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This is my least favourite of all the benches I came across. I still included this bench as I wanted to contrast the other benches and make a point that putting thought into the design of the most basic everyday objects can go a long way.


This bench appears to be made from cast concrete, the surface of this bench actually looks kind of rough and grainy and not very comfortable to sit on for very long.


The design of this bench is very dull and boring both in overall shape and colour. I believe this bench would have been mass-produced purely for functionality with little to no design thought.


Perhaps this could be in fact intentional and that the reason behind the unpleasant design is to discourage students from spending too long sitting here instead of going to class? That could be a stretch though as if this was the case, why include a bench in the first place? Maybe it's simply just an ugly bench.

CTrain platform, downtown Calgary

Something to do with Bridle

December 16


Ahna needed to mail some stuff this morning, so we swung through the Union on the way back from coffee. As we made our way, we wandered through the art gallery to see what was going on in there. We had no idea we would find these amazing massage chairs in there! I don’t know how long we tried them out, and I don’t want to guess.


As I pummeled through more Denton footage this afternoon, I introduced Ahna to the 99% Invisible podcast. She’s got a lot of catching up to do! If you don’t listen to it already, let me recommend these episodes to get you started: McMansion Hell, The Trend Forecast, and Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture.


Tonight, Wright cooked up some delicious baked chicken for us. Emily and I had to run to Target to pick ups some WD-40 and birthday candles (Wright’s birthday is tomorrow–the WD-40 is for something else) and we ended up impulse-buying him a birthday present as well. We rationalized the crap out of that one, too.


I stayed up kind of late playing video games, but Emily stayed up even later playing Mario Run. I walked into the kitchen to find her sitting on the floor all by herself, playing. She says the cats were there at first.

Carbon Democracy, Appropriate Technology, Unpleasant Design.

This is larvae disguised as something unpleasant; according to our guide, the odor it gives off is also unpleasant, designed to repel any interested parties.

A0 screenprint for unpleasant design themed project. June. 2016.