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To me the rare combination of red rock formations and mountains make for some of the most beautiful contrasts in nature. Especially in winter when you can add the glorious white of the snowfall to the scene! Even though there was a low haze obstructing the clarity of the day the beauty still shines through.


Arches National Park






The system passing through produced some unusual sights and events. Strange cloud formations, uncommon colors and very scattered and very localized showers.

The view across toward Freshwater Bay

Goldeneye (female), Wood Duck, Pintail (male) & a white faced Whistling Duck. All taken at the same time in Regents park from a bridge, not ideal but the only option.

The mountains in zhianjiajie are in unusual shaped which I have never seen before....

The last few weeks I noticed a lot of red corn poppies alongside the road on my way to work after I have dropped the kids off at school. I kept telling myself that I should take a picture.

This week I noticed two poppies among the rest that were white and red instead of completely red, so this morning I drove over there to take pictures.

Papaver rhoeas

Klatschmohn, klaproos

Unusual Flower... Don't ask... I have nothing to tell...except... I took this picture in the middle of December in Washington State.... there is one clue...It was indoors.

Southeast UK, October 2013. Is this a normal ladybird? I've only ever seen spotty ones before... more pics adjacent to this one in my photostream. This a a bit of a crop ;-) and why is it carrying string on its shoulder?

Sur le chemin des Gorges du Nan, Cognin-les-Gorges (Isère, Rhône-Alpes - France).


J'avais oublié à quel point cette promenade le long de la rivière était agréable... & j'ai aussi découvert qu'elle était très propice au pose longue, mais pas celles qu'on a l'habitude de voir!

Burrowing owl at the Flamengo Park

I've been infested by strange & unusual creatures...these are magical forest dwarfs or imps. They come all the way from San Diego to dwell in my trees and bushes...How magical they are! I love them.


thank you YiTing

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A rare sky in "Piazza del Campo" Sienna (Italy)


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The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo (also called Palazzo Contarini Minelli dal Bovolo) is a small palace in Venice, Italy, best known for the external spiral staircase, with a plethora of arches, known as the Scala Contarini del Bovolo (or the snail). The palace is located in a less-traveled side-street near the Campo Manin, close to Rialto. The staircase leads to an arcade, providing a charming panoramic view over some of the roof-tops of the city. The palace dates from the 15th century. It was designed and built by architect Giovanni Candi in 1499 (Giorgio Spavento is believed to be responsible for the grand spiral staircase on the exterior)...

Here is unusual comparison of the decoration of the mannequin which I found nearby to palazzo itself with its columns and arches...


Much better viewed large on black View On Black

See the sea and go ahead...


"I've been on the ride before

It never stops at all"


Although they give a beautiful color to the Sun, clouds of pollution are not so good for health. And when it lasts 5 days it is a bit worrying.

Shek O, Hong Kong. This shot is heavily inspired from my flickr friend John (johopo).


ND400 + Digital Blending + Photoshop photo filters. More shots using this technique in my Digital Blending Set.


Please check my Hong Kong Set.


These photos were taken whilst we were driving in Northern Spain. We weren't able to stop to take photos as we were on a motorway so taken from passenger window.....quite dramatic formations!

Bowl of nuts and bolts, shot for Macro Mondays "unusual combinations" theme.

We had a weird storm roll through our islands last night. Heavy lighting storms stayed above the mountain range for over an hour giving us an incredible show with surprisingly no thunder that I could hear. The opposite side of that mountain got hail... yes hail in Hawaii.


السسسسلام عليكم :)




هذي الصوره خارجه عن الواقع بالتعديل عليها

اتعمدت اني العب بالفوتوشوب الى ان احس التاثير اللي على الصوره اصبح قوي و اقرب للغرابه من الشيء الحقيقي

معالجة جريئه مني بصراحه بس حبيت النتيجة النهائيه لها

حبيت انها صارت اقرب الى انها لوحه اكثر من انها صوره

وتخدع ما بين انها صوره وانها لوحه

يعجبني هذا الشي دائما في الصور الغريبه مثل كيذا


اتمنى انها اعجبتكم

وصدق من زمااااااان عنكم يالفلكريين

أتوحتشت كل حاقه هنا :(


راجعه ان شاء الله وبقوه السمستر الثاني بأذن الله


وعندي أكونت في الانستجرام للي وده يتابعني

اضيف صور هناك اكثر من ما اضيف هنا


instagram : asma_alotaibi


أشوفكم بصوره جديدة ان شاء الله ^^"


Exotic looking Red and yellow flower. Very pretty against the creamy lima Bean green background.

Picked in the archives.

No PS nor anything except color saturation.

(That unusual yellow light surprised me, for it is not the sun, the sun is hiding behind the clouds)

The fisherman just wanted a quiet, serene fishing evening...

He is not prospecting gold or catching fish. He is collecting boulders to be used for construction of roads, buildings and infrastructures to enrich our civilization. Someswary River has been carrying stones alongwith sand and silt from the mountainous upstream for hundreds of years. After days of hardwork he earns a meager amount to feed his family only.

Unusual for Reykjavik, the evening was calm and clear.


Hlif at the Pond, Tjörnin in Reykjavik.


Press "L" for better view.

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