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Old farm trolley and trailer seen in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

U.S.A. : Monument Valley


Explore 11 / 11 / 2010

I haven't seen this done before. Battle droid arms and pneumatic t junctions. Makes an extendable arm/bridge/thing, you can make star/round things, connecters inside and/or out, all kinds of possibilities.


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Wilson's River Valley NSW Australia

Colorado Springs, CO - It had been a while since we had flowers on the table. They add so much to the feel of a room. For this image, I wanted to capture a single rose in the dim natural light with extreme softness and was pleasantly amazed at how the use of a simple extension tube turned my portrait lens into a suitable macro for this task. I find myself using the extension tube with my Telephoto lenses more and more as it is so much fun to change the behavior of these normally distant focusing tools, making them so much more versatile and useful.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris


textures thanks to Jai Johnson and spektoral addendum.

Could not resist trying one of these in B&W...came across this gentleman actually doing something I have never seen anyone do on a river that I was fishing. Made me think...maybe I have the wrong hobbies!

The caterpillars of this White Plume Moth - Pterophorus pentadactyla feed on bindweed apparently!

Peter found it in the conservatory when he was getting ready to do some housework -

clean the windows that is ;o)


Off to the dentist :o( so will catch up later ...

Ingersoll Rd.

Kalkaska County

North Carolina Outer Banks Herbert C. Bonner Oregon Inlet Bridge

Dare County, Coastal North Carolina

Accessed via NC-12 Outer Banks National Scenic Byway

Date taken: June 12, 2013


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The Herbert C. Bonner bridge was built in 1963 and provides the ONLY land access between Hatteras Island--a chain of seven villages, including Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras--to the mainland area of Nags Head and Roanoke Island. The seven villages of Hatteras Island generate roughly $300 million dollars in tourist revenues annually, all courtesy of the Herbert C. Bonner Oregon Inlet bridge. The useful life of the bridge was engineered to be thirty years, and as it stands, the Oregon Inlet Bonner Bridge has nearly doubled its estimated lifespan, shuffling five to ten thousand travelers per day over the waters of the Oregon Inlet for over twenty more years than its engineered life span. An inspection report by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in the year 2006 reported that the bridge was in "poor" condition and numerically rated 2 out of 100 in terms of operating condition! The Bonner Bridge spans the Oregon Inlet, a waterway that was the result of an 1846 hurricane. It has been estimated that a fleet of over two hundred commercial and small fishing boats use this channel daily to reach the Atlantic Ocean, having estimated economic impacts upwards of one hundred million dollars annually just for the boating and fishing industry. The bridge connects to Pea Island Wildlife Refuge on the southern end, a mass of land 13 miles long and consisting of roughly 5800 acres of land and 26,000 acres of boundary waters. Naturally a dynamic and changing coastal environment, the Oregon Inlet migrated 75 feet south and 15 feet west annually before the NCDOT built a massive rock groin to restrain this movement and prevent the land mass from pulling away from the bridge. This man-made solution has created conditions along the roadway, NC-12, on Pea Island that requires constant creation of temporary dunes, removal of sand from the roadway, relocations of sections of roadway and so forth that cost upwards of one million dollars annually--anyone driving through Pea Island can probably attest to the presence of yellow construction equipment along the roadside or actively working to clear the road and rebuild temporary, man-made dunes.


Attempts to replace and rebuild the bridge have been extremely controversial and are ongoing. Many solutions were presented, among them two that are relatively different: the first, a simple rebuild of the existing bridge a couple hundred feet west of the current bridge and parallel to its existing path, with an expectation of continuing to spend massive dollars to maintain stretches of NC-12 and the channel through the Oregon Inlet. This option is the shortest bridge span and the least cost. The second, and most drastically different option, is an elevated roadway from Oregon Inlet to the s-curves in Rodanthe, bypassing and eliminating the stretch of NC-12 on Pea Island Wildlife Refuge. This option is more expensive in first costs, but would eliminate annual maintenance costs along NC-12 and protect the wildlife of Pea Island. while this is a drastic simplification of a very touch topic, the situation is a classic short-term, first-cost solution versus a longer-term, life-cycle cost situation where money must be viewed in non-traditional terms in order to see parity. The NCDOT went forward with option one; construction was slated to begin in 2013. However, several environmental groups have filed lawsuits and stalled the process, indicating that the bridge plan and process for selection was unlawful and failed to accurately assess environmental impacts. I've been visiting this area every year of my life since I was born and I recently camped for several nights within earshot of the bridge. While my opinion matters not, I tend to lean towards a seventeen mile elevated roadway that bypasses Pea Island altogether--this seems to utilize our best intelligence about the environment and the local economies, as well as fit the spirit of the place while providing a long-term solution. But then again, selling this option will be much harder and take much longer and the clock is not in favor of the existing stressed and taxed bridge as it stands.

Hadn't done any infrared for ages. Poor results, so heavily edited to try to extract something useful.

This is the last photo taken by my Pentax before it gave up the ghost, coughed and spluttered. It was a useful engine.

22/03/17, 4:05pm

(Reminder: 10 images ISO1600 (3200) 12 images ISO200)

(Reminder: Camera Lens 50mm (later images) 35-41mm (recent images) due to Cannon EOS60D lens function)


Direction: Top, surrounding

Quantity: Medium

Quality: moderate

Time: Afternoon, overcast sky, rain

..enlight people's minds


Global Village, Dubayy


Copyright 2007 - Abdulla (ThE~uNiQuE or UNIQMEZ)

Missoni Hotel, Edinburgh


Copyright :copyright: 2013 FotoFling Scotland - All Rights Reserved

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I purchased this cable when I received my Droid Incredible 4G LTE smartphone. I travel more than 240 days year for work, and many hotels simply dont have outlets close enough to the bed or desk to be useful. I thought this cable was the answer to my prayers... Unfortunately, it cannot carry the high current required to operate and charge most higher end smartphones. Using my Droid Incredible 4G LTE the maximum current Ive seen the phone receive is 300mA. I have tried it with both an 850mA Motorola OEM USB wall charger and a 2A Nook Color USB wall charger. In both cases the phone didnt receive more than 300mA. I did both tests with the phone in airplane mode to ensure the radios didnt interfere with the charge rate. For the price, and for lower current devices only, its an ok cable. The quality of the standard size and micro USB ports are above average for an aftermarket cable at this price. A much better extended cable option is here if you can get by with 6 feet of length instead of 10

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Useful rock pile for gulls to nest on.

Is it a lighthouse? Hardly. It couldn't be much further from the sea!


A communications tower a few miles south of Finmere, very useful in an otherwise unremarkable landscape as a navigation point

various pot stands ,at the kitchen

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