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D700 || 85mm f/1.4


... in conversation at the flickr 5.25 party.

But the girl did not


Yashica Mat-124G | Kodak Potra 400VC

This must be a yearly thing - Dottie shots by the alley...


Last year's shot

Srsly, can't you all jump on jump?


Doublecappuccino, Diyosa, Leah with her pola, Lauren, Cel, Pei, Unknown partier, Dottie, Angelo, and the folks in the back....Kim, Pablo, Chris and I can't remember the person taking the photo in the back.

Diyosa, Seth and Cel at the Flickr 5.25 birthday party.

Nikon D700 || 85mm f/1.4


clockwise from upper left: angelo, chris, dottie, carla, diyosa, erin, me, pei, cindy, cel

Flickr 5.25 Party @ 111 Minna

loved this piece of art at the party.... 5

Happy Tuesday people

Nikon D700 || 85mm f/1.4

animated gif! (give it a second to load)


Nicole, you are the greatest. :)

Flickr had their slightly belated 5th birthday party last night at 111 Minna. Free booze, food, cupcakes, and great schwag.


Thanks Flickr!


Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a drunken ramble over to the Embarcadero for some blurry Kaboom firework pictures! Those won't be posted here... :-)


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from flickr 5.25.

A picture of me taking a picture.

Look at all those guilty faces ;-)

Nikon D700 || 85mm f/1.4


... and was very kind when I came up and introduced myself. Heather's also reponsible for ordering the Flickr-branded polaroid film (a couple of years back) that Flickr staff was using to shoot revelers.

You can see me on the floor in Dustin's shot

I stumbled into a discussion about boobs. Not sure exactly why this was a topic of conversation (I don't mind that kinda discussion, of course), but Leah allowed me to photograph her right. Sorta.


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IT WAS A BLAST! FLICKR Turns FIVE! Unbelievable! "Thank You So Much!" To Heather, Terrence, Cal, Jake and All the Wonderful Staff of Flickr for being the Best Hosts for the event. We do appreciate as well the Gift bags you were giving away as Souvenirs and for that special Polariod photo you took for each attendee. Most of all, the delicious KARA'S Cupcakes and varieties of sumptous finger licking foods...


To All the Wonderful Flickr Friends I had the privilege to meet: Lovely Michelle, Kristi, Julie, Cel, Diyosa, Hola, Leah, Marcel, Laura, Cinnamon, Irene, Tomomi, Leila, Nicole Lee, Lynn Park and some of the Wacky Guys like: Scott, Brian Brooks, and Cal just to name a few. It was such an honor spending time with you all and talk briefly about our

Flickr Love of Exploring our Passion in Photography. It was a Priceless Day to Remember and Cherish! All The Best To You! Happy Flickr-ing!

Date Of Event : Saturday, May 9th, 2009, Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco

Check out more pics from the party in the flickr turns 5.25 - the party! group.:

dottie. with friends, in polaroid!

i'm tired. after driving to the city and back today this is how i see the world. good night. good times all.


Feel free to tag and guess who is who. Some are more obvious than others. :)

??? || Special-Order Polaroid Film


Photo by a flickr employee with a nametag that said "Cal". But that wasn't his real name. But I forget what his real name was. But he was a sport.


Pictured: Diyosa, Me, Cindy, Carla, Dottie, and a guy in red who merely wanted to get out of the bathroom.

what a neat lady.... Lauren

doublecappuccino's version


from the Flickr 5.25 party



Taken in an elevator next door to 111 Minna

Nikon D700 || 85mm f/1.4

thoughts on cupcakes:


- hanging a dslr around your neck while balancing brie and a drink is a certain way to not compose your shot well or even try.


- people with cameras in one hand and cupcakes, drinks, or brie in their other hand are likely to shoot boobs. Oddly, every one I met seemed to be shooting down blouse.


- flickr staff are fun. period. way fun.

I told them all those genetic engineering labs in the area were a bad idea, but did they listen to me? Nope!

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