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At the Adaptive Path party.

Last night, Michael made me this very nice name tag.

At the Adaptive Path party.

I was complaining to Erika about my hair situation and trying to get sensible advice on what the hell to do about it.


She admonished me for such an ungracious remark, given that for many 38YO men, having complaints of too much hair could be seen as a "First World Problem."


Erika rules.

Chelsea Kimberley and Steven Taylor took a road trip to pick the boy up in New York City and then head out on the open road to Medford, MA. Destination: Vagina Monologues. Best-friend-Rosie and the better part of Trunk were starring and supporting and setting up and taking a powerful stand for women everywhere this V-Day weekend. Tufts proudly hosts it and we were proud to head back to our


We all know what that means: Crafts House, Diesel, Trunk, all the beautiful, beautiful face and a hundred hugs and laughs and portraits with a camera that hasn't visited Boston before.


A powerful Nor'easter was to sweep into the Northeast Saturday night and Sunday, though. CK and ST couldn't afford to be stranded in blizzards clear through till Monday morning, and played it safe and drove home early Saturday morning. It was disappointing, but that disappointment stands in stark contrast to the reassuring fulfillment of our day Friday. We saw and reconnected and that's important. It was good, if short. I'll be back in another four, kids.

In order of approximate appearance of heads, (l-r):

Adam, The Prince, Dan (kissing), Charles, Christine, Me (kissed), Sweet Dick, Li'l Ashley, Brence, Canard, Aimee.

Sealed copy of Ultraboy's Jelvis 10" — with ubiquitous name tag affixed by me (almost certainly at the AAJ merch table, ca. 1999)



I made him a tag that sez "flickr? I don't even know her!"

I made name tags at Mr. Battelle's Web 2.0 Closing Reception; this one was my own.

Local entrepreneuers celebrate Mayor Newsom's Proclamation.

Attack of the blue-eyed cute people

Steve is hardcore. Whereas I’m a big GTD poseur, he teaches seminars. He’s very smart, too.


From the Bacon Ray/Wrens show @ Club Downunder, 9 Apr 2005.


I'm fat, they rock. End of story.

At the Adaptive Path party.

From the Bacon Ray/Wrens show @ Club Downunder, 9 Apr 2005.


Getting Things Done and Keeping It Real. Or something.

At the Adaptive Path party.

From the Bacon Ray/Wrens show @ Club Downunder, 9 Apr 2005.


Participating in Merlin's nametag fetish, I was christened by Mr Mann as "Spanking Zell Miller."

Six days until the show, and things are going pretty well.


I've learned that all the jangly pop songs are easy to remember, been reminded what a genius Mike Coleman is, and learned how brutally hard "Col. Fusion" is on a left ring finger that hasn't tried to do series of fast prog rock pull-offs in over five years. I blame Al DiMeola.


I'm so amped for this, including the East Coast return of "ubiquitous name tags."