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I've gone through multiple configurations, from classic Windows (win 2000 style), to uber-complex visual styles, to black or gray wallpapers and back but my current configuration has survived for almost two years now and I think I've found the sweet spot.

I'm using Blackbox for Windows ( instead of the Explorer shell because of three main things:

1. it never crashed (unlike Explorer), which is a consequence of its tiny resource requirement

2. it's VERY customizable (all settings stored in .rc files and plugins are available which one can also edit)

3. it's much closer to the "everything must be within two clicks" goal.

As you can see, I've edited the menu (opens by right-clicking on the desktop or pressing the Win key) so I can have instant access to Total Commander (I hardly ever use Windows Explorer), Firefox and Thunderbird. And everything from my custom quick menu (similar to Quick Launch or a dock) to the Windows Startmenu, file tree and Control Panel is two clicks away. The menu can also be navigated using the keyboard, of course. I also use a Quick Launch plugin (show on the top-left on the second display), though rarely, and a tray plugin for Blackbox (on the top-right side, not shown; they both autohide). I've also edited the style so it would go with the Visual Style I'm using:


The second important element is the Nano Visual Style (, the Imrik flavor, along with a matching skin for Winamp. I'm a graphic designer so aesthetics are important to me. I think I've tried all the famous visual styles and this one stuck. It's smooth, simple, clear and pretty.


One quick mention about Winamp: I hardly ever have any Winamp windows showing, except for the Jump To File dialog when I'm searching for a song and building up a queue. I've mapped my keyboard's multimedia keys like so: the playback keys are obviously used for playback, as the volume up/down keys are for volume. The Browser Back key opens the Jump To File dialog, Browser Forward toggles the playlist, Stop toggles Shuffle, Refresh toggles the main window, Search copies the current file's path to clipboard and Favorites (or whatever the next button is) toggles the EQ window. It's much faster than clicking your way through Winamp's interface, trust me.


As you might have noticed I use Rainlendar, synchronized with GCal (and so is Thunderbird's Lightning calendar) and with a nice transparent skin (Lucid, large, white days).


The main (left side) display is a 19'' CRT and it's usually occupied by my main "task", be it Photoshop, Flash, Firefox, Total Commander, VLC or mplayer. I use the second display for Photoshop and Flash's palettes, IM conversations, uTorrent, comparing websites on different browsers, Notepad++ and such. I have an Nvidia display adapter and its drivers allow me to set windows to always on top, collapse them to the titlebar, make them transparent, stick them to one display and quickly send them from one display to another (all assignable to hotkeys). It also supports virtual desktops, so you might want to look into that as an alternative to other desktop management apps.


Sorry for the long description but I guess it's more than meets the eye. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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My first rainmeter theme. To download go here...

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a minimalist. On the desktop I have my three main icons: "dL" being my downloads folder, "Z" being my second hard drive, and "T" being the trash bin.


On the taskbar, from left to right, I have My Documents folder (duh!), My Computer, Worms Armageddon (still an awesome game), Nero, CDBurnerXP, IsoBuster, Paint.NET, Virtual CDROM, Intervideo Home Theater (spicifically used for my Wii), Notepad++, Pidgin, VLC, Winamp, utorrent, Firefox (my back up browser), and Opera (my main browser).


The green style was set using TuneUp Styler and my desktop background is an incredible painting of Samus done by "=transfuse" on


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Rainmeter v1.0


This is the black version of RainQuantum. The original can be found here:


This theme features the same thing as RainQuantum plus minor changes.

- applications

- bookmarks

- calendar

- clock

- email

- gadget (this has meters for CPU, RAM, battery life, and 2 HDDs.)

- iTunes

- notes

- picture frame

- radio

- recycle

- rss feed

- settings

- uTorrent

- weather

- wifi


To DOWNLOAD, go to my blog:


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Jack, Un jeune et séduisante Anglais, est Perdu dans les profondeurs de la France, après Que Son Sac Avait Été volé. Alors Qu’il est de l’auto-stop en direction de Calais, il se bat Verser Communiquer avec les Gens Qu’il rencontre. Connaissance de l’existence d’Un tu...

Jack, Un jeune et séduisante Anglais, est Perdu dans les profondeurs de la France, après Que Son Sac Avait Été volé. Alors Qu’il est de l’auto-stop en direction de Calais, il se bat Verser Communiquer avec les Gens Qu’il rencontre. Connaissance de l’existence d’Un tu...

Purple Haze v1.0


created by r3ginald


Questions? Email me:




This theme has two sets:

- With borders

- without borders.


Each set contains the following in black and white (more colors will be released in future versions):



- Applications

- Calendar

- Email

- iTunes

- Notes

- Picture Frame

+ 16x9

+ 16x10

- Radio

- RSS Feeds

+ DevART

+ Digg

+ Engadget


+ Lifehacker

+ Rainmeter Forum

- Time

- User Info

- uTorrent

- Weather (black/white)

- Wifi

+ w/ available networks

+ w/o available networks



- Applications

- Email

- iTunes

- Notes

- Picture Frame

+ 16x9

+ 16x10

- Radio

- RSS Feeds

+ DevART

+ Digg

+ Engadget


+ Lifehacker

+ Rainmeter Forum

- User Info

- uTorrent

- Weather (black/white)

- Wifi

+ w/ available networks

+ w/o available networks


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Tentative Verser Echappé à Passé Dernière, Greta, une jeune Américaine, était EMBAUCHE en Tant que maman de Jour, l’Angleterre, Dans une Maison isolé à la campagne. à l’Arrivee, Ellen à découvrir Qu’Elle était à EMBAUCHE, ni s’inquiét rouille, Comme un garçon petit à 8 Ans...


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Freshly pimped desktop

This is a special desktop, hence the "(Special Edition) tag after the name. This is more than a desktop to show you the rainmeter skin, and its almost perfect harmoney with the background which is actually hidden by the skin oddly but the focal point of ones computer (mine) and the "apps" that are integrated into said setup.



The apps (I like to call applications, apps, ever since the App Store came out, it just sounds 1337) is the central focus of this desktop. A computer is nothing without apps to customize the way it works, (just like the iPhone ^_^). This is my computer so you get to see the apps I use, since 1'z @r3 c00l3r :P




Photoshop CS4

Yes, I recently got into Photo editing because it intrigued me. I talked to my Web Design teacher at school, and he handed over the official Adobe Systems Photoshop CS4 handbook. Anyways, I downloaded it with NO intention in my mind to use it, I just wanted it on my computer, but now I am really looking into the photo editing spectrum as something new that I can learn on the computer.



This should come preinstalled on every computer INCLUDING Mac (if it had Mac Support). CCleaner is just beast, and that is all I have to say


Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

No computer nerd would settle for OpenOffice, unless your like a freaking dev of it. No if your a real nerd, you get the real thing of the real thing.


Revo Uninstaller

This should be the replacement for the stock Windows Add/Remove programs, program. This is the best, since it can force uninstall software, and search for left over files and registry index's after the install. This is a must have.





Dropbox is awesome. I currently don't have a USB flash Drive, or an external hard drive, so Dropbox is the best solution for me. Besides the fact that it stores 2GB of information (3 GB for me, invited people suckers) its also good as an online backup just incase everything goes wrong. Sure its only 2GB (upgradeable to 5GB for free if you invite people and 100GB for a monthly cost) but its worth it.



I torrent, a lot. Around 10-15GB every month, and you can't be too carefull even when your browsing The Pirate Bay looking for the most seeders. Thats why I have SuperAntiSpyware. I use it because of 1 feature: you can quit it. Unlike AVG you can quit SuperAntiSpyware whenever you like, and being a person with a somewhat slow computer, its something that can mean the difference from raging at startup or browsing the web 2 seconds after login.



Desktop Widgets are awesome. And they are even more awesome, as long as its not the stock widgets in Vista or 7. Rainmeter takes it away, and I'm hooked. I can never run away, and people have seen me try that in the past (it never worked). After spending a little over a year with it, learning the coding, its hard to tear away from the roots.



When your torrenting, you gotta have a solution for all those anti-p2p organizations, and PeerGaurdian2 SUCKS at that, because its blacklist URL has been down for over a year, so its can't update. But it still updates the Government IP's and thats enough for me to run PeerGaurdian2 while torrenting.



My life is not complete without uTorrent. Free, everything is just awesome. Music, Movies, Software, its perfect. 'Nuff Said


Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo

I love social networking. I have a lot of accounts. Some of these are Facebook, Myspace, and of course Yahoo Email. Wouldn't it rock if their was a program that could handle all your social networks, AND all your IM clients? I present Digsby. My quote unquote "IM + Email + Social Networks". Its perfect for me


Windows Update

I love Updating my computer, just makes me feel better. Nothing special though, I actually had an update when I took this screenshot ^_^



Remote Controling amazed me. I had to have it, so I did. Now I can control my computer from any computer like I am sitting right in front of it. Its soo helpful, when I wanted to start something on my computer like a defrag, but wasn't around it. Its perfect when you find out that you forgot to start that spyware scan, and just remote control your computer and start it. Its a life Saver, a Must have.



So this is it. These are the "apps" to my "iPhone" that make me feel good whenever I use it ^_^



Visual Style




MonoChrome Wave


Rainmeter Skins

The Interface


Get details on

Start Source: everyone can contribute when discussing information of all types - from films, songs and video clips.


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Kids, don't try this at home.


P.S. Titlebar gradient of red to blue is the best titlebar gradient of all time. Of all time!


4NT command line software, Chrome web browser software, EvilLyrics, Firefox web browser software, G6 FTP Server software, Girder, Internet Explorer web browser software, PeerGuardian firewall software, SyGate firewall software, VNC, uTorrent torrent software, video feedback.

infinite. recursive. screenshot.


December 30, 2010.


... Read my blog at


Season 6 of LOST. The beginning of the end. Destiny found. This is Locke and Richard.


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Windows 7 Widescreen desktop with XWindows Dock 2.0, a mac-like application dock for Windows. (Desktop icons were hidden for the screenshot. )


The "Windows Start Orb" was changed (using AP-GRAPHIK's "steelOrb small for Windows 7" - an artist on Deviantart - and "Windows 7 Start Orb Changer") because I docked the taskbar to the top, and the orb was too big and would stay on top of browser windows.


Labels of the items on the dock are shown over the items on mouseover.


The dock is hidden when browser windows are maximized, and appears on mouseover. On the desktop, it's fixed (not auto-hidden.)


Computer Specs:

Laptop: Gateway NV53A

RAM: 4gb

HD: 320gb

1.3 MP Webcam (built-in, with microphone)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 P320

DVD-ROM Super Multi DL Drive

15.6" 16:9 HD LED LCD (1366x768)


XWindows Dock

AP-GRAPHIK's steelOrb small for Windows 7



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SO: Windows XP SP2

Visual Style: Relapse

Dock Superior: Objectdock

Dock Inferior: Samurize, la config la hice yo mismo.

Wallpaper: "Maybe a Storm is Coming"


Los iconos, el wall y el visual style se pueden encontrar en DeviantArt. El icono de PS y el de uTorrent los hice yo si alguien lo quiere me los pide por mail o los busca en DeviantArt.


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games, utorrent

Yo-ho! Well I haven't posted anything in a great while so I'm posting the desktop I've been using for a few weeks now (minus some addition) because I'm planning to create a set-up soon.


Well I guess there's not much of a difference compared to my previous set-up except that there are icons in there.


But the thing is, I re-wrote the codes into a different folder. This set-up was inspired by

tjmarkham3's Project Curve 3 (well the taskbars that is). I don't know how I developed this strong desire of double taskbars!


Here are the list of new things:

-Calendar - from my previous set-up, Architectrio-Chorale, the calendar is running through Rainlendar. But this time, it's Rainmeter.


-Recycle Bin - Well before all, the whole application dock is made using Rainmeter. The Recycle Bin as well, but it can now change from a full recycle bin image to an empty one! (Well right now it's full hehe). But yeah, I'm very happy to have that little guy. Though it has it's own downside, it consumes pretty descent amount of CPU - well I think? Either way, all thanks goes to the Rainmeter Forum for the help.


-Music Player on the bottom right, it can be toggled off and on - running with Foobar2000 with

lassekongo83's FooLars 2.


-uTorrent status tracker (at the upper right) - many thinks to Kenzo for the codes. Then to vitasimplex for e-mailing it to me :D


Therefore, to sum things all up, I'm only running Rainmeter just nearly about everything. Other applications running on the desktop will be listed below.


Applications on desktop:

-EmergeDesktop = EmergeTask and EmergeTray (hidden).

-Miranda : Using skin called Dirb, found on dA.

-Mozilla Firefox with Kaelri's set-up.




Unseen Applications:



-Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

-----and some other things I hid on the tray menu using PowerMenu (lol).


Anyway, the only thing I could say to this set-up is that I love it, I'm proud of it and it I wish it's an actual Operating System (and to those who wonders, that's a Vista).


Hope ya'll like it. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome aboard!



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