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More from my Utah walkabout.

Good timing caught this Least Skipper sipping wild Chicory nectar along a roadside. Chicory flowers open in the morning and fade by noon making them probably the shortest lived of all the wildflowers.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA, taken at Sand Harbor in the late afternoon. Damn flickr keeps freezing today.


Upper falls, taken again with a zoom lens (damn that impossible to avoid tree at lower left quadrant). It's also possible to get close to the brink of the falls, using the wooden platform at the right edge of the frame.

Famous Bonsai Rock, along the east shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Taken mid morning, wanted to be there at sunset but the sky was boring clear.

Roadtrip Picture by Andreas Voigt Photography

the time traveler


It's been about 25lbs since my last one of these. Gonna be time for new suits soon.

Kodiak Island Alaska taken with a nikkor 18-55mm handheld

eric b & rakim - know the ledge


After a bit of haitus due to my disdain for freezing temps, I did some shooting this week in the unseasonably warm weather. Got some new stuff to edit. Eventually. Woot.


Did a little urbex the other day...


Also, I am happy to be featured in the latest issue of dontpostme contemporary online magazine. I can't read Russian, but it's cool to see my photos. My stuff's on pages 32-38. Many thanks to Азамат Ахмадбаев (Azamat). Check them out.


Yes. I realize this could be a tribute to the old "Hey Kool-Aid" commercials. Ha


"Oh Yeahhhh"...

Acadia National Park Maine

archives, 2010 (Mexico)


A child tries to catch rain water in a bottle from a seaside jetty, Yucatan coast.

Famous Bonsai Rock, along the east shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Taken mid morning, wanted to be there at sunset but the sky was boring clear.

the time traveler | series


last variant from the mini-series on the hill...

Wyoming - Yellowstone NP - Cascades and sinter terraces



Nikon F2 / Kodachrome 64

BTW, Who broke Flickr today? It's going to take some getting used to, but I might like it...

somewhere in Michigan.

Evening Comes to the Marina

"The ocean and its rich foreground compose a familiar view. Dusk is my favorite time, sometimes sparked by the gentle green flash as the ocean finally receives the sun. The sky darkened, holding no crescent moon or evening star to make the situation impossibly pictorial. An approaching band of fog suggested that the next day might be one of silver and cool gray. Robinson Jeffers wrote of the "vast shield of the ocean." I do not forget its presence even during those many hours I am in my darkroom or at my desk, both so detached from the direct light of sun or sky. Every so often I emerge, reaffirm the splendor of the world, and then return to the caverns of my particular creativity."

- Ansel Adams

Philip Glass - Closing


So way before my photography days, I was pretty heavily into motion graphic design. Seeing today's tribute to Saul Bass on Google's home page is quite a treat...

In Fort Jefferson.


Flim - The Bad Plus

(Next to ?uestlove, is there a cooler drummer in the world than Dave King?)


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