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and menstrual cycle idiots! read my jaz7-livejournal entry and picasa photostream: the whole 3dvd set up, (leslie hunt:the little lady library staff & others staff in the know of the set-up & played a part in it all)the centrastate hospital 'set-up'/good cop/bad cop scene: no doubt to either get medical insurance money:rigged to try & make me be as outpatient drug shit like what happened to Erin O'Connor: no doubt a 'set up' she became an outpatient shit on prozac/bipoloar shit that I know she should not have been: she had no depression or bi polar problems: she just got the whole 2 king / and dimMrtinis dynasty bloodline in her and became a target the set up of the conspirators involved trying to make me have the same fate as Erin O'Connor outpatient shit to get medical insurance money or to either bill me some sort of way to deplete my finance slowly & in debt or the DNA programming' trigger word : occult mind manipulation conspiracy and most definitely secretly get my DNA match to confirm my royal dynastic dynasty bloodline: too obvious, U all know I am of royal birth, this whole thing would 't happen to me if I wasn't...when everything is about me u god damn well know it's big and I have to be of royal birth or some one very important and high up there,for everything in the world to be about me idiots! so tell the mother focking freehold township, nj CentraState hospital collection shit to stop calling and trying to get $ for their obvious rigged set-up that I should have never ever experienced & gone's harrassment and it's their meaning the conspirators involved fault the god damn! conspirators...u all know it! one way or another I will be vindicated...the only way u all will get anything is for u all to stop infiltratiing my jobs and business life and love life: as with the student loans and all the rigged financial depletion all these conspiators purposely conspired orchestrated in my life to financially strap and deplete me..u will all get ur punishment and due in time....I'm sure of it! u all will not get away with all the things and people and stuff u've stolen from me! that's for sure!My focking concepts ideas, my hard earn work, my focking real biological dynastic parents and my whole entire life! my job my love life, everything that is rightfully mine!U focking ASSholes! u will most certainly pay for what u've taken from me:( meaning the higher powers, power of influences dynastic and all wil have a say in it,justice and truths will be done some how, I'm sure of it!) everything from the jobs that I was capable of succeeding from the test and schooling and the ivy league schools that I should have gone to and not the focking moless kid's, my ideas & concepts and rigging my love life and especially for taken me/kidnapping me that's for sure...somehow, I know it! so tell the stupid focking CentralState that clearly gave my a newspaper showing me the people involved: tell these conspiring idiots & theri collection agency shit: the $300 or so for the whole 'set-up' they will never sea an ounce of it since it's a catch 22: 'til I'm vindicated, til they stop infiltrating my employment and setting me up for unemploye=ment' shit u all know it's what's happening to me: how do u all think I find the time to do all this photostream and blogging shit "cuz I have to and u all rigged it concurring to the economic state that the U.S. and all across the counrty is experiencing: the god damn unemployemnt rate and especially, constantly settting me up in any job and's too god damn obvious! read my lj entries and follow it thru u all god damn know it!

a new clipping from meghan of her peace lily

the market is where most women earn money - and now women are the prime earners in most families. Unemployemnt is 80% and most jobs for men are construction and therefore seasonal

This is me on my first real day of unemployemnt -- after quitting the job from hell. See how happy I look?

He's not only funny, but he also has a big heart. I've know for years that Jay Leno is big into cars, so I guess it's not that surprising that he has offered to do a free show for Michigan's unemployed (among the highest umemployment in the nation). Read about it on the Quicken Loans blog