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Jesse and Hunter enjoying the sunset on Brewster Flats...

Piano Rock, one of the many formations in the Valley of Fire Statepark. Taken at sunrise, which gives the red stone a nice and warm glow, also notice the red color underneath the rock, this is called: reflected light: sun shines on the red surface and reflects this as 'warm red light' into the shadows, if the rock is red itself it will glow redder...


Technical: HDR from 5 shots

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The view from the absolutely stunning town of Bethel, Maine. A town that finds itself at the top of fall foliage lists for good reason. Views like this are few and far between.

Another beautiful morning from Jupiter, FL. Just south of the Blowing Rocks Preserve

Grand Teton National Park

beautiful spot even if the wind is blowing the water

Berkeley, California


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new enhanced version of an old image, trying out Topaz star effects to enhance the brighter stars, some more noise control among other edits.

"The Acushnet Cemetery is an extension of the old colonial burying ground established in the reign of Queen Anne in 1711. The Acushnet Cemetery was incorporated and renamed in approximately 1881 as The Acushnet Cemetery Corporation. It is located in the village area of the town of Acushnet, however, we have no affiliation with the town.


The setting of the Acushnet Cemetery is rural in character and covers approximately twenty-three (23) acres. The operation of the cemetery is overseen by a Board of Trustees which is comprised of nine members."



view the big windows at Jackson Lake Lodge

this is only part of the total window area more to the right

World Financial Center up close and personal.

Sunset captued by Phantom 2 Vision+ above the house this evening. Totally worth dodging the monster mesquitos that come out in the evening.

Rock Quarry located southeast of Savannah, TN


Exposure Increased

Contrasted Increased

Highlights Decreased

Shadows Increased

Whites Decreased

Blacks Decreased


Clarity Increased

Vibrance Increased

Saturation Increased


Slight S-Curve


Adjusted Hue, Saturation, Luminance


Adjusted Split Toning and Camera Calibration


I truly cannot get enough of this view. However, helpful hint to everybody, if you're planning on shooting into blue hour and later, you'll want to bracket. The neon and other lights will blow out and be unrecoverable. However, I don't think it takes away from the image too much! Besides, that beautiful coloring on the theater... it's sublime!

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