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Jesse and Hunter enjoying the sunset on Brewster Flats...

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The view from the absolutely stunning town of Bethel, Maine. A town that finds itself at the top of fall foliage lists for good reason. Views like this are few and far between.

Another beautiful morning from Jupiter, FL. Just south of the Blowing Rocks Preserve

Berkeley, California


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Rock Quarry located southeast of Savannah, TN

Sunset captued by Phantom 2 Vision+ above the house this evening. Totally worth dodging the monster mesquitos that come out in the evening.

World Financial Center up close and personal.

I truly cannot get enough of this view. However, helpful hint to everybody, if you're planning on shooting into blue hour and later, you'll want to bracket. The neon and other lights will blow out and be unrecoverable. However, I don't think it takes away from the image too much! Besides, that beautiful coloring on the theater... it's sublime!

DESOLATION RIDGE ~ Smithville, Missouri ~ Copyright ©2014 Bob Travaglione ~ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ~

Took the kids to play at a park in downtown Ocala and saw this and couldn't pass up this opportunity

A handsome resident and very wary male Wood Duck weaving its way through the reeds in Hubbard Pond.


JJ Audubon comments:


As mentioned in an earlier posting, Hubbard Pond and its surroundings are under consideration as the site for a heavy industrial type facility by the Regents of the University of Michigan. If the project goes forward, another piece of the critical natural habitat necessary to sustain these and other vulnerable creatures will be lost forever.


UPDATE: In a 12 March 2016 letter, the President of the University of Michigan indicates the proposed heavy industrial project for this site has been "paused". Plus, all applications for various construction permits are suspended and no construction contracts have been awarded.


While this turn of events appears positive, all it takes is will and a whim to re-activate the project. Until the final determination is STOP, the possibility of this easily preventable man-made disaster remains. Now is the time to stand-up. Mother Nature needs your voice.


To learn more, see:


UPDATE: 18 March 2016 - UM President apologizes...


You do not need to be a resident of the affected neighborhood to sign the petition to STOP this project. Your help will be greatly appreciated. See...


Stay thirsty, my friend...

Another beautiful sunrise from Jupiter, FL

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Summer is over, pool is closed... Till next spring, counting the days to dive back in.

Pontoon boat and Madison viewed from the boat launch at Olin Park one April mprning

A supercell thunderstorm passes over the Beaumont Windfarm south of Beaumont, KS. This storm went on to produce a short-lived tornado west of Severy.

Eastern Phoebe carrying a beak load of soft moss to line its nest and make it a more comfortable place to raise its brood.

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