watercolor and pen on cold pressed strathmore vellum


I might start painting again tomorrow.

2 shows coming up.

Middle of August at Santa Paula Museum

Middle of September at Crowne Plaza Hotel


Wish me luck - very rusty at this time.......

في انتفاضةِ الصّباح العذبة، أرتبُ حكاياي التي أحبّها على أكوام الورود التي ترسمُ ذكرياتي.. وأخلقُ من جمالها لونًا زاهيًا مع كل وردة


* أثير الحسن






♥ اضغطوا على الصّورة لتظهر لكم بشكل أفضل *


France here we come!!!

Away for two weeks

see you all later....

ياسلام وأخيراً عطلنااااااا

صحيح مدة العطلة قصيرة كلها ٩ أيام

بس الحمدالله خير ونعمة

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