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@ Capelle a/d IJssel, the Netherlands.


Copyright Jeroen van de Wiel 2012.

highest explore #2

one of my last front page explore photos

This was way back in May 2009

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


My Thanks to BeataCz for inspiring this work!!! Thank you, Beata ---!! Please see her incredible photography



I painted this before Christmas and long before Mom's illness, but it is fitting to post this positive and glowing work today! Mom has finally 'woken up', regained her consciousness and cogency, is eating, even walking a bit since her hip replacement, recognizing us, and returning to herself!


Thank you is a paltry few words to express the heartfelt gratitude of my entire family for your thoughts, prayers, good wishes, support and kindness during this most difficult time. I think now, especially, this painting speaks louder than any words I might find. Though the road to full recovery is long, we believe we've turned a corner - and can finally smile a bit more optimistically than we have in the last month. And we owe YOU our gratitude to helping bring that hope and glow to life.


My mother's favorite flower has always been the rose, and the symbolism of this painting - the sun rise, the colors, the woodlands (such a source of comfort for me) - couldn't speak more loudly of the joy and gratitude we are feeling.


Thank you again, Beata - for inspiring this -

© 2008 Marcos Duarte


My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly

Oh my, the rainbow so high


Rise up, Rise up, Rise up, Rise up

How about the rain

Rise up, Rise up, Rise up, Rise up

For my mind and my brain

I try to fly, no lie, so high

Up to the sky


My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly

Oh my, the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly

Oh my, the rainbow so high


• Ups and downs ... simply an image to represent one of the characteristics of the human being


• Des hauts et des bas ... simplement une image pour représenter une des caractéristiques de l'être humain


• Altas y bajas ... simplemente una imagen para representar una característica del ser humano


idiom (in a difficult situation without an easy way to escape)


i took this shot on a foggy day in november and then googled idioms about trees...viola!! this branch is about 6 ft off the ground and there was a stump which made the mount a bit easier. getting down...not so easy:)



Dublin Castle: An archway leading to the Great Courtyard (1204) which corresponds to the original enclosure of King John's Castle. In the background is an archway between the Conference Office and Centre.


For further information about the castle go to


Thanks to NinianLif for the texture


Explore #221

My last photo for a while, I'll be back mid-March. Enjoy your break from me :-)


Really best on black.


♪♪♫ Porcupine Tree - Up the Downstair ♪♪♫♪♪♫

Here's the view looking up Lombard toward Hyde St, from our Night Eyes Photo Workshop last evening in San Francisco.


Following a full day of showers, we encountered not even a single drop of rain throughout our 7-hour class. In fact, it was a beautiful warm night with clouds and a gibbous moon; what's not to like?


This is a single exposure, processed with Nik Color efex. Lens is the Sigma 10-20 on the Pentax K5.


Thanks for looking.

From up high, the Canadian Rockies is different, with low clouds surrounding the mountains and sunset colours, I feel proud to be living in a magic kingdom like this.

Looing up the central atrium, in the recently renovated Whitney building in Detroit. It really is a most impressive place.

It is up to you ... you decide...


Texture: skeletalmess

7DWF: Miércoles - macro/close up

This mockingbird was at the top of an Electric Pole singing. Every couple minutes it would fly up a few feet and then resume it's position.

Well, decided to come back a day early... i think i've revised enough for my exam tomorrow... it was actually a choice between having two teeth pulled out or sit a maths exam, i think i've opted for the more painful option.


looks like i've got a lot of flickr catching up to do, so i guess i better crack on with it


and yep... it is the customs house up side down (by the roof you can see a plastic bag in the water, which i forgot to clone out)

alti e bassi di una bella giornata..... the darkest night is somewhere a light...


This photo was edited for the SL Picture•Pile•Ups group.




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Macro Mondays - Bottoms Up

Pile Up for Nessa Rhosar

Original below in comments.

Hope you like it! <3


**Thank you to both My Personal Explore and World of SF for using my image as your group cover :D**


Stock used:

Fairy dust wings - Jumpfer stock.

Headpiece - Lyotta stock.


Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth

Close up shot of one of the Lilly's


Thanks for looking :)

Macro Mondays: "Bottoms up"


Thanks for all the comments and fav's

looking up at a Bridge post in philadelphia, using a wide 8mm blue skys

© All Rights Reserved


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Waddle ON UP


The mallards are coming up from the lake to waddle on up to a feast of corn I'd placed out for them.


The roads and major highways were in good driving conditon so I decided it would be fun to drive to Lake Alice in Fergus Falls and hopefully capture duck and goose photos. The sun was out much of the time but the brisk wind off the lake was cold so would take breaks sitting in the warm car between photos.

There was a huge sack of corn I'd purchased at the local feed mill not far from us before leaving towards Lake Alice.

On the way home one takes a county road which takes me right to Pelican Rapids where I picked up Heffala's special diet dog food. Would you believe close to 200 photos! Have a few geese and duck photos to share this winter!


After spotting the read leaf, I decided to get up closer by using my 50mm lens.

Woke up before the sun this morning so though I would try to catch it rising. It never really rose behind the clouds but I liked the colours it created in the sky.

Not my usual kind of upload but sometimes it's good to try something different. Smoke coming from a factory chimney.

He's the one up there knows it


dedicated for our best friend Ika Santoso

thanks for the title ;)

Brand new Tier 4's with about 600 miles on the ticker hustle a coal empty west through a sea of Iowa corn.

UP 3747 Soo 6061 lead CP 240-13 East past mile 11 of the Galt with 71 cars for Toronto yard. If I had a nickel for every time I shot a UP 90mac these past few months....

With the Wasatch mountains forming the backdrop an eastbound Union Pacific stack train, with Western Pacific heritage colors leading the way, works through the Henefer Valley on the approach to Echo, UT.


UP 1983 ~ IPAG4X ~ Henefer Valley, UT.


Union Pacific's Evanston Subdivision.

ⓒRebecca Bugge, All Rights Reserved

Do not use without permission


Looking up the stairs at a hotel in Münster.

Up on the farm - at Burtersett, Wensleydale

My husband and I were up at 5:15 to catch the sunrise in northern Minnesota. I put in a request the night before for some morning mist and, low and behold, my request was granted.

Sevilla tuvo una niña y le pusieron Triana

Seville´s daughter was called Triana

Cuando iba editando esta foto cada vez mas se me iba pareciendo a una acuarela y de hecho en los comentarios me lo han puesto. Muchas gracias amigos

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