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Bad weather today.. about 5-10 inches of snow. Not a good time to shoot but fortunately I saw this little UFO in the kitchen. ^__^


Talk about multitasking, shooting while cooking ^__^


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Taken from my Office Building with my iPhone ;-)


Unidentified flying objects.

Best UFO I have Ever Build

(Together with my friend and assistant Anton Julmy -


(Bulb Time Photography with Canon 5D MK II, Carl Zeiss Distagon 21/2.8, Manfrotto Carbon Tripod, Led Lenser X21R)


I working with the best torches for LightArt_Photography:


you want to know more about working with light?

Si fa solo un giro, sulla giostra. La vita è degli audaci.

Charles Bukowski, Pulp, 1994


0.3 sec


ISO 100

-1/3 EV

Time 07:06



hi!!<33 u.f.o mainstore moved!!!

i hope u guys come and look around!!<3




Der Berliner Fernsehturm steht im Zentrum Berlins nahe dem Alexanderplatz und ist mit 368 Metern das höchste Bauwerk Deutschlands sowie das vierthöchste freistehende Gebäude Europas. Er war im Jahr der Fertigstellung 1969 der zweithöchste Fernsehturm der Welt und zählt mit über einer Million Besuchern jährlich[2] zu den zehn beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland.[3]

The Fernsehturm (English: Berlin TV Tower) is a television tower in central Berlin, Germany.

Close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin, the tower was constructed between 1965 and 1969 by the administration of the German Democratic Republic. It was intended as a symbol of Berlin, which it remains today,[1] as it is easily visible throughout the central and some suburban districts of Berlin. With its height of 368 meters, it is the tallest structure in Germany.


I think it was a crow flying past!

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Thanks all!

Just between you and me, this isn't really a UFO, but I thought it kind of looked like one. What does it look like to you? And do you know what it really is? ;)


After 11 hours, some good guesses but no ID. If you want to know, I've posted the ID photo in the comments. I won't post the name here, but only in the comment, for those who want to enjoy the mystery.


Maybe a peek at the larger view will help you guess


Older UFO photo , a tool that i must reconsider to use again :D

Hoot Robinsons bar, Detroit MI

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We have lost contact with reality, the simplicity of life.


waterdrop works single valf

Unidentified capture... Since I'm busy was not able to even have been chosen picture.....

I do appreciated your comments..

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Of course not a UFO but this rock inspired me this idea :p


I went to the desert far away from any towns to see the Milky Way and capture it. I searched for convenient subject and I hope I succeed to have interesting composition. In our area in this days, Milky Way arise around 2:00 am. I saw that and I've just remembered the beautiful God (Allah) who created all those beautiful stars (Subhan Allah) !


Technically I used source of light right side to have this shine on the rock. And I capture the stars with ISO 5000 and the land with ISO 200 then I blend it all in photoshop. I hope you all like it :)


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Made with Canon 5D MK II, Carl Zeiss T* 2.8/21, Manfrotto 057 Carbon & Gearhead 405, Led Lenser X21R.


Only a long time photography, no Photoshop composition!


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