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Shot with the Olympus E-M1 in Bordeaux, France.

Urban design ideas competition

At the beginning of the 1980s, an urban design competition for the area of what was at that time uncultivated Wienerberg took place. This formed the prelude to the design of today's natural recreational area with an area of 117 hectares. In 1995, 90 hectares of the total area was nature conservation. In 1999 the construction of the Wienerberg City - a collection of residential towers and office towers - and a new brick pond started. The first building of this kind, which was completed on the ridge of the Wienerberg, was the Vienna Twin Tower in 2001. The project was to cost more than 220 million euros in the following years, but it was not without controversy.


The Olympiastadion was built between 1934 and 1936 to serve as the centrepiece of the 1936 Olympics. It officially opened on the 1st of August 1936 with the Olympic opening ceremony. Most notable event during the Games were the four gold medals of African-American track and field athlete Jesse Owens.


The stadium remained largely unchanged until it underwent a major renovation in 1972 and 1973, mainly aimed at preparing the stadium for the upcoming 1974 World Cup. The works included the construction of two roofs over the upper tiers of both long sides.


The stadium had significantly aged by the 1990s and the city of Berlin therefore started a debate over its future. Voices went up to rebuilt it as a football-specific stadium, but in the end was chosen to renovate it instead and keep its status as a multi-purpose stadium. Little after that decision had been made, the stadium was awarded the final of the 2006 World Cup as part of the German bid.


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Berlin's iconic Fernsehturm, or TV tower in English, was constructed between 1965-69 and was intended as one of the tallest towers in Europe, second only to Moscow's own TV tower. It was designed by East German architects Fritz Dieter, Günter Franke and Werner Ahrendt. The tower consists of a 250m concrete shaft with a red and white striped steel mast. A 3m tip was replaced in 1997 and the sphere consists of seven floors on the inside, all of which are open to visitors.


Although it was intended to demonstrate the technological advances of the East, it was doomed to an ironic fate. To the embarrassment of GDR authorities the steel sphere below the antenna produced the reflection of a giant cross (somewhat visible here but best seen from afar). Hence the popular joke, not appreciated by the SED government, that this was the Popes's revenge on the secular socialist State for having removed crucifixes from churches.


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3 Broadgate revamps an important pedestrian link between Broadgate Circle and Finsbury Avenue Square.

Quartiere degli Ulivi - Follonica


December 2014


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Appartments in Northcote, Victoria (ABCTV Weather)

Exterior wall of parking garage near San Pedro Square. Downtown San Jose, November 2017. Shot with Fujifilm X100F in Classic Chrome with custom color balance adjustment.



3d model of urban design architecture scene includes buildings

Urban design outcomes......

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~On my sunday walk , this got my attention: its a cement-couch :-) !!! decorated with varrious pumkins...

before the entrance of a country hotel ~

I enjoy the idea very much.


have a lovely autumn tuesday, every one !


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. ...see large version!

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21.sept.09 Porto airport inside (1) -Portugal

Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (Maia)


starting from here the journey thru Portugal in september 09.

~ seen inside of the entrance hall in morning light~


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wish you all a wonderful rest of this sunday and a colorful new week !


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Manhattan, NY

November 29, 2015

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oct.09 - 207 / 29 / 96


This is the painting I see every time i walk down the stairway of my nearest Metro station. The station is called " Gustav Adolf " and the painting reminds the Peace Feast held in Nuremberg ending the 30years war.

I took my camera with me cause i always saw the blue stairway reflection at the glas frame.. which lloks so strange : 2009 meeting 1650!


~"Friedensmahl" nach Beendigung des 30jährigen Krieges in Nürnberg ~ Gemälde von Joachim Sandrart 1650, Museum d. Stadt Nürnberg, Fembohaus.


*Joachim Sandrat is to be seen at the painting :



nuremberg english :


**Joachim v. Sandrart **:



* 30 j. Krieg 1618-1648 :


Hamburg U-Bahnhof Überseequartier - Hamburg subway station Ueberseequartier


Seit mehr als einem Jahr weiß ich von diesem Bahnhof. Jetzt habe ich es endlich geschafft zum richtigen Zeitpunkt dort zu sein - Since more than a year I know from that station. Now finaly I made it to be there to the right time


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A city always contains more than any inhabitant can know, and a great city always makes the unknown and the possible spurs to the imagination.”

― Rebecca Solnit

No Photoshop.


Los Angeles. California.

Dedicated to Greta who did most of the post-processing...What a team ;o) Subject: a fire escape staircase in southern Rome

Illustration for a Del Monte Fruit Chillers packaging concept.

Increase in happiness guaranteed while walking along this path.

Brussels, Belgium

Composed from 3 bracketed photos by 2 IL

Colour versus B&W in Comment


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