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A long exposure looking towards Coquet Island and Amble.

taken at greno woods sheffield UK

A tree stands alone in the cold.

I have been out of photography for quite a long time...well long story short..I ruined my equipment in one of my treks back home..and I couldnt get back on the saddle..just not feeling it anymore..I am still trying to grapple with it at times and I hope I can come around quickly enough...


Anyway, I am in the UK for a few months and eventhough I could not venture out much as it has already become pretty cold and murky here, We had a lovely sunday and thought I shouldnt be wasting it...So we had headed to the Warwick Castle. This is the boathouse across the Avon River.


I happened to buy a new camera before I got here (yes a new one) and I am again taking my steps back into where I used to be...for so long, but then I find it extrememly difficult to do it..I hesitated a lot but then shot a few pics out there and thought of sharing one and make myself more regular with all your streams...


Hope all is well with you all and I sincerely thank everyone who wrote to me and visit my stream asking about how I am doing...there is never such a feeling that you get out of someone dropping by to ask of you...Thanks again for all that and I hope I will be able to regain my confidence and my long lost passion...

Llyn Nantlle looking towards Mount Snowdon, an image from my archives, that certainly has flown by.


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An Alien Invasion?

Lenticular clouds in the UK are a rare occurrence, so when I had seen these 'lenticular' type clouds in the sky on Friday I just had to stop and photography them.

Some of the best beaches on Earth I dare say reside in a stretch of land in the south-western part of England - Cornwall. I always loved rocky beaches and back home I would try and get to some beaches which had some small arrangement of rocks some where...but when I went to Cornwall, I couldn't believe my eyes that there were so many beautiful beaches one after another from Looe to all the way to Bude.


It was a pretty tough trip mainly because the weather was not too good but I braved through the weather and managed some decent outings. There are plenty of photo ops and Cornwall is one place one should visit if they are in the UK. We were jokingly saying its a poor man's Scotland as there were many beautiful beaches that can be rivaled only by the pristine Scottish beaches.


'Nuff Said! This was shot in a quiet little beach called the Mullion Cove near Lizard. I loved the turquoise waters and the rocks that were peppered along the coast. The light was a bit tricky and the exposure I was aiming was difficult to pull off at that time of the day but nonetheless gave it a shot. This is just one RAW image developed in Lightroom. Its been a while since I did multiple exposures..gone are those days I guess...For some reason, the EXIF is not giving the details I desire..anyway here it is..


203secs@F11/11mm/ISO 100

Adjustments Made in Lightroom- ISO increase and fill lights added in the foreground to compensate for the dynamic range.


Thanks for viewing and have a nice week everyone!

At the Channel Tunnel (Folkstone, UK) on Monday, before embarking.

Three Synchronised Divers - Piccadilly Circus High above the bustling thoroughfare of Piccadilly three figures, often referred to as the Three Graces, daughters of Helios whose statue stands below them, dive from the roof of the Criterion Building. By the artist, sculptor and bar owner Rudy Weller, they are made of gilded aluminium


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Those earlier flowers in abstract. Let me know what they are if you know…. Whitstable, UK

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset UK



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“To know ahead of time what you’re looking for means you’re then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is very limiting, and often false.” - Dorothea Lange

on top of higger tor looking over the snowy peak district UK at Christmas

Another image from the shoot in Bradgate Park with chums John and Kraig.

HDR photography by Timothy Selvage.


You can also find me on Facebook and G+ so let's hook up and exchange.

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HDR photography by Timothy Selvage of the entrance into St Olave's Priory.


You can also find me on Facebook and G+ so let's hook up and exchange.

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Long exposure at Traigh Ghearadha beach, Lewis.

DEVON is a large county in southwestern England


The name "Devon" derives from the ancient Dumnonia, which was home to the independent kingdom of Brythonic Celtic speaking people who inhabited this area of the southwestern peninsula of Britain continuously from through the Roman era until partial absorption into the English-speaking Kingdom of Wessex some time in the eighth or ninth century.

BOOM, BANG, KAPOW etc._Or Something Like That_Multi-Works_Orsett, UK.


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That's glow-in-the-dark to you and me. The photo is pretty much straight out of the camera from part of the fungi exhibition at The National Botanic Garden Of Wales. Apparently moths and beetles may be attracted to the light and this would then help to disperse the fungi spores.


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Posted for Happy Window Wednesday! HWW to you all :))

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