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There is something uplifiting about having the time, or making the time, to just STOP. To let the world drift on without you for a few moments or hours. I was taking shots yesterday but it was also very pleasant after a hectic Christmas to just not be anywhere and to watch Loch Lomond and the hills around change and alter in the light as the sun slowly slipped away. A mighty fine day.

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Working on masa paper has proved to be far too much fun! The 'instant texturizing' of the subject, while providing challenges of all kinds, also encourages me to work with the subject as the painting itself demands. In other words, while my intention of subject or paint placement may be in one specific area, if a fold, crevice, or 'line' forms a different way in this same area, this 'surprise' encourages me to work with what I have - the subject before me - and not necessary what I had first intended. This loss of control can definitely be challenging!


I suppose this is also a good lesson for living as well ... that need for constant 'adjustment' to life's circumstances and 'surprises' .... some of those welcome, others not so much.


With the economy still in its difficulties, changes of all kinds happening around us, perhaps that is another reason I keep painting on masa I can learn to be more flexible with the changes that are ever constant ....


Returning to work yesterday was busy, but productive and good. The drive went well, the volunteers were incredible uplifiting and fun, and each day, my 'brain' is adjusting more and more the changes brought about by new eyesight. Maybe my head could use a brush and some masa paper too! LOL


Have a great day!

When a mail monster called BubuChomba™ wants to give you a flower you can accept. It's nice a thing when somebody gives you a flower. This will be multi color stencil…aaash long night I suppose. Listening to some uplifiting Drum and ze bass to make me cut some stencilsss tonight.

What an uplifiting place to work. I imagine just being there was enough to make people feel well.

Earlier this spring, my husband bought a new rose bush for the garden. They are blooming and the scent is just heavenly!


I slept off and on all day but I do feel better now that the fever has broken. So, back to the grind it is.

I don't know what is about water and sunlight, but it always captivates. Little jewels of light that dance for the soul.

As I was catching the morning mood outside the office, I heard something beside me ... a squirrel, not chipmunk! This one is well known to us in the office. He often crosses the street for some acorns! I really wished I had my zoom lens on, but no ... 50 mm. So I cropped the image!


upload music: Eurythmics - Double Plus Good and later Double Dutch by Malcom McLaren, what a uplifiting tune!!!!!! Hey ebo ebo ebonettes!!! :-)

Click & Listen - Even if you never listen to any of the music I post, then this is one that you should.


One of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Calming, uplifiting and undeniably ethereal. "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares" - if you don't know them, you should




So much for not being around much eh? Don't think I've posted a 'follow-up' photo so quickly for months!


Thte thing is you see that we have had some snow ... nothing much, just a sprinkling in comparison to many places, but it has meant that I have been told not to go to work until next Monday ...


That was on Tuesday ...


So I've had to have another week's holiday - a real shame that!



The sun is setting on one of my last times at home in Modesto until I dont know when.


I listened to an amazing interview between Chase Jarvis and Jeremy Cowart, (Chase who I have followed and loved for a few years, Jeremy who I recently discovered only a week or two ago) and it was so inspiring and uplifiting. I am so glad I actually took the time to just press play and watch.

For those about to Rock...I salute you.

My dear friends,

I had a fantastic night seeing these guys.

It was like going back many years back and having some fun.

This gig I dedicate to a lovely friend that has departed some years ago.

I am sure if he could he would be watching them from up or down there (Hell ain't a bad place to be) haha he often said that anyway.


As for photos, they are not the best quality but they are a reminder of my gorgeous night.

I would definitely advise anyone to spend some time watching some live music, whoever or whatever kind of music you like. It is a very uplifiting and amazing experience somebody can have for a night.

Don't throw with stones when you're sitting in a glass house.

(by: somebody telling us that this is something everybody should know....)


We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.

(Konrad Adenauer)


I was so ready to be jubilant on Friday (the 13th!!) morning - at least until I got up from my bed and stared blurry eyed at the white winter wonder land...

A bit later I took this photo through the kitchen door which leads on to the veranda with a bit of our garden behind it.... I thought is was so incredibly beautiful that - heck, although I hated the snow - it was well worth suffring a bit more of the cold, if it wouldn't take too long before spring....

An hour later my Hero Husband came back to the house.... He brought me the huge bunch of tulips from the market - for Valentine! And all of a sudden it didn't matter any more that snow was lying and the primroses, daffodils and snow drops were covered again.... it was spring in my heart!


There's one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbour's.

(Clyde Moore)


Requiem (John Rutter) - Interesting how a REQUIEM can truly UPLIFT YOU.... !!! Well worth listening to!


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The Hall of Hope connects all of the museum's areas. It's made of steal covered in white alabaster from Spain with LED lights embedded within. The combination reflects the concept of light in darkness.


Not only is it captivating, but the symbolism is uplifiting and provides hope.


Canadian Museum for Human Rights

85 Israel Asper Way

Winnipeg, MB

(204) 289-2000


Main brass urn at Moral Uplifiting Temple, Sandakan.

Some people are so unoriginal and have no class. Hence being translucent and predictable.

Those are the ones that you need to be prepared for.


I thought this song was quite uplifiting :) I heard it on a washer head commercial...

Spotted this gem in my old town yesterday.

All it needs is a bunch of children hiding behind the trees with scythes in their hands, and a large rabbit in the center pointing at a melting clock on a tree limb.


It actually reminds me of 70's Fantasy Book Covers. For one reason or another.

* Personal use only *


Em primeiro lugar abstraiam meu rosto oleoso e com olheiras. :)


Meninas, andava muito deprimida de uns tempos pra cá, via todas vocês com os cílios tão lindinhos, saltitantes, volumosos, e o meu nem "tchum", retão, sem graça, só pintado de preto.


Só tinha dois rímeis da Avon: uplifiting e eXtreme Volume. Bonzinhos e tal, davam volume, mas só ficavam retos, meio sem graça assim.


Aí passei hoje nas Americanas e vi esse tal de XXL da Maybelline, tinha escutado tão bem dele que decidi falir de vez e c o m p r á - l o.


O trequinho é bom mesmo, quanta diferença!!! Ele vem em "duas partes": a branca vc passa primeiro, ela dá alongamento, os pelinhos ficam ENOOOOOORMESS, depois vc passa o rímel preto pra dar volume. Minha nossa, assim, me senti a Emília, hahahaha!!!


Fiquei com ele o dia todo e não escorreu! Eu comprei a versão que não é a prova d'água que tem capinha preta e branca, a outra a capinha é a azul e branca.




Descrição do bichinho:


"XXL Volume + Lenght Microfiber Mascara

Máscara de Cílios


Exceda o volume dos seus cílios! Extra longos, volumosos, maiores!


A máscara de cílios XXL volume + alongamento irá revolucionar a sua maquiagem! Esta é a primeira máscara com dose dupla de microfibras, que vai deixar seus cílios incrivelmente mais bonitos.


Passo 1 - EXTRA-ALONGAMENTO - Prepara os cílios, depositando uma base branca de microfibras e proporcionando um alongamento extra, como se fosse uma extensão natural do próprio cílio.


Passo 2 - EXTRA-VOLUME - Uma cobertura preta de microfibras extra volumizadora deixa os cílios mais volumosos e com uma cor intensa."



Ah, sem contar que só me custou 33 "dinheiros", rsrsrs.


Meninas, última foto do ano! Feliz 2009 pra todas!!! =D

Smartest little girl. She could speak to me in three languages.

Beautiful smile.

amanda amanda amanda.


alwaays tere.

such a sweet&kind person.

always uplifiting.


love this midget to deaafffff.

shes my 'elf' hahaa.

we made a raap song!:D

its reallly fagggotish<3

I can't believe I'm not on yearbook this year! It feels so odd not to be going to sporting events and taking pictures. But, I have asked if I could help out and thankfully I can :).


This years band theme is dealing with Ghosts and what-not so, I ended up doing this edit, and I actually kind of like it :)


The more I think about it the more and more I miss yearbook. I miss the events. I miss Indesign. Oh my God do I miss Indesign. But I miss my advisor the most. She has tought me so much and I don't think she even relizes it. She helped me with the baics of photography and she constently got on to me to clean my lens. That was the basics and I could have got from anyone. She unknowinglly tought me the stuff that has gotten me this far. Just by watching her as a person she has inspired me. She is such a strong, unique, amazing, uplifiting, beautiful, hard working super woman. I don't understand how she manages what she does. She tought me everything and I don't really know how to describe it. She is like my own little angel. She unknowingly tought me what a good photographer conists of. She tought me that you sometimes have to go that extra mile to get it. And she tought me, in my opinion, one of the best quality traits a photographer needs; will power. I was terrifed that we wouldn't get our yearbook finished. But we did and it turned out better then I could have imagined. Oh the glory days of yearbook. Once again I'm missing it, and my advisor :).

Redefining the uplifiting Facebook meme. “Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.” ~ Joe Paterno

Quase não há diferença entre a SuperExtend (esquerda de quem olha) e a UpLifiting (direita de quem olha).


Eu prefiro a Extend, deixa meu olho bonito, com umas 3 camadas fica showww (Y)

If you are a TAGS fan and I mean a real TAGS fan then this place is a must visit. It contains a lifetime of Andy Griffith collecting from Mr. Emmett Forrest Andy's lifelong friend and a really nice man. I read every letter and looked at every picture. Scoured over every object and read all their labels. It was uplifiting for me and in the end I walked away with a great story. Something happend to me after I left that actually resulted in me having a great conversation with Mr. Forrest. One that I will never forget and will pass on to my children and grandchildren.

I think this is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. There is something uplifiting and exciting that grips you when you walk in.

product pic for the shop


The Tower of Babel is a biblical story of the ventrue of man trying to achieve something that God didn’t want them too. It first began as a meeting of all societies and cultures from all over the world, to live as one and celebrate humanity and man and what he has achieved, within one area and building a huge tower as a monument. But this tower wasn’t only for the celebration of humanity, this tower was also being built as a ‘stairway’ to heaven or a way of cheating to get to heaven. God found this out and he was outraged and so he decided to destroy it leaving the people in Babel distraught and thinking about what they had achieved both as a unit (in building a tower and getting such a great variety of people together) and as having their goal to get to heaven.

Anyways within this uplifiting and sad story I’ve tried to capture the unity of people and different cultures by bringing in various faces all with one thing in common, the nose. It may look quite strange but there’s always one thing that unites a group of people and that is, that they are human. Here I’ve twisted that idea by making the one common thing that unites humanity ,the nose and I don’t know why I did it but I thought it’d be different. As you can see I’ve represented the tower mainly rising upwards into the distance just about to meet the clouds ‘where heaven is situated’. On the brown paper I decided to show all the variety of different things you would’ve probably found near the tower. I’ve also tried to show the positives and the negatives of the Tower of Babel and how people would be happy celebrating for a long time but eventually they would begin to miss home and corruption and what not would set in. I’ve gone for serious details on the illustrative part of the piece and then milder brush strokes for the background. I’ve used these various techniques to show the underlying importance of why the Tower of Babel was built and why it was so unique as an idea at the time it was curated and also how ridiculous the idea seems now .



Just my opinion, but the Modernist, Brutalist simplistic, cheap and brooding post-war office architecture that dominates 5th and 6th Avenues in midtown New York is a sad reflection on the aesthetic values of the City Fathers and maybe even the citizenry. Not much that is uplifiting and, more to the point, respectful of what went before. It saddens and depresses me, frankly.

A Credo worker hands up a sheet of subroof paneling to other workers above.


For more information on the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, visit


Photos taken by Daniel Witter

However often I walk around the City, I never tire at looking at the amazing architecture that surrounds me. It is a real tonic to the soul and always lifts my spirits.


A much-needed sports massage today eased the slight aches and stiffness from Wednesday’s run.


If you are a TAGS fan and I mean a real TAGS fan then this place is a must visit. It contains a lifetime of collecting from Mr. Emmett Forrest Andy's lifelong friend and a really nice man. I read every letter and looked at every picture. Scoured over every object and read all the labels. It was uplifiting for me and in the end I walked away with a great story. Something happend to me after I left that actually resulted in me having a great conversation with Mr. Forrest. One that I will never forget and will pass on to my children and grandchildren.

Internationally renowned artist Joep van Lieshout, who lives in Rotterdam, made this sculpture on commission of the city council. It's really pessimistic, I think it refers to the passing of 'Peak Oil'. We're consuming ourselves to death, and oil is running out. Not your usual 'uplifiting' kind of steet art.

Main brass urn at Moral Uplifiting Temple, Sandakan

Another uplifiting image from the archives to brighten a dark, dingy day


As this was taken from the inside, to be fair, you only need to identify the location and not the specific place I took this from (unless you know it, of course)

PWA Photoshoot


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Quote from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk "Seeking The Good'


Idea for a Hand-out for this coming year's EFY. As a Counsellor at EFY, I am preparing to deliver the evening devotionals. The topic for 2011 is based on the 13th Article of Faith, and our duty is to help the youth understand the importance of seeking things that are good and uplifting. I hope this hand-out will help them remember what they learn from me on that particular day....

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