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Taken early one autumn morning in Richmond park (london's biggest and best park). I had been stalking these guys every morning due to the rut and the mists. The sun was coming up behind them, backlighting the leaves and mists.


A photo from my photography book called Richmond Park


If you are stuck for ideas for presents this Christmas, why not take a look at my NEW print sales website on Smugmug? As well as the printing being of higher quality (they use Loxley Colour print specialists) than before, the print site is vastly improved for better viewing and usability.


For international deliveries outside of the UK please contact me directly and I can order for you from Smugmug's US print partners. This will cut the cost of delivery for US customers.


I was in Florence to attend a course about access and usability in digital preservation, so I had time to capture the beauty of the city only by night and before dawn - however, this is when one can find the city free of tourists... :-)

This is a night view from Belvedere Fort, well high above the city (this view is a bit zoomed, so the perception of the elevated point of view is altered). The uproar of the teeming crowd of the tourists becomes a barely audible buzz here: history and beauty have the floor, and one can listen to what they care to whisper to the wind of the night.


This photograph is available in Alamy


I have blended two HDR images derived from a 3-bracketing, -1.67 ev/0/+1.67 ev, tonemapped with Mantiuk06 and Fattal operators.


Luminance HDR 2.4.0 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk06


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.65

Saturation Factor: 0.48

Detail Factor: 1.6


PreGamma: 0.39


Operator: Fattal

alpha: 1.28

beta: 0.92

saturation: 0.56

noiseredux: 0

fftsolver: 1


pregamma: 1

- this snap appeared in The Consumerist.Here are seven of the best photos that readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, picked for neatness and usability in a Consumerist post. consumer

From Baker Beach on the Presidio of San Francisco, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge provides an architectural counterpoint to the natural beauty of the Marin Highlands.


Constructed in just over four years, the bridge became the first permanent connection between San Francisco and the surrounding communities in 1937. It was a herculean effort to design and complete a structure that could endure the high winds and maintain usability of the 370' deep channel into the bay.


Today, it is one of the most famous architectural structures, and probably the most photographed bridge in the world.

China, Guangxi

Residents of Zhaoxing and villages in Guangxi have no heating and no water in their wooden houses. To heat themselves, they make fires in bowls. At home or sometimes in the street. Or, they will warm up and have tea under the drum towers. The advantage is the usability

Although this picture - even for those who know the location - might just look like a tunnel going through the Frankfurt Train Station Car Park - there's more to the picture than meets the eye. It is a little known fact, that the car park under the Frankfurt Central Train Station was indeed built in the 1970's with the intention of having the dual purpose of acting as a (nuclear) bunker. So this tunnel is actually a siphon/odor device. If you take a close look around the actual car park, you will see numerous signs pointing to the dual purpose character of the installation, heave airtight doors, airgates (Luftschleuses) and other untypical installations for a civil car park. Luckily the installation has never been put to test - and some doubt it's usability :-)

When designing a WordPress blog, it should be noted that the categories and tags in the blog, actually contribute to the SEO (search engine optimization) of the blog and also play a vital role, to how users would navigate on the platform.


Why WordPress categories?

WordPress categories and t...

Nutzerfreundlichkeit ist erfolgskritisch: Usability als Wettbewerbsfaktor bei Business-Anwendungen

Free random basic usability rule: Don't only code information with colour.


PS: Sorry Basti... Got this one too.

DAY 3 Usability rears its ugly head

Sometimes problems from the real world follow you into the digital world. Here the doorway is so narrow, the controls so clumsy I have real trouble getting in through the door.


I went here becuase there was the greatest concentration of people that I could find on the map. It turned out to be people sitting down, backs to me playing at pokie machines. First encounter with an invisible avatar.


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MOBX 2017 Kino International

Flying back to Perth after the Usability Course

MOBX 2017 Kino International

London, England


The little 25 back in action, becoming a firm favourite, for its size and usability not to mention the output. Enjoyed the girls lipstick and mouth mimicking somewhat her idol Madonna =D

MOBX 2017 Kino International

Oyster Fishing boats in many states of usability along the working Florida Coast. It was the only sunrise I got up for while on vacation, and it was worth it.

MOBX 2017 Kino International

This dual finish serving tray make it an elegant addition for any living space. It's dual - blue & gold finish make it an eclectic mariage of design & usability.

3Form's lovely parody.

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World Usability Day Berlin 2017 - Artificial Intelligence, Copyright: Berlin Partner/

Usability Is Not A Jackson Pollock Painting. (Design too)


(inspired from:

Founder of CT Light and Power

MOBX 2017 Kino International


The new IBM Cloud Private (ICP) for Data, designed from the enterprise-out, is a data platform that can integrate data science, data engineering, and application building into a smooth environment that organizations can leverage to help them swiftly discover previously unobtainable insights from their data. via ReadITQuik

In a store environment, software’s usability is crucial. Store management software’s should be fast and easy to use, such that users can carry out processes like sales, returns, and quotes without much hassle or making mistakes.

Know more:

(it's not mine... I found it somewhere on the Interweb)

MOBX 2017 Kino International

An insider's view with an older bridge camera.

Fundstück aus dem Internet. Autor unbekannt (noch).

Weitere Informationen über Abbildung und Buch unter:

Abbildung und Text stammt aus einem Buch über Screendesign, Interfacedesign, Informationsarchitektur und Usability für Hardware und Software von Torsten Stapelkamp.

Torsten Stapelkamp: Screen- und Interfacedesign. Springer (XMedia-Press), Berlin 2007, ISBN 3540329498


out of book:

Screen- and Interfacedesign from Torsten Stapelkamp.

High-concept, low-usability. Marketing cannot compensate for bad product design.

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