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Jesse James Garrett from Adaptive Path speaking about AJAX.

“The Frontiers of User Experience”

The line in front of the Tuschinski theatre

Steven discussed whether the term Web2.0 was meaningful or just buzz. He stated that new words arise if people need them, so they are meaningful. Example: the Dutch have the word 'Gezellig' which has no English equivalent, because the word refers to an atmosphere unique to The Netherlands.

Tuschinski Atmosphere during the "Web and beyond" Chi conference

Jesse James in Tuschinski

Jesse James Garrett presents at The Web and Beyond

Tjeerd in front of Tuschinksi

I thought I had ordered something akin to a philly steak sandwich. It was good, though I still don't know what the gravy on the meat was. Oh, and medium rare is quite rare.

Beautiful setting for a conference. The outside looks great, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the very psychedelic inside.

This is a slide of the presentation by Steve Pemberton (which was titled: 'Web 4.0. Start planning now'). This was one of the only presentations that were really interesting and had some vision. And I enjoyed his British humour!

Steven Pemberton, Jared Spool, ?, and Jeroen van Erp engaging in the closing panel discussion.

Jesse James: "Two revolutions in one"

Steven speaking about computer power

Adaptive Path was giving these out at Jesse's seminar. Apparently, however, it's last year's team jersey. (And, he informed us, that if he were to wear it to Rotterdam, he'd get his ass kicked.)

The beautiful posters for the conference (designed by sponsor Syndicat), in the movie poster boxes.

Dagvoorzitter Jeroen van Erp van The Web and Beyond

Bill Scott discusses Swipr with its creator, Jacco Nieuwland

Waiting for registration outside Tuschinksi

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